818nd Rig Control Ubuntu

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by K9ARI, Nov 14, 2021.

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  1. K9ARI

    K9ARI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thought I would see if I could get my 818nd set up on Ubuntu with FLDIGI. At least the Rig Control part.
    I have a pretty old Keyspan serial to usb adapter (for the mac).
    Plugged it in, modprobe usbserial
    and it *seems* to be workking.
    no dice on fldigi.

    I am trying to simply things as much as possible to isolate if the Keyspan is actually working.
    In the terminal, I set and checked the baud rate (using stty) to 38400
    and then tried using "echo 4447000001 > /dev/ttyUSB0" to send a five-byte block to the rig via the terminal.
    I have no idea what format the block is supposed to be or if I can even simply send a command this way and expect the 818 to receive it.
    I've tried a number of different formats with slashes, 0x00, quotations, etc.

    Anyone know if this is possible and what format the rig wants to see?


    Oh, also, can I just plug the cable from ttyUSB0 to ttyUSB1 and test the keyspan that way?

  2. WS9K

    WS9K Ham Member QRZ Page

    I dislike windows OS, and much prefer LINUX.

    . . . . .except when playing ham radio, in ham radio your blood pressure will be much lower by simply using windows

    Years ago, I was able to get my Kenwood 590 to work FLDIGI on Linux, or CQRLOG, but never got them to work at the same time.

    eventually, I got a win7 machine and was able to easily runs lots of different programs for radio.
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  3. K6CLS

    K6CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    ="KJ7VAB, post: 6018729, member: 1025270"]what format the rig wants to see?[/QUOTE]

    You ought to read the manual. I remember that Yaesu CAT wants packed BCD for frequency. Can't easily do that with straight ASCII. Look at rigctl and rigctld if you want to enter commands from a terminal.
  4. K9ARI

    K9ARI Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yeah, there's not a lot written in my manual. Just a couple of paragraphs on how the values need to organized. The format is: "All CAT data values are hexadecimal"
    and then a chart with all 17 commands laid out.

    I tried using the Hamlib section in FLDIGI but it never connected. Seems like there's issues with the 818 not working even if the 817 is.

    Not sure which issue I'm fighting, the rig, the software or the adapter.

  5. K6CLS

    K6CLS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Oh man, yeah, fighting all of that. I apologize for my incomplete advice.

    I have had success with rigctl via Hamlib to talk Yaesu CAT protocol. Maybe that would work for you?

    If you are a coder it's easy enough to dig in to the details. My FT847 and FT736 manuals specify the CAT protocol in detail. The FT818 is the same.

    Frankly, Yaesu and Icom missed the fundamental rule, make the protocol human readable. Kenwood (TS480) is perfect. Elecraft's serial protocol is just f ing inhumane.
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  6. WA9UAA

    WA9UAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    Try FLRIG as a companion to FLDIGI. If the radio is listed in the FLRIG configuration list and the port number and baud rate are setup correctly you should be in business. Start FLRIG first and then FLDIGI. FLRIG can be used to control keying for FLDIGI as well.
    I have just been through this and settled on UBUNTU. There are three commands needed on the first boot and are done from the terminal, they are "adduser <your user name> netdev" followed by "adduser <your user name> audio" and finally
    "adduser <your user name> dialout". I used pulse audio and pull up it's control panel while setting up my audio levels. The commands done in the terminal are very grammar and syntax specific, some searching will get you on the right path. hth
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  7. K9ARI

    K9ARI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I added myself to the dialout. I'll look at the other 2.
    I'll look into the FLRIG. So... is that a separate package that was installed with FLDIGI or do I need to track it down?
    How do you know which port number to use?
  8. K9ARI

    K9ARI Ham Member QRZ Page is the default...
  9. WA9UAA

    WA9UAA Ham Member QRZ Page

    FLRIG and FLDIGI are usually found together as they were written by the same group/ person. It is a separate download. I use the package manager that downloads all the dependencies and installs the software. You'll have to figure out what physical port on the machine corresponds to a port number; although, this port has popped up in the config/ transceiver menu on FLRIG when I go to select the port so hunting it down becomes a moot point if your radio is listed in the menu. I am running an old ACER Vertion and triple booting WIN 7, UBUNTU and Mint. Mint is easy to configure but keeps locking up, the UBUNTU runs well and probably has more support. HTH
  10. K9ARI

    K9ARI Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got FLRIG up and running. No luck so far. The 817 is the only pull down menu option. I read on one site that there was potentially some major issues with the 818 vs the 817. One person went with the 847 profile. I'll keep at it, but I'm not sure how to track down which Port and Address to use aside from the default.

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