Alinco DJ-VX50T

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Equipment Reviews' started by W4EKJ, Sep 24, 2020.

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  1. W4EKJ

    W4EKJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi everyone, I'm new to amateur radio and looking to purchase a better radio than my UV-5R. Why do I have a UV-5R? I bought it to monitor but then realized that I wanted to get my license. I've been going back and forth on what I want and I've decided I want a radio that also does airband, I live near an airport. Looking around I found the Yaesu FT-70 and the Alinco DJ-VX50T, Wouxun KG-UV9 among others. I'll probably end up getting the Yaesu but the Alinco has my attention. It's cheaper, but it's only analog although I hear Alinco is/was a really good brand. Being new to the hobby I'm unsure if it's wise to get into digital so soon before I am more experienced.

    All that said. I can't find much on the Alinco. I've found two reviews and one was a 5 star and the other a 1 star and I always take bad reviews with a "well, what did you do wrong" approach unless there is a common theme. Does anyone here have any information on the Alinco DJ-VX50T they can share? I'll post a link below.
  2. KY4DS

    KY4DS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Alinco seems to be a reputable brand, but much less popular than Yaesu/Icom/Kenwood. I just placed an order for one, since most Japanese HTs seem to be out of stock.

    If you want to get on digital radio (System Fusion/DMR/DSTAR) then get the FT-70. You can build a hotspot (home repeater) with a Raspberry PI, MMDVM board plugged on top and running PiStar and configure to connect to other repeaters/reflecters/talkgroups through the internet.

    The other biggest difference is that the Yaesu FT-70R uses a superheterdyne receiver, while the Alinco (and most newer, cheaper radios) uses Direct Conversion. Basic difference is that superhet radios implement more with electrical components while direct conversion performs more in software/firmware. Superhet radios generally have better selectivity than direct conversion, though direct conversion can perform well with proper filtering. The Baofeng UV-5R has notoriously bad selectivity, being direct conversion HT with inadequate filtering.
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  3. W4EKJ

    W4EKJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah, I ended up getting the FT-70 for the reasons you mentioned above. Still like the Alinco and may purchase one in the future but for now, I'm focusing on saving for an HF radio like the Yaesu 991 and getting my upgrade.
  4. KJ7TTZ

    KJ7TTZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, a few weeks ago I tried to order the VX6R, out of stock, tried order FT-60 out of stock.

    I ended up getting the Alinco Dj-vx-50t. Very happy with it. Easy to use and program with RT systems.
    Also a new ham, as of 1/24/21
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  5. KY4DS

    KY4DS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Just got mine in over the weekend and I am pretty happy with it. I'm at a noisy QTH and I've had multiple Baofeng UV-5R's desensitize when upgrading the antenna. This one has good selectivity and works just great. It's a simpler radio than my Yaesu FT-60R, which means it's missing a few esoteric features, but the UI is also a lot more streamlined. I'd strongly recommend for new hams looking for an analog, FM only handset. Will definitely give Alinco more consideration for future purchases.
  6. KY4DS

    KY4DS Ham Member QRZ Page

    One more plus for the Alinco DJ-VX50 - this has proper dual watch. Yaesu FT-60 (and I believe FT-4xr, 65r and 70dr) do not have true dual watch. Instead they have priority watch, where the radio quickly switches to the priority frequency every five seconds and stays there if it is receiving a signal, which is much less nice than straight dual watch.
  7. KA4DPO

    KA4DPO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I just got one and so far it is a pretty decent little radio. My only complaint is, when it is in aircraft receive mode, there is no way to turn on the squelch, at least no way that I can find.
  8. KY4DS

    KY4DS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Have you tried holding the moni button to see if squelch adjust pops up?

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