Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by N3COB, Nov 17, 2002.

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  1. N3COB

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    I have had numberous H.F. rigs in and out of my vehicles over the years.  Using a variety of different antennas.  All of the antenna's seemed to work fairly comperable to each other.  But they all had the same thing in common, at some point you had to get out and change either a resonator, coil, change tap, or change the complete antenna.  

    Since I operate primarily from 10 to 40 meters the ADAS-100 antenna by Yaesu fit my bill perfecftly. The only block I ran into was how to drive the antenna as I an using an ICOM 706MKIIG.

    One of the local amateurs told me about a company called "AM-COM" located in Lakeside, Montana.  I looked them up on the internet and found they have just what I needed.   In interface made specifically for the ICOM 706 and the ADAS-100.  They actually make two versions, manual and automatic.

    I decided to go for the gusto and purchase their ASAC-100, AM-COM's Automatic Screwdriver Antenna Controller.

    This model can actually be used with any transceiver providing at least 10 watts of power (cw) output.  Once connected to a transceiver with a TUNE BUTTON (this includes rigs such as the IC706, ALINCO DX70 and the KENWOOD TS50) pressing the tune button will activate the controller and drive the antenna to search for a valid SWR.

    Installation is truly PLUG N PLAY!  The AM-COM system comes with the Controller, Control Head, and two cables (1ea. Blue cable and 1ea. Red cable).  One end of each cable plugs into the Controller via modular telephone type connector.  The other end of the Red cable is the Control Head.  This is a small box about the size of your computer mouse.  It has two spring loaded push button switches.  This is allow you to MANUALLY move the antenna up and down.  The other end of the Blue cable (for the 706) has a 4 pin molex connector, which plugs into the back of the 706.  This is where the interface obtains its power.

    Lastly, you run a piece of coax (50 ohm) from the transceiver to the input side of the Controller and attach your antenna to the output side of the controller.  Thats it!

    Set your VFO  to the desired frequency and push the TUNE button on your rig.  In about 2-5 seconds you will hear two (2) beeps and your ready to ROCK N ROLL.

    I have had this setup in my Dodge Mini Van Since the beginning of October 2002.  I LOVE IT!  

    I've worked local 40 meter nets ie. ECARS, MIDCARS and SOUTHCARS, and 10-15 meter DX ie. VP2MWP, UT0RW, HI8ROX, XT2ATI, V51AS, ZK1SDE, VQ9X, Z22JE and the list goes on.  Bottom line, IT WORKS...........

    This interface will work with other transceivers, I suggest you contact AM-COM directly for specific information.

     AM-COM Inc.
     100 Bierney Creek Road, Suite C
     Lakeside, Montana 59922
     406 844 3052

    As far as my dealings with AM-COM and their customer service.  The few calls that I placed to them, I found them to be extremely helpful and have the willingness and desire to make sure their customers are completely satisfied.  

    As an FYI, 98% of the time, I run my 706 at 50 watts.  Only because it seems that is all I have needed.  If there is a pileup or station I need to hit harder, I'll crank it up to high power.

    Feel free to drop me a email and/or setup a sked with me.

    I Would love to hear from anyone.

    Best 73's and hope to have a QSO with you soon.

    Glenn/N3COB/Mobile [​IMG]
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