900 MHz Radios & Mods

Discussion in 'Radio Circuits, Repair & Performance' started by KB9MWR, Sep 12, 2004.

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  1. KB9MWR

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    What's 900 MHz like?
    It's pretty similar to 440 MHz in terms of local propagation and in some ways better.. A lot of hams actually have some experience in nearby spectrum 800-MHz cell phones. That and monitoring 800-MHz trunked public-safety radio. You get the expected faster mobile flutter on noisy signals (just as 440 is faster than 2 meters). Multipath propagation is much more pronounced on this band than 440. This is where a RF signal can take different paths when propagating from a source to a destination. Objects that get in the way, cause the signal to bounce in different directions. Not necessarily a disadvantage! Simplex may be pretty pathetic. However, if you can get a repeater up in the air with a good antenna and feedline, it’s going to work quite well.

    Capable Radios/Equipment
    These radios are capable of 900 MHz ham opperations after modification:
    Motorola Maxtrac Mobile, Motorola GTX900 Mobile, MTX-900 Motorola HT, MTX-9000 Morotala HT, Motorola MCS2000 Mobile, Kenwood TK941 Mobile, Kenwood TK931 Mobile, DEMI Transverter, and more..

    For a futher overview of how and other relevant files and links:

    Looking for further notes/comments on whats involved in getting radios to play on the 900 MHz ham band.

    900 MHz Discussion Lists
    This listserv is used to further experimentation and utilization of the 902-928Mhz amateur radio spectrum using voice and data communications.Please limit your posts to information relating to these subjects ONLY. Want and For-Sale ads allowed. Do not post EBAY links. Do NOT list non-900Mhz applicable items.

    For those interested in utilizing the 900 Mhz amateur radio band. This group is here to discuss modification of commercial radio gear to amateur radio use, repeater construction for 900 Mhz, and other related topics relating to the 900 Mhz amateur radio band.

    33cm is a mailing list reflector devoted to the discussion of the 33cm amateur band.
    * DX and Weak Signals, Current Propagation, Activities on 33cm, Anything 33cm Related

    900 MHz Data Applications
    Hacking the origional 900 MHz waveLAN
    For use as a part 97 high speed data link:
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