Adam Forman KA1ZFE

Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by K3VR, Sep 5, 2002.

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  1. K3VR

    K3VR Ham Member QRZ Page

    Buyer Beware: Adam Forman KA1ZFE Call is KA1ZFE: email addresses: and Item touted as "Brand new!, never used! Etc!" ...Was used; had parts missing; modified in a cock-eyed way. Told him it was completely misrepresented and I expected my $$ back. He agreed; said he mailed it to the wrong address and would send it again. That was 53 days ago! Promised to go public if he didnt make it right. Now, he's not answering emails. Saved the complete transcript of 9,(NINE) lying, pathetic emails. Funny reading if you weren't the one taken. In fairness; if he ever pays me, (when pigs fly ) I will let you know he made it right.
  2. amarweb

    amarweb QRZ Member

    This is between me and him. I am attempting to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. I do respod to EVERY email that come in. It was unjustified by the other party to say that I do not respond to emails. As you will quickly find out if you email me!
    So if you somehow feel it is necessary to email me with hate emails, think again. Please leave your crap to yourself. I have never in my entire 11 years as a ham ever seen this type of crap. This has nothing to do with you other hams! This whole thing is a communications failure issue and nothing more! I am sure you will find a reneg by the person who submitted this post in the near future.

    Please stop judging someone with your god like attitudes before you know the whole story!

    Adam KA1ZFE
  3. N1JBC

    N1JBC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello folks.
    This thread has gotten way out of control!
    It is rather obvious to me that the problem is very simple, and that there is a problem with the mail between point A and point B.
    Regarding Adam, he has been a very highly respected amateur in this area of the country for years.
    I have known him for the better part of 20 years. He has always been a team player.
    As president of our radio club, he has seen thousands of dollars come through, and is not the type to screw around with that stuff.
    Adam also is a trustee along with me for a rather large repeater system. Between he and i we have swapped thousands of dollars in funds back and fourth.
    Between link radios, repeaters, and other equipment, it adds up.
    He is a trust worthy individual, and that's putting it litely.
    I have seen the poste from the 3 land station and don't beleive a word of it.
    I have had problems with the bank as well. Did you ever think to set up a paypal account?
    It is after all free.
    Enough is enough!
    Leave Adam alone.
    Your thankless posts are destroying his reputation in a way that he doesn't deserve.

    73 from Jed.n1jbc
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