A NEW FT8 with QSO and Rag Chew capabilities called FT8CALL

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by NN2X, Aug 12, 2018.

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  1. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    Exactly. Even more reason it should get its own frequencies . It cannot share. It will simply crowd out whatever is there
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  2. KC8DE

    KC8DE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Refusing to make an easy frequency change to "play nice" will create a problem that has no reason to exist and cause a tragedy of the commons. I happen to enjoy PSK31 (it's faster) and don't really appreciate a new mode just stomping on top of the meeting frequency for absolutely no reason.
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  3. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    and it's not like these frequencies aren't in use. I just got home, tuned in 3.580 the first thing and this is what I got:


    These frequencies ARE in use. This is just an attempt to infringe upon other people's use of the bands when other frequencies can be chosen
  4. KN4CRD

    KN4CRD Ham Member QRZ Page

    As I've said many times, I'm flexible to change the frequency and am open to any suggested alternatives. The mode is still in development and we can adjust it at any time.

    Let me know if you have any ideas for a better set of frequencies to use.
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  5. NN2X

    NN2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    PSK31 works on 14.070...FT8 works on 14.074 and now FT8CALL on 14.080

    The FT8 and FT8CALL uses 50HZ, really to small to worry about...Even CW uses about 150HZ...(At best)

    I like PSK31 as well, but I like FT8CALL as it works -24dB, so hence easy DX with a QSO (OK 10WPM) but something...

    I don't get the bandwidth issue, as the occupied bandwidth is simply to small to fuss about. ...As stated before, SSB uses 2.4Khz, you can have 50 TX carriers for FT8CALL...All good.

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  6. W4PG

    W4PG Super Moderator Lifetime Member 279 Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber Life Member QRZ Page

    There is a reason rigs have a VFO. Use it and tune around. Good grief.
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  7. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK.....then for 160M since 1.838-1.840 is pretty well taken, why not go for 1.834?
    80m - why not 3.576? It's in between everything
    20m - 14.090?
    15m - 21.100?
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  8. NO2Y

    NO2Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    The thing is, 14.080 is RTTY. In a contest, they spread out...sure, but in day to day, that's the frequency you go to for RTTY. 50Hz may be too small to worry about on its own, but when you have 20 signals, it takes over the entire frequency. It can't share another frequency with a mode because FT8 is too popular. You may be ready to trade it in, but people do enjoy it and aren't willing to do so.
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  9. KC8DE

    KC8DE Ham Member QRZ Page

    The entire point of calling frequencies is so users of a given mode can find each other. Saying, "Use the VFO" defeats the entire point. How well would FT8 work if there were no established frequencies to find other FT8 users? Why don't you just use your VFO?

    Would you tell people on 14.300, the Maritime Mobile Network frequency to "use their VFO"?

    Nobody is saying FT8Call is bad. I think it's a cool idea. It should just co-exist with the other modes, which is incredibly easy if the dev just picks unique default frequencies. There's room for everybody, no reason to stomp on others.
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  10. KN4CRD

    KN4CRD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thank you for the suggestions. I appreciate it.

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