Acom 700s user opinions

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by GW4RDW, Mar 9, 2021.

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  1. GW4RDW

    GW4RDW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Guys,
    I have been looking at the Acom SS 700s amplifier. However apart from two positive reviews on Eham I can't find any other user opinions. I note the less than complimentary reviews on the Acom 1200s and the 700s seems to have similar architecture, at least aesthetically.
    I would be very appreciative for any information..good or bad!
    Thanks, Ian GW4RDW.
  2. K7JQ

    K7JQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Ian,

    I disregarded the reviews, and bought a Acom 1200S almost two months ago. I've used it in several long CW, RTTY, and SSB contests with no problems. Early production A1200S's had some growing pains, as did the now discontinued A600S. But Acom has performed several circuit revisions, and the latest production run has been doing well with consumers. Acom is a top quality company, and gives a two year warranty. As with all SS amps, if your antennas present SWR's in excess of 1.5:1, you should use a high power tuner if you want full output. Acom also just announced the A2020S...a legal limit+ SS amp, similar to their A2000 tube amp in looks with a remote control panel, but it also includes 6 Meters. Available in the second half of 2021, price TBD.

    Bob K7JQ
  3. GW4RDW

    GW4RDW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Bob, thanks for getting back to me so promptly.
    I'm glad to hear that you are happy with the A1200s. I can find plenty of negative reports on the amp but unfortunately not too many positive ones. I have owned my A1000 for over 10yrs from new with only one replacement GU-74b tube. I love the amp but NOS tubes are getting harder to find and quite expensive. You may be aware that in th U.K. we have a 400w pep power limit so the A1200s would be a little overkill hi! This said I think the large margin in power used to power available is no bad thing. The 700w of the A700s would still mean that at our power limit of 400w it would never be driven too hard. I don't know why there are so few reviews either positive or negative on the A700s.
    I'm not in a huge hurry to replace the A1000 so I will keep looking for more comments and opinions. The price difference in the U.K. between the A1200 and the A700 is only £250 so a lot more available power for a comparatively small difference in price.
    Thanks again Bob. Keep safe and well. Ian GW4RDW.
  4. K7JQ

    K7JQ Ham Member QRZ Page


    Yes, the price difference between the two is quite small. The A700S is fairly new, after replacing the 600S, and the fact that the difference in price compared to the 1200S prompts those here in the US to go for the higher powered one.

    Also, I think it has generally been proven that people most likely to write reviews are those that have bad experiences, so they can vent their displeasure. Considering that Acom sells world-wide, and a handful of bad reviews show up on, I wouldn't be too concerned. Rather than risk their stellar reputation, I think Acom would pull the product off the shelves if they were found to be problematic/defective as a whole. Any man-made product is subject to failure for any reason at any time. That's why there's warranties.

    73, Bob K7JQ
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  5. GW4RDW

    GW4RDW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Bob,
    again thank you for getting back to me. I like to think i'm a pretty logical person and your comment about the number of A1200s amps sold and the comparatively small number of bad reviews makes total sense to me. Also your observation that a very well known and respected company like Acom would not risk their considerable reputation by knowingly selling faulty products. The two year warranty also helps to give peace of mind for your purchase.
    I really appreciate you help. Keep safe and well.
    73 de Ian GW4RDW.
  6. KD3KO

    KD3KO Subscriber QRZ Page

    New Acom 700s amp, problems at the start. Perfect PA but cooling system runs most of the time when using CW. When on SSB and the fan is on, good luck being above the fan noise. Irratic clicking with fan level 1 and helicoptor style fan QRM on occasion.
  7. N3FAA

    N3FAA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I had a bad experience with my 1200s. I did not leave my review to vent. In fact, it started off as a 5 Star Review. If the majority of reviews were to vent displeasure, that's all you would see on Eham. But that isn't the case. There are multitudes of good reviews for most products. So that argument just doesn't make any sense, I'm afraid.

    The fact of the matter is that the 1200s did have issues, and the bigger problem was that all parts have to come from Bulgaria. Even though HRO fixed my amp in literally a matter of days, there was a months-long wait to get the parts from Bulgaria. I was without the amp longer than I was with it. It was gone for almost half a year.

    My chances of buying another amp from them are near zero.
  8. K2TY

    K2TY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I just received mine 2 days ago. It looks great. I like the rf sensing and protections. The fan is loud and runs more than I like. It is extremely sensitive to the 10/12 meter rf that I didn't know was in the shack with my Al80A. Shuts down with high swr warning when perfectly matched. It is moderately sensitive to the 40 meter rf in the shack that I used to ignore. If the rain quits today Ill put up a 10 meter vertical to replace my 135' doublet. I haven't decided what to do about 40 meters yet. Its too early for me to say whether I'd buy it again or not. It requires so little drive that its hard to make small adjustments.
  9. GW4RDW

    GW4RDW XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Guys,
    thank you all for your input on both the Acom 1200s and the 700s. I can understand the comments both positive and negative coming from both sides. To be honest it makes the decision to purchase either one or the other or neither very difficult hi! I have been very happy for many years with my Acom 1000 , it's only the lack of availability of good quality Gu-74b tubes that has got me looking at solid state amplifiers. In the end I suppose you have to weigh the pros and cons and take a chance...or not hi!
    Again my thanks.
    Keep safe, 73 de Ian GW4RDW.
  10. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I didn't have any problem buying a new tube for my A1000. At least here in the US with a 1 yr warranty.

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