Alpha 87 Amplifier Craigslist Orlando Scam!

Discussion in 'Stolen Radios, Scams and Rip-Offs' started by KA7NIQ, May 27, 2011.

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  1. AD6KA

    AD6KA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sure, there's scammers everywhere. Just don't mess with the
    Romanian and Russian ones. (The "Vlads") Scam Baiters call them.

    They are very smart, VERY computer savvy, and they will either ignore
    you or email bomb your ass.
    But then again the Vlads don't bother penny ante scams like this one...

    This 87A Amp guy says that he will be stationed in London for 6 months
    due to his work with "Save The Children". When the time comes when he asks for
    payment, he will of course give name and UK Address for a Western Union or Money Gram transfer.

    But I'll bet you anything that at the very last minute he will say
  2. KD4VJP

    KD4VJP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm in Orlando and can meet then at say, the Orlando Police Dept, to do the exchange. See if they want to do it? And ask if they will take food stamps?

  3. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Funny part is "Save the Children" is based in the U.S. and the workers are mostly here. The children they're saving are mostly in Africa.

    I doubt they're saving any children in London. It's damned near a Socialist state and the taxpayers save their children quite well there.

    Actually per their website, they have no presence in the U.K. at all. Or anywhere in Europe, for that matter.
  4. W1IRQ

    W1IRQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I subscribe to to
    U write and I'll send / report
    Ken W1IRQ
  5. AD6KA

    AD6KA Ham Member QRZ Page

    After offering to have a friend meet him in London
    and put cash in his hand, he replied with the original script.
    Apparently his way of saying "Don't bother me this foolishness". ;)

    So I said, OK, what do you need for payment?
    His reply, full of CLASSIC scam BS.

    I am glad you decided that you want to buy it. Parcel Force is a very good delivery company and 100% secure for both of us. All I need is your complete name and address so I can start the shipping to you.

    Once I will start the transaction, they will send you an invoice with all delivery details. Once they will receive the package from me, they will verify it and provide you details regarding the condition of the product. (Sure they will...)

    You will have to send the money to an Parcel Force representative by: Liberty Reserve (you can pay with Paypal,bank wire tranfer,credit card only through Liberty Reserve) , Western Union Money Transfer or Money Gram eMoney Tranfer.

    Immediately after your payment is verified the product wil be delivered to you. The Parcel Force representative will hold your payment until you receive the product and decide if you want to keep it or not. (Yeah, right!) If the item is not as described by me or if it doesn't work, the Parcel Force agent will come to your home, will take the item and give you the money back. (In my dreams :D)

    This transaction is made through Parcel Force and Craiglist so it will be secure for both of us. Once I will receive your details I will take the item to the Parcel Force office and start the transaction. I will wait your email.


    Golly! Since when did a scam victim have so many options to pay?
    Credit Card, Pay Pal, Bank Wire Transfer, eMoney Transfer....
    plus our good old standbys: Western Union & Money Gram, naturally. :)

    Well, the Scam BS stands out so blatently it hardly needs listing, nor is it original.

    The only thing I haven't seen before is payment through Liberty Reserve.I
    Apparently they are a Costa Rica based currency exchange/money transfer firm
    with a shady history. They operate outside the US because they handle money for
    "Play with real money" gambling websites, and one of heir officers in New York was once indicted for Money Laundering.
    If you Google 'Liberty Reserve, scam' or Liberty Reserve, fraud, you will get thousands of hits.

    Very hard to get this guy off script. But he said he was in London
    and the amp is in Orlando,. In the second script he says:
    Once I will receive your details I will take the item to the Parcel Force office and start the transaction. I might call him on that later.

    The Pay Pal angle interests me so I play dumb (always good tactic
    with scammers) so I ask for HIS Pay Pal account.
    What's the worst that can happen?
    I send him this:
    Hey Allen!
    Thank you for the payment information on the 87A.
    Remember, I responded first, I want that amp.
    Here are my details:

    My Shipping Adress for Amplifier
    Mr. Robert Bxxxxxx
    Fake address on real street
    In Real Town (nowhere near me)
    Real State

    I do not have an account with Liberty Reserve so I will send you the
    money via Pay Pal. Please send me your Pay Pal Account information.
    Once I get it I can send the money immediately.

