Alinco new DX-SR8T/E Transmitter.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by N5RWJ, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. N5RWJ

    N5RWJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have read 4 good reviews at, view it at ,the radio is selling for around$525.00,
    I wonder if all this stuff is true. I'm looking for new opinion on this radio? NOTE: They also have a RX only model of this radio with SDR software.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2011
  2. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you can get your hands on the ARRL Labs report on it, it will be worth the time you take to read it.

    There are several issues with the radio. For me, as a digital operator, there is no AUX connection for the digital modes. You can jury-rig a connection to the mic input and speaker output, but any digital op will tell you that solution stinks. You want an audio output that is not controlled by the volume control, so you can turn the audio down or off when working digi modes. There is no way to do computer control, either.

    Looking at the test data, the 3rd order intercept point is pretty dismal. This radio is likely to be overwhelmed on a busy band if there are lots of strong signals.

    I think for the money, the IC-718 is a MUCH better choice. The Alinco does have 10 meter FM and 60 meters, though, so that might be a factor. If all I would do was casual SSB, the Alinco might be OK. From the reveiews, that seems to be the general concensus.
  3. K9ASE

    K9ASE XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    the radio got a pretty bad review in QST you'd be better off buying a used Yeasu FT-450D. I'm not sure on the price of a new one but $525 might get you pretty close.
  4. KG4RUL

    KG4RUL Ham Member QRZ Page

  5. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ummm... the FT-450D has considerably better numbers than the Alinco. But, looking at the QST reviews, the IC-718 looks to be a bit better than the 450D in some key areas. I think the added features of the 450D would be a plus if you can get one for a similar price. The 450D retails for about $949. The IC718 is about $619.
  6. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Another one in that price class that I think gets overlooked is the IC-7200. It's 3rd order intercept numbers are not wonderful, either, but the rest of it's specs are better than any of the radios discussed so far. For $1,000 it looks like a winner to me.
  7. WA4BRL

    WA4BRL Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm not very impressed with Alinco's filtering on the stand-alone receiver version (DX-R8T/E).

    SSB, CW, AM(narrow): 2.4KHz/-6dB 4.5KHz/-60dB
    AM, FM: 6KHz/-6dB 18KHz/-60dB

    Notice that there is NO CW filter listed. Only 0.5-kHz AUDIO filtering. I saw no mention at the Alinco website of additional or alternative IF filter options.
  8. N5RWJ

    N5RWJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just go to and tell them what's wrong with this radio, and what you want change before you will buy it? They will do it if they want your $Money.
  9. NY7Q

    NY7Q Guest

    WELL, I got one. brand new.....scratchy tinny, no lows in transmit audio all bands....spent all day checking out this rig.
    Receive is quite noisey, but you can play with it, and make the sound tolerable. Menus easy to use, rig looks good,
    I am more concerned that others have stated these rigs have great booming audio.....not so....I am using the stock
    ems-64 mike, and it doesn't do the job(I hope its the mike)
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