Active FM satellites

Discussion in 'Satellite and Space Communications' started by KN6CSB, Jun 16, 2021.

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  1. KN6CSB

    KN6CSB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Seems I have to slog through list of linear satellites, defunct satellites to find few FM that may or may not be active?

    Can active FM sat users post a list of FM satellites useable in North America (I am in So Cal)
    EDIT: Also any Digipeater sats as well

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  2. KB1PVH

    KB1PVH Ham Member QRZ Page

  3. K6LCS

    K6LCS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just the easy sats cited at for you ...

    But that AMSAT link has ...

    FM Repeater Satellites
    (Click here for frequency chart, follow links below for satellite details)

    Transponder Satellites
    (Click here for frequency chart, follow links for satellite details)

    Digital Satellites

    ... and even more information!

    Clint Bradford
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  4. KN6CSB

    KN6CSB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for that PDF on work-sat. That is what I was looking for. So it seems there are only 2 active FM sats (not counting ISS)....?

    What about digipeaters? I recall trying Falconsat3 but never got through.
  5. K0UO

    K0UO Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Now for the real life info on FM birds

    Not Many

    We had more FM satellites that were usable years ago.
    You would think in the 21st century There would be more FM satellites but everybody goes digital it seems.
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  6. N6MST

    N6MST Ham Member QRZ Page

    SO-50, AO-27, PO-101, AO-91, ISS ... more than 2...
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  7. KN6CSB

    KN6CSB Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ok so AO-27 added to list, note that one isn't on your PDF @K6LCS. Is there reason for this? I read it's only "Currently on for four minutes on ascending and descending passes over mid-latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere" is that the reason?

    So far the FM easy to work list is:

    ISS (sometimes when active)

    I reckon this question might be annoying to the regular sat ops guys, but seriously, even with google and some quick searches it's not so plainly easy to reach this list (seems there are many defunct or sporadic satellites)
  8. W5PFG

    W5PFG Ham Member QRZ Page

    The number has fluctuated for all satellites over the years. Just a few short years ago, there were only 3 active amateur radio satellites with voice transponders available (SSB+FM.)

    There are advantages to having a diverse fleet. I like them all - FM, SSB, digital. Different groups have different priorities. It is unrealistic for anyone to demand/expect a particular type of satellite be developed to their liking without making some significant technical or financial contribution.

    AMSAT's site is typically very current, such as the link @KB1PVH shared. There is no single Internet authority or ruler over what sites consider a satellite operational. Sometimes the satellites' status change in an instant. Some satellite owners/operators are silent - others provide information via a news service or web updates.
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  9. KC3RN

    KC3RN Ham Member QRZ Page

    SO-50 and AO-27 are usually the easiest to work. AO-91 would be next, but only during daylight hours. I've never had much success with PO-101, but YMMV.
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  10. N6MST

    N6MST Ham Member QRZ Page

    Anyone who gets annoyed at new people asking relevant questions is nobody worth paying attention to. CSB, you are totally fine. I would honestly say that satellite folks are generally the most helpful and agreeable hams I've come across in the hobby. I agree with you that information regarding satellite use is not as cut and dry as in some other aspects of amateur radio and it can sometimes seem to fly in the face of what some folks get used to. Using tiny objects flying through space at many thousands of miles per hour, hundreds of miles away to try and talk to other earthlings within a very specific 10 to 15 minute window is an animal unto itself!

    Keep asking questions and you will get good answers here.
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