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A NEW FT8 with QSO and Rag Chew capabilities called FT8CALL

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by NN2X, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. N1AAE

    N1AAE Ham Member QRZ Page

    It was stated that there would be a change of default frequency in updated versions of the software to lessen the impact with other modes.

    But speaking of other modes, if I want to have a RTTY QSO. I can sit there and stare at the waterfall, call CQ and wait for an hour and maybe not make a contact. With FT8Call, even with it being a pre-release, there is almost always someone around.

    And honestly, for pre-release software, it seems to run so much more stable than FLDigi does for me on Linux. I like messing around with other modes but finding activity can be a pain.

    I like the pace of FT8Call as I usually have it occupying only half of my monitor and I'll be doing work, browsing the web, or even watching TV/movies/media on the other half. I can hold a conversation and still pay attention to what I'm working on or watching. I'm content with the pace but have yet to really make contact with anyone on the faster paced modes that seemingly no one uses when I want to try them out.
  2. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    The developer of the software now understands 14.080 is like a calling frequency. He understands that about many of the frequencies he put into the software and is changing things so as to not impact other modes.

    If that is the case: that it doesn't harm anything in ham radio already, then I don't see the harm in another mode. The people who like it will use it and the people who don't won't. I can make a PSK31 contact any day of the week. Anytime I want, I can check out the bands and make a PSK31 contact somewhere.... but PSK31 isn't the only mode I use. If it was JUST about making a QSO, then PSK31 would be all I needed. But, it's about what you feel like using at the time... and variety adds to the spice of life in that case.
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  3. NN2X

    NN2X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Well, the magic here is the fact you can have a QSO while decoding -24 dB below the noise floor. No other modes can even come close. This is not just another digital mode!

    While the band conditions are what they are this helps with DX. Yes FT8 ,JT 65 all can do the same but only exchanging signal reports

    FT8CALL gives the Ham operators a 10 wpm to 15 WPM typing speed. At -24 dB decoding ability.

    C U on the bands. NN2X
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  4. K3KIC

    K3KIC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Occasionally I see PSK31 traffic on my waterfall. In weeks of looking I've seen one Olivia QSO and that didn't decode. Other digital modes other than FT8 I haven't seen. If virtually no one is using some of the older modes what does it matter? Especially if frequencies are chosen to avoid potential conflict.
  5. K3KIC

    K3KIC Ham Member QRZ Page

    And error free.
  6. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    If you can have QSOS with the other modes, the -24db becomes academic.... especially if you use a narrow filter to decode the other modes. Then, there may not be a whole lot of difference between -24db in 2.5 KHZ and -10db in 100 Hz
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  7. NN2X

    NN2X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I love Olivia actually, especially the 500/8 flavor, which works at 30 wpm, the issue is -13dB is its threshold to decode, and it seems another 11 dB advantage does the trick for DX.

    Truth be told, I rather be on 10 meters SSB, when the band conditions were great, we just don't have that today...

    Cheers, NN2X, Tom
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  8. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    That's what I'm saying. Center on that signal. Narrow the filters so you cut out everything but that signal. There's your 10db
  9. NN2X

    NN2X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Just to be clear, to obtain the -13dB, decoding threshold for Olivia 500/8, the Ham operator has to adjust the filters on his / her transceiver to be close at 500HZ, otherwise you will not obtain -13db threshold. For example if the filters are lets say 2.4Khz, you will loose the ability to decode at -13db below the noise floor. (For this example)

    This goes for any mode to be honest, less noise (Bandwidth) the better, but it can not be smaller the modulated carrier.
  10. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Not saying you're wrong, but you might want to check that. That would make it WORSE than PSK31. At least the numbers I've seen show PSK31 to be at -10db with a 2.5KHz bandwidth and show Olivia to be -13
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