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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Software' started by W4LKR, May 31, 2019.

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    I'm developing a utility for my own logging purposes. In reviewing the ADIF standard I notice some fields that seem useful at first but don't apply to every QSO. I'm curious what others think about these fields:

    1. time_off - do any contests or awards programs use this field? The only value I can think of is if you want to query your log for the longest QSO or what your average QSO duration is on a certain mode. So it seems to be a personal interest kind of thing. This doesn't really interest me and its just one more thing to enter before saving a QSO record. I'm leaning towards omitting it from my software, but if anyone knows of an award or contest where it is a required field, please say so.
    2. rx_pwer - again, this might be interesting data to have. One time I operated portable with only 5w and exchanged with a station using only 3w. It's "neat" to look back on a QSO like that, but otherwise, are there any reasons to capture the contacted stations power?
    3. A related question - I assumed I would make the DXCC entity a required field, but I'm curious if anyone knows of other entities (like IOTA or SOTA) that actually are not associated with a DXCC entity? I'm guessing this case is rare if it exists at all, and I will probably still make DXCC entity a required field.
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    I've never heard of the time_off field being used for anything, but as well, there are a host of ADIF fields that are barely used. Consider that ARRL's LoTW uses only five or six ADIF fields to ensure proper award tracking.

    Making the DXCC code mandatory may slow down your input as virtually all programs use some variant of "cty.dat" courtesy of N3FJP to automatically determine the DXCC code (and country). All stations, with the exception of all maritime mobile (/mm) and some aeronautical mobiles, should have a DXCC country code.

    Good luck!
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    CQ and WAE awards define additional "countries" beyond what DXCC defines: Sicily, African Italy, Bear Island, etc.

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