A XLR question

Discussion in 'Microphones, Speakers & Audio Processing' started by AE8RO, Oct 6, 2017.

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    Pendant Switches are common (Patient Bed Call Systems, Medical Equipment, etc.).

    Switchcraft has several pendant / Nurse Call models (921X, ED903), for less than $20 USD.
    One model is a Switchcraft Push Button screwed into the Shell of a Switchcraft XLR/TRS.
    I have found these FREE at many surplus sales, and for a couple $ at Goodwill, hamfests.

    Switchcraft, Model 921KX (with cord & tinned leads): $18.31 from Allied Electronics.
    Switchcraft, model ED903 (red button) : $12.28 from Mouser.
    Black button is model ED913.
    FOOT Switches are the other option, used within many Industrial Production environments.
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  4. W2WDX

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    OK ... I'm just amazed here. Seriously.

    First, look at the manual and see what pins on your radio do what for your mic input. Then understand the balanced microphone you have is pin 2 hot, pin 1 ground (as are all studio/stage microphones since they are AES standardized). Also do not forget about impedance matching. This is pretty basic stuff, more basic than what was on the VE tests. Does this really need to be explained?

    When did Amateur Radio start demanding plug & play solutions? Are we now just common consumers?
  5. AE8RO

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    1. I don't have the tools or meter to check the pins, plus I don't want to butcher up a $40.00 cable. 2. My eyesight is not what it used to be. 3. I get frustrated somewhat easily because of all of the above. So yes I will take the easy way out on a lot of things. So until you walk in my shoes, don't judge.
  6. KB4QAA

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    Yes. Everyone is a beginner sometime. I've had to talk degreed Engineers through this same subject.
  7. 2E0TZX

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    Found this in the Heil website about the HM-12:
    "The ‘soft touch’ PTT switch is wired to pins 3 and 4 for transmitter control with the microphone signal fed to pins 1 and 2 of the four-pin XLR"
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  8. W2WDX

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    I apologize. That was a bit harsh. However, to assume that the wiring would be similar was at best, risky. Now if it was all Heil products that assumption would be understandable. I am sure you understand that common sense can overcome poor eyesight (which I also have) and tools and meters are not required to read manuals or search the web a little. However, plugging things in BEFORE doing any of that is risky for the gear. You potentially could have ruined either the mic or the radios input going in their uninformed.

    I do apologize for the condescending attitude on my part on my first reply, that was uncalled for and unfair.

    You should have stopped at "... beginner sometimes". That's certainly true. That's why Elmers are tradition in Ham Radio. But ... I find it difficult to believe any engineer would have to be "talked through this", being one myself.

    K4EM was spot on for a solution.
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  9. KA9JLM

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    You should get one of those free ones at Harbor Fright.

    Have Fun.
  10. K4RKY

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    Maybe I overlooked it but I saw no mention of phantom power. Not sure on the 440 but on my 590s I have to use phantom power with the XM8500 (an excellent mic BTW). As far as PTT several have mentioned a hand PTT is extremely easy to build. Also on the 590 I had to use a stereo to mono adapter on the mic cable. GL

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