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A New Spin on JT Alert, HRD Logbook and WSJT-X

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K0PIR, Apr 13, 2018.

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  1. K0PIR

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    The FT8 mode and these programs are so popular right now lots of Hams are using them and different issues keep popping up. I’m finding easier ways to do things and hopefully eliminate any problems. Here’s my new spin on getting these programs working together: Don't use HRD rig control!

    QRZ article.jpg

    Now this new spin for me and is the easiest and least troublesome way, but it does have its downside. There is no rig control with HRD (tuner,NB,NR,AGC control), we are limited with the band/frequency change in WSJT-X, but this is really okay and all that is needed. Those other adjustments can be made from the front of the radio. The other downside is that it won't upload the ON AIR to, but many won't mind this either.

    See the full article here with screen captures and more information:

    A New Spin on JT Alert, HRD Logbook and WSJT-X
  2. WO2X

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    I have HRD Logbook, JT Alert, and WSJT-X working with real time uploading to and includes rig control without any physical serial cables.
    My setup is with a Flex 6600 and using DDUtil.

    Also if you are running DX Labs for daily logging, why not have JT Alert just upload to DX Labs Keeper and eliminate having to use two logbooks?

    Dave wo2x
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  3. KC9YGN

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    Thanks very much. I just tried it and it worked perfectly!
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  4. K0PIR

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    Nice to hear from you Dave.

    The intention is to help Hams of all skill levels find a solution that works best for them.

    On my website, Ham Radios with K0PIR and my YT channel there are many articles and videos with different types of software and configurations. There are tutorials on WSJT-X, JT Alert, HRD, N1MM, ACLog, DXLabs, Fldigi, MacLoggerDX, RUMLogNG and other software. I use a Mac and PC and I also have information for Hams who are interested in the Raspberry Pi. There is also information on the Icom 7300 and Icom 7610.

    Please follow me on my website and YT channel if you are interested. Helpful and knowledgeable comments are always welcome.

    Congrats on the Flex 6600. Awesome radio!

  5. K0PIR

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    Nice to hear from you and thank you for commenting. I really do appreciate the kind words.

    It gets the job done!

    Best 73,
  6. W4NNF

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    HRD's rig control module works perfectly with WSJT-X. In fact, I can think of no more perfect combo than WSJT-X, JT-Alert and HRD's log book and rig control facilities. ;)

    The secret? Get HRD and your rig/interface working properly first.

    Then, just run WSJT-X THROUGH HRD (choose Ham Radio Deluxe) as your "rig" in the WSJT-X Radio tab.
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  7. K0PIR

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    Thanks for commenting and that is a common configuration with those programs. Good point on HRD and rig/interface.

    For whatever reason, it doesn't work for everyone and they don't want to spend hours in front of a computer troubleshooting it.

    Lots of Hams I hear from just want a simple solution that works with the least amount of trouble. One less program, the better.

    Heck, it's fun for me using WSJT-X by itself. What a blast! See:

    WSJT-X FT8 and the Icom 7300 the Easy Way!

    In conclusion, what works for some doesn't work for others and this is a pretty simple alternative that gets the logging done from WSJT-X to HRD Logbook.

    Thanks again and hope to hear you on the air!

    Best 73,
  8. W4NNF

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    I agree with you that what's important is getting things working so you can get on the air with FT8 however you have to do that. There are indeed so many rig and computer and interface combos that things can get hairy for some. :)
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  9. LA6VQ

    LA6VQ Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Rich, thanks for taking the essence out of the previous discussion on WSJT-X, HRD CAT and Logbook and JTAlert, and making a video about the bare essentials needed. The HRD suite is great for many purposes, but in this context the CAT part is not needed, only the HRD Logbook. I guess your video simplifies matters a bit for many, reducing the number of variables to miss. WSJT-X was built expecting it to be run by CAT control, and that is an important reason why efficient CAT control was built into WSJT-X from the start. No other CAT was ever needed. The next one now is instant upload to LoTW and ClubLog. Then I would have nothing more to ask. ;)

    Talking about the Radio setup at 4:42 you mention that you want to use "Fake It" for Split operation in the IC-7300 and IC-7610. Like "all" modern HF radios, both radios have ordinary split functions and therefore "Rig" can be selected and it will work just like working split in a pile-up. The "Fake it" choice, I assume is made for radios where WSJT-X has to "help" the radio, by changing the single VFO frequency while transmitting and change it back to the receive frequency while receiving. In both cases the point is to make sure that the TX audio signal stays in the middle of the TX passband at 1500-2000 Hz in order to avoid intermodulation problems from the transmitter in the TX passband. If your desired stations transmits below 1000 Hz and you reply with a corresponding audio signal below 1000 Hz, the risk of creating IM within the TX passband is much higher. At 1500-2000 Hz the nearest IM products will be 0-500 Hz below the passband, or at 3000-4000 Hz, which is also outside relevant frequencies for FT8. However, additive IM products can produce problems in the JT65 segment 2 kHz above the FT8 segment. With the recent FT8 intrusion well into the JT65 segment (checking just now, there is no lack of stations at 2000-2700 Hz), no split and excessive use of power, we can expect to see more FT8 IM creating problems for JT65. However, with JT65 decoding being considerably more robust than FT8, I guess JT65 can handle the IM challenge. The direct intrusion is more of an issue, but beyond this discussion.

    73 de Frode LA6VQ
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  10. K0PIR

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    Hi Frode,

    Nice to hear from you and great information. I may have misspoke about CAT. As you say, it is part of WSJT-X. Thank you for clarifying.

    Thank you for expanding on Split operation. I've used it from day one. Some choose not to use split at all and I think that is an oversight. It is important to me.

    When I first started using WSJT-X I was using rig for split and did a video on it, but so many had trouble and I got so many questions, I started using Fake it to simplify things. I think some would choose not to use split at all if the only choice was that (nothing) and rig.

    If I remember correctly, one issue came up when changing bands using WSJT-X and the Icom 7300. The second VFO didn't switch bands and it was necessary to remember to sync the VFOs. When I used it with the Icom 7300, it required monitoring. I'll revisit that again just to make sure my memory serves me right or maybe it has been fixed. That issue could have been contributed to another configuration too. Possibly when using Ham Radio Deluxe for the rig in WSJT-X.

    I think the other thing when using rig for split was it flashed USB when a transmission ended. It would quickly flash USB, but then go to USB-D. Just a little flash and it didn't hurt anything. Just odd. Again, it may have been the different configuration that caused that.

    New Icom 7300 users seem to accept Fake it better :) As you say, " the point is to make sure that the TX audio signal stays in the middle of the TX passband at 1500-2000 Hz in order to avoid intermodulation problems from the transmitter in the TX passband. " Good point!

    I'll have to try rig out again for split. Thank you for the comment. It's worth looking at again.

    Thank you so much for taking time to comment. I appreciate it and I am sure it will benefit others as well.

    I hope to hear you on the air.

    73 de Rich, K0PIR
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