A NEW FT8 with QSO and Rag Chew capabilities called FT8CALL

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by NN2X, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. W0PV

    W0PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Right Walt. I am monitoring 14080 kHz and have seen up to 3-4 RTTY contesters running CQ and at least that many or more FT8CALL users, some even landing between Baudot mark and space carriers. And I am copying everyone's text at the same time using DM780 for RTTY and FT8CALL simultaneously on the same PC, same sound-card. See screen shot below,


    TIP to dynamic shared band plan skeptics - turn the speaker volume way down / off ;)
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  2. W0PV

    W0PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Meanwhile with 100w and a low dipole wire I'm quickly in-the-log and watching TX5T work their pile-up on 14090 kHz using WSJT-X DXpedition Fox -Hound FT8 sub-mode. Also sharing the USB pass-band with occasional RTTY signals.

    I have seen them xmitting up to 5 simultaneous data streams per cycle achieving a HUGE QSO RATE - peaking nearly 10 Q's per minute, 600 / hour. :eek: WHEW!

    Not an event for chewing rag. Always use the right tool for the job at hand. :cool:
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  3. K8XG

    K8XG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    That is not the problem, I observed FT8 modulation interfering with the RTTY decoding even as far as 400hz away . Of course FT8 isnt going to be bothered by the RTTY but doing that may have interfered with the RTYY folks decode, even if you were still able to decode it.

    See my Friday post about it with screen shot. FT8call is great when not around PSK,MFSK, or RTTY modes.
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  4. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    I find it amusing that a ham is telling me I can't pursue my hobby because he thinks his take on the hobby is better.

    Evolve, you say? You mean like get a satellite phone and stop pretending that you're all that stands between your neighborhood and anarchy?

    My hobby doesn't revolve around disaster scenarios and it certainly doesn't revolve around what I can do with 1 watt. My daughter's radio mounted in her baby stroller is capable of putting out 100w for hours. I don't have to pretend I'm going to be in a situation where I only have qrp levels to work with.

    Yeah, I get it. You haven't learned how to share and you think forcing others out of their hobby is a clear sign you're better. What's funny is that it's not even something you've done yourself. It's something someone else created and you're still all gungho with forcing everyone else out of their hobby.

    I just think it's over compensation for a certain lack somewhere else
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  5. K7JNT

    K7JNT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good grief, pure hyperbole on your part. I see nowhere anyone is saying you cannot pursue your hobby. But from your very own repeated complaints in this thread, you are expecting the city to stay out of the park playground so you can play your own game there with just a couple of your friends, all because you were there first.

    An ad hominem attack? Seriously? How old are you? Honest question.
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  6. W0PV

    W0PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Perhaps consider what you observed may have indicated a problem at and with the receiver configuration of that particular station trying to decode the RTTY.

    Again, as seen in my screenshot, at this QTH there was no problem decoding RTTY and FT8CALL simultaneously at a wide range of signal levels and within a few tens of Hz of each other in the 14080 kHz USB window. FT8CALL'ers were rag-chewing and RTTY contest CQ runners were taking calls and racking up points.

    Similar results were observed later in the 14090 kHz USB window with WSJT-X as TX5T ran FT8 DXped mode; RTTY and FT8 signals commingled and everybody was making QSO's. In the case of the DX Fox, lots and lots of QSO's very rapidly. :D
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  7. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    About half the posts in this thread have been about how they should push us out of our spots, how it's evolution, etc....including that post. Thankfully, the creator of this variation is willing to be respectful of others and work to share bandwidth, choose frequencies that won't interfere with others, etc. but that has NOT been the sentiment of a vocal portion of the discussion. I could go back and quote...including that post, but I suspect if you didn't see it, you're trying hard not to and my quoting would be of no use.

    FT8 has its own frequencies, JT65 does, JT9 does and WSPR does. FT8CALL will when it's finalized. There's no reason the JT modes should be the only ones allowed to have their calling frequencies. You, and others, seem to think that you can't have any space unless you're forcing others out and that is patently untrue. You want to ask my age and I find that comical considering this bully attitude trying to "replace" others in the hobby and what they do. They're over compensating for something. They didn't even have a hand in creating the mode
  8. K7JNT

    K7JNT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm out, it's like trying to have a conversation with a skipping record.

    Justin, I commend you for creating something extremely innovative and advancing the technology of ham radio. Don't let the Negative Nancys, or in this case, Negative NO2Ys, dissuade or suck the life out of you. Peace, all.
  9. NN2X

    NN2X Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    You got my vote! I agree, just another great mode that only takes up 50 hz per TX...at 10 WPM...and able to decode at -24 dB below the noise floor!

    This is a great time...I worked plenty of folks on FT8CALL and the features are really neat, especially working directly to the ham you desire, (On the right side of the window...Just super feature, along with ALLCALL? (That is super, tells how propagation right on the spot..)

    I just wish anyone had commented on this mode, had tried it...This reminds me of Ham operators sending a review on eham without ever owning that particular equipment.

    C U on FT8CALL! Cheers Tom NN2X
  10. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Ah yes.... everyone is negative who doesn't think the JT modes should be the only ones who get frequencies. Shame on us

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