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AD-9850 / Arduino Signal Generator

Discussion in 'Homebrew and Kit Projects' started by KK4DAS, Oct 5, 2020.

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  1. KK4DAS

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    Hi all -

    A signal generator is one of the most useful tools for building and tuning rigs. The AD-9850 Direct Digital Synthesize module combined with an Arduino Nano makes an easy to build, very accurate sine wave generator from 0-62.5 MHz (rock steady up to about 50 MHz.). I built one to use while I was building and tuning up the Furlough-40 SSB QRP rig that I built earlier this year. I finally got around to mounting it in an enclosure and documenting the build. Check out my latest blog post for details on the build, including the BOM and link to the source code for the Arduino Sketch. You can also check out the presentation I gave at a recent virtual meeting of the Vienna Wireless Society a couple of weeks ago demonstrating how easy it is to build.

    Truth-in-advertising - there are many examples of similar projects floating around the web, but I didn't find any of them particularly approachable - either too simple or too complicated. This my take on the project.

    Upcoming blog posts will include a tutorial and full source code for a fully functional homebrew radio control program - complete with a color touch screen, cat control, support for digital modes, split mode, S-meter,s frequency scanning.... it makes a homebrew rig looks just like the big boys. Subscribe to my blog - and follow me on YouTube for more of my projects.

    73 from Great Falls
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  2. VE2GCE

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    I am seeing a lot of these DDS + Arduino circuits :
    • uBitX V6 SSB transceiver uses a Si5351
    • QRPGuys Antenna analyzer uses the S9850
    • QRPGuys DSB transceiver VFO uses a Si5351
    I love the power and versatility of Arduino controllers.
    I am built my first Arduino project last month, a controller for my LDMOS amplifier with an Arduino UNO that monitors key parameters (Band, SWR, voltage, current and temperature), does automatic band selection, fault protection and amplifier circuit sequencing. My only concern when I test it this month is its immunity to stray RF near the amplifier module.
  3. KK4DAS

    KK4DAS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Yes, indeed. The power of an easy to program microcontroller and rock solid clock takes a lot of the pain and anxiety out of designing and building a homebrew transceiver. You can read about the Furlough-40 QRP rig I built on my blog. The controller is an Arduino and an SI-5351 - used in a very similar way to the uBitx. I'll be fully documenting and releasing that project shortly, Here is a preview,,,

  4. VE2GCE

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    That looks like a really cool project, an SSB transceiver in just ten transistors. I look forward to seeing your project documentation with the color
    TFT upgrade. The beauty of this project is it is all done with discrete components and an off-the-shelf Arduino.

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