Discussion in 'Ham to Ham References' started by N0TH, Oct 20, 2002.

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  1. N0TH

    N0TH Ham Member QRZ Page

    This is a direct reply to the LIES of Larry Bratcher in Ar. I sold him a Mint Condition Icom IC-706MKII and NEVER called it a "G". Some of the 706 adds are still on the boards and you may check them out for yourselves. I had MANY write to ask if it were a "G" and I replied NO to ALL. Larry wanted to renig on the deal after he received the rig and I said NO, he is a pouting little MF'ing LIER...KMA LARRY! Tom N0TH [​IMG]
  2. KD7KGX

    KD7KGX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey... if AB5CL decided that he didn't want the rig because he believed it was not what he bought, then why don't you just refund his money and sell it to someone else?  What is the big deal?

    AB5CL should eat the shipping, but he's entitled to a refund if he believes the merchandise isn't what was represented (whether it was or not), and contacted you within a day or so after he received the item.

    I won't even go into how inappropriate and childish the language in your post was.
  3. W5KRM

    W5KRM Guest

    I have to agree. If the radio was inadvertently bought thinking it was "g" model, then he should return it and you should refund the listing amount. These idiotic posts with the foul language hints are not necessary. I would think that two (2) grown "adults" could work something as simple as this out...then again.....
  4. N3MVF

    N3MVF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yawnnnnn......lifes major problems.
  5. W5KRM

    W5KRM Guest

    Suppose I don't understand why TH won't take the radio back and re-sell it tosomeone else. I suppose the money was desperately needed for some other purchase. From the e-mails it appears that when asked if the unit was a "G" model, either TH missed the question or ignored it and responded with a postive yet is was. I can understand the misunderstanding when the radio was received.

    I always when selling equipment, give the buyer a few days to make sure it is the item he wanted, else take it back, minus shipping and re-sell it to someone else.

    What's wrong with that approach? The idiotic name calling and flames don't get me excited and make me se a person posting such dribble is a less supportive light.

    Seems like this issue could be worked out if both parties are willing.
  6. WA4PTZ

    WA4PTZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    The civilized thing to do is to give the guy a week and
    let him check it out to be sure it was what he wanted.
    We are only human and we make mistakes, miss posts,
    etc.....The name calling is unacceptable.
    73 - Tim
  7. W5KRM

    W5KRM Guest

    Too bad other individuals don't follow that advice, which is what I always stipulate in a sale, "check it out, and if I don't hear back from you in say 1 week after receipt, then I will assume the sale is final". I don't understand why individuals hide behind an all sales are final attitude, even when you stipulate that upon receipt, the unit must work, etc., else I am returning it. You as the seller, if you ship knowing that stipulation was presented prior to completing the sale, owe it to the buyer to return funds.

    Check out my situation with KC7CYA. I got screwed and now the jerk won't refund my money. That is why I demand they take out insurance when shipping that way I get my money back and they can collect via the shipper. This clown expects me to file a claim when I don't have any shipping documentation, etc. I already tried to do that, but the shipping outfit wants him to provide the details I don't have.

    IN any event, a lack of character is the issue.
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