AE4FB "Mikey" Passed away Friday Jan. 25 2019 after a lengthy illness.

Discussion in 'Silent Keys / Friends Remembered' started by KD8JMQ, Jan 26, 2019.

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  1. KD8JMQ

    KD8JMQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Many will remember his participation in the "posum" net which was on 3843. A good friend of mine and many others. I will surely miss him.
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  2. NY4Q

    NY4Q Ham Member QRZ Page

    That's sad to hear. I enjoyed the Possum Net back when Crusty and crowd was in there. RIP.
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  3. KD8JMQ

    KD8JMQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yep. Crusty and Mikey were the main reason I got interested in 80 meters.
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  4. KD8JMQ

    KD8JMQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Correction..."possum" Net was the way they spelled it. Mike told me there was a story behind that but; it escapes me at the moment.
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  5. W0LOM

    W0LOM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mike you keyed the mike for the last time and your not around to talk about our flying saucers we captured from the mars attack had a lot of fun with that over the air . I know it took a lot of mean green to the green slim out of them. That's just one of many memories I have. For the gullible listeners who laugh along we really never captured flying saucers it was all make believe. I know some of you was hopping we would fly over your location. One last 73 head possum you have now signed off.
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  6. KD0BCF

    KD0BCF Ham Member QRZ Page

    When I first got back into ham radio in 2007 after decades of forgetting about it, Mikey was the first voice I heard. I became part of the Possum Net with Mikey, Crusty, Des and many others. Mikey, “The Head Possum” was the star of the show of course followed very closely by my all time favorite possum, Crusty. We had some great times on the air back in those days. I have many many great memories from those days. Mikey and I had a complex relationship, we didn’t always agree but we always managed to work things out and remain friends and allies. Mikey frequently told me I held the all time record for getting thrown off the Possum Net the most number of times. I’m sure it’s true but we still managed to connect again and again and again. Even when I was “banned” Mikey would call me frequently on my cell or land line at all hours...and I do mean all hours...even as recently as a few months ago. I’ll miss Mikey, if he got mad at you he usually didn’t stay mad long. I can think of one or two exceptions to that observation but no need to name names...most who knew Mikey know who I’m talking about. Mikey was an original, one of the greats IMO. He was smart, he was well informed and he didn’t suffer fools gladly. Mike & I were friends regardless of the impression we might have left on some from time to time, I’m glad I ran into him along the way. It was fun Mikey...sometimes :) 73 my friend,

    “Godless” kd0bcf
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  7. W0LOM

    W0LOM Ham Member QRZ Page

  8. KI4YTV

    KI4YTV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm glad I got to visit him the past few months. I will be on 3.843 tonight
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  9. W8YG

    W8YG Ham Member QRZ Page

    73 to Mikey . I will never forget those hot debates , late night qrmers and the reprobates. I will miss Crusty the insane clown and you Mr headly posum. Those early morning radio fights with Pope Master and numerous others hahahahaha. Those nights of radio when we all became legends. I am going to miss your cantankerous old hide and yea olde posum net.
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  10. KD8JMQ

    KD8JMQ Ham Member QRZ Page

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