    (IF I get a personal Pay Pal account, I think I have
    enough info by now to get it killed & tracked, if it's verified

    I am REALLY looking forward to getting the Alpha 87A.
    73, Bob

    Well THAT didn't work!
    Oh well, my last to him for now:

    We'll see where this goes next..........
  6. KA7NIQ

    KA7NIQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    He never responded back to me, after the first script.
  7. AD6KA

    AD6KA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Chris:
    Maybe he's gotten so many replies (hopefully all from hams
    who realize it;s a scam) that he thinks right now he doesn't have
    to reply to all of them. "Put some on the back burner" as it were.
    Or turn the "extras" over to his buddies in the Cafe or his fellow gang members.

    I'm thinking that if this guy (or there GUYS) are using an international
    currency exchange that takes credit cards and Pay Pal, they are
    NOT independent Cafe Bois.....and are pretty organized.

    I ust realized that I have been violating the first rule of Scam Baiting:
    "Never do more work than the scammer" :cool:

    MAYBE if we all just IGNORE him and don't send him anything
    for the rest of the week, by Monday he'll be more compliant.

    Scammers usually do NOT work on weekends anyway.
    Anyway, sounds liike a plan to me.
    I'll post anything he send me until then, but will NOT respond.

    73, Ken AD6KA
  8. AD6KA

    AD6KA Ham Member QRZ Page


    I am thinking that there is no way to hurt this scammer other than maybe killing his email account, which is pretty meaningless.

    This Liberty Reserve is a really shady outfit and I've learned more,
    mostly from their own website!

    There is absolutelty NO way to your the money back after sending it.

    Payments to LR accounts are 100% irrevocable. (See "Term of Service 2.4.3" below.)
    They are used by hackers and carders (Sellers of stolen Credit Card numbers)
    to sell their wares.

    LR is protected by its offshore trust and its incorporated under the laws of Panama, though based in Costa Rica.
    LR is a way to send or receive money to anyone in the world
    LR is way to make payments anonymously and convert Liberty Reserve currency to any other currency.
    Has worldwide offices - one is in New York (Indicted for Money Laundering,
    before moving offshore to handle Internet Gambling Wesbsite accounts.

    From their own website:
    "Legitimate Court Orders, huh?" Yeah, right. You're going to fly on down to a s***hole corrupt country like Panama and try to sue a company that generates millions in kick-backs and tax revenue?
    ...that's like trying to sue the Pope in Rome!
    :D...and even if you did go down there, and WON, all you could DO is "freeze, close, or limit an account"!... Oh, unless they catch you hacking their server, then you're in trouble!

    Look out, Western Union, there's a newer, smarter, SCAMMER BANK in town!

    Put the word out guys! The new scam payment "Tip off" payment method
    is Liberty Reserve,
    not just Western Union or Money Gram anymore...

    Sorry for the big fonts &'s a carry over from another site.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2011
  9. KA7NIQ

    KA7NIQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, Liberty Reserve it is ? Well, good work.
  10. AD6KA

    AD6KA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well..... in short:
    Nice professionally done website, they accept Credit Cards, Pay Pal, Wire Transfers, etc. They offer "Live Customer Service Chat".
    SEEMS on the up and up, right?
    Not quite.....

    Liberty Reserve is one of the best kept secrets for money laundering, accepting payment for illegal goods , illegal services, and payments in general to scammers and crooks of all kinds.

    They are used by Hackers and “Carders” (Dealers of stolen Credit Cards and card dumps) to collect money for their wares. Other LR clients include illegal online “pharmacies”, many of whom even sell Schedule C-II Opiates like Oxycontin, Percocette, Demerol, and Morphine. They collect and launder funds for Ponzi Schemes (and other "High Yield Investment Programs"), online purveyors of "knock offs" of brand name high end merchandise. Probably their BIGGEST money making activity is managing the online payments to offshore “Gambling with real money” websites.

    There is absolutely NO way to get your money back after sending it to a LIberty Reserve merchant's account. NO WAY.
    No Credit Card chargebacks, no Pay Pal interventions, nothing.

    LR is incorporated under the laws of Panama, and is protected by its offshore trust
    AND their outrageous "Terms Of Agreement", again written under Panamanian Law,
    to which you agree to abide by when registering to use their service.

    Tell your friends, please!
    If "Liberty Reserve" is part of the deal, it's a scam.
    73, Ken AD6KA
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