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AC condenser fan motor replacement creates terrible noise on 20 meters

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by KM4IY, Jul 9, 2017.

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  1. KM4IY

    KM4IY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    the AC condensor fan motor on my honda element went south last week. i was proud that i was able to diagnose the problem and replace the motor. my elation was short lived when i turned my ft100 onto 20 meters... it sounds like a dentist drill is inside the rig. prior to the swap, i had very little noise anywhere.

    i know where the problem's coming from, and i kinda have an idea that the solution is going to include some ferrite material and maybe capacitors, but how and where?

    other solution is only use 20 meters when i don't have to use AC... i could, but don't want to.

  2. KM4IY

    KM4IY Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    20 meters seems to be the only band doing this...
  3. KA9JLM

    KA9JLM Ham Member QRZ Page

    A L-C filter on the DC line may be the best bet. Can you hear it on your AM radio ?

    Good Luck.
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  4. NE2I

    NE2I XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Extra ground or 2 cant hurt...
  5. KK6ILV

    KK6ILV Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    First you should verify that you indeed created the noise with the replacement fan motor, That should be a plug and play replacement motor if it is of any quality. Try disconnecting the motor or the relay that operates it and see if the noise ceases. If so, i would suspect a problem with your replacement part. Be aware if you installed an inexpensive aftermarket part, replacing it with the same may not solve the problem. You get what you pay for with some aftermarket parts. The fan motors that require you to hard wire them are usually the cheaper ones. Try either a dealer or a name brand like ( VDO ), I hope this helps you, good luck !!

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