A British Court ruled Sealand is out of it\'s jurisdiction

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Oct 31, 2000.

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    JT, 1SL1J writes "Thanks for your input on the matter. It is appreciated. I was already aware that the US does not consider Sealand a state. But I must state that even a British Court ruled that Sealand was out of it's "jurisdiction".

    Therefore Sealand does have the right to claim it is not a part of Englad or the U.K. If it is not a part of the UK then is it in International Waters? Remember that as far as DXCC is concerned their is a section for Special entitys. Take for example 4u1itu. Correct me if I am wrong but 4u1itu is actually a room at the ITU HQ in Geneva.. No land mass. I could be mistaken there. For those listening to the debate..do the research and decide for yourself as to wether or not you are going to want a QSO with Sealand. When the dust settles if bodies such as the IARU or ITU do not allow a prefix for Sealand, I hope you work me with a maritime mobile designation...and no Sealand is not mobile. 73 and thanks again for any input. JT 1SL1J"
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