Acom 1200s

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by N0AIT, Jan 4, 2021.

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  1. K7JQ

    K7JQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    The op (M0HJO) said it "failed". No description or the symptoms of the problem. No idea of the operating circumstances when it "failed". Looking at his page, although he's limited to 400W in the U.K., he's using an LDG tuner that's technically undersized for that amp (1,000W SSB PEP, 750W CW, 400W digital). Many problems are caused by failures of the chain of stuff between an amp and antenna. Until we "watch this space" for further information, why jump to conclusions about all solid state amps?

    Tube amps "fail" also. Look at the overwhelming majority of problems posted on this amps;). I've had both types. Repairs on the tube amps, nada with the SS ones. I could just as easily say I'd never buy another tube amp. Yes, I now have a 1200S. So far, so good through a bunch of contests...CW, RTTY, and SSB. I will post here if problems are experienced.

    Bob K7JQ
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  2. KD3KO

    KD3KO Subscriber QRZ Page

    New Acom 700S and great PA section but fans are so loud on mine that if it comes on during SSB, good luck being heard. Im definately serious. Sent it back to DX Engineering for replacement and tech response was that Acom SS sounds that way. Fan speed 1 had clicking sound, Acom emailed that it was probably a wire or piece of tape hitting fan blade. That sure gave me product confidence. Intermittent helicopter blade type sounds appear sometimes, probably fan bearing play. DX engineering didnt say this was broke like Acom did, otherwise Im sure many would be returned for a refund!
  3. N3DT

    N3DT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have an A1000. Got it under $2k delivered used, 5 yrs old. Got a new tube for it with US warranty. The thing will put out a KW with 500W PD and with the extra fan never break 52°C with continuous FT8 transmissions. That being said, they do not like being run at 400W, the PD goes up, efficiency goes down. They are well protected but look to be a nightmare to work on if anything goes wrong other than something simple like a capacitor or diode. I'm not thrilled with the metering, you have to scroll through each one, but all necessary items are metered. The TRI circuit on mine is kaflooee so I use screen grid tuning. 50W in gives me 15ma Is, 550 Ip, and about 850W out. Increasing the drive to 70W gets Is to 30ma and 600Ip and 1KW out, all with 500W PD. Even the extra fan is not especially noisy, not any worse than my TS2000 fan going on. But I do hear it unlike some reviews that do not hear it.

    I had an AL80B and it was sufficient, but would not put out a KW continuous, maybe 5-600W. The vernier dials on the 80B are nice. Fan noise was acceptable.
  4. OZ2LC

    OZ2LC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have a ACOM 1200S over a year now works great never failed on me :)
  5. VK4TI

    VK4TI Ham Member QRZ Page

    "N0AIT, post: 5720233, member: 961739"]I have been window shopping for the future. I have read a few bad reports on the SS 1200s. What about good reports? Would you consider the failures just new amp growing pains?? Is everyone afraid of the SS amps?? Or are some people happy with them.

    The Acom 1000 is my second choice but the no tune 1200s is appealing. "

    Make sure you can find spares if needed and schematics , some company's like spe wont release schematics for their amps when even out of warranty, if the warranty is actually honoured ,

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