80 Meter Mobile Recommendations Sought

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio' started by W8DVE, Jul 4, 2019.

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  1. N3UML

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    Hi Dave a couple combinations I've used in the past I have been operating an icon 706 mk 2 yep the same radio for 22 years antenna combinations with it have been a Hustler 54 inch mast non folding cause the folding ones lose there connectivity after a while with a couple different configurations first a trip resonator adapter by Hustler with 3 resonates always worked well also I machined a piece of aluminum for four resonators on a slight angle around the outside plus one in the middle straight up this gives you 5 different bands with Hustler resonators take your time and tune and check all bands on a desired frequency then tune and recheck a few times cause lengthening or shortening one or more will change every band also you may add a at 180 icom tuner with either of these configurations will help. But my latest setup is the same 706 mk 2 with a diamond screwdriver and target tuner available at dx engineering and I'm here to tell you it's an unbeatable combination you can successfully tune 15 through 80 with phenominal results with 200 presets on the tuner tune the radio and the tuner automatically tunes the screwdriver anywhere you want just by keying the mic on am till it locks on very easy to learn and use I have worked Spain and Greece on 75/80 meters with 80 watts mobile near Pittsburgh PA now I'll tell you be ready to pony up almost 700 dollars but I'm running it daily making contacts on 20/40/75/80 into Europe us and Canada and occasionally s America and the bands aren't the best but. Boy I can't wait till things get better cause I can only imagine the sky's the limit when the bands are good also they give you a second antenna rod that's shorter for working 10 thought I believe 40 and maybe even 6 I'm not sure I'm thinking about adding a switch and another screwdriver for working the higher frequency's after I experiment on the other bands I'll post an update happy fixing Allan n3uml
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  2. W8DVE

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    Thank you for great detailed experience!
    Dave W8DVE
  3. K9PHT

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    I have good luck with my Little Tarheel II Mobile Antenna Rated at 200WATTs and tunes from 6 thru 80 meters... I have it mounted on the side rail of my truck bed as shown here in this photo. This antenna is remote tuned with switch inside my truck... 80/40 meters are my favorite bands...

    I have two other VHF Antennas mounted on the two rear doors that will swing out when opened... My Ham Radio is the ICOM IC-706MKII... I also have a Kenwood TM-V708A Dual band Radio...



    Roy's images

    Works great for me...

    Roy Ken
  4. AJ1G

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    Although I agree that on 80/75 and other bands as well that bigger is better, don’t disregard using a Hamstick! Their efficiency may be down, from what I have read, nominally 6 dB from a screwdriver, but that’s only one S unit! I have been running Hamsticks for nearly 20 years, worked all over the world with them mainly on 40 and 20. I never was impressed with them for 75 meters, was always weak when trying to work local stations. The main reason for that is a vertical mobile whip radiates very little energy at the higher propagation angles associated with short haul communications. They, as I have found out recently, do radiate much better at the low angles involved when working long haul DX. Especially when shoreside within a few yards to a long reach of salt water in the direction of the DX, I have had, over the last few months, a large number of successful DX QSOs to Europe, South America, and Australia (both short and long path) and in the 80/75 meter SSB window with many respectable reports. Large shopping center parking lots also seem to be effective low band mobile DX hotspots, even at far inland locations. The near now universal use of LED lighting vice the previous gas discharge lights has virtually eliminated the previously very high noise levels in the parking lots. Just before I started typing this, I worked a German station in the 75/80 meter DX window and received a 59+10 dB report., while operating from a shopping center parking lot at least a mile inland from the ocean in Old Saybrook CT using a roof mounted stick and 100 watts from an Icom 7100.

    I think a lot of the good results I have had using the Hamsticks is attributable to keeping the entire antenna as high and in the clear as possible. The picture below shows a 75 meter stick installed on our 2017 Volvo XC60 SUV roof. The maximum antenna height above pavement is just shy of 13.5 feet. At that height, it does occasionally bonk a few low lying tree branches, but I’ve only broken one stick in nearly 20 years using similar installations on other vehicles. The break occurred when I had a brain fart and backed under a very bushy apple tree.

    I am going to start bringing a large and even taller Texas bug catcher antenna along with me, and installing it only when parked. It will be interesting to see it works the DX on 75/80.

    73 de Chris AJ1G Stonington CT 5C516353-9C7A-49F1-A3F7-C54AF567B39A.jpeg
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  5. W8DVE

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    wow, excellent information thank you!!
    Dave W8DVE
  6. AJ1G

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    Quick update on recent 75 meter DX window operation..on this past Thursday Jan 31st, while operating from that same Old Saybrook CT parking lot at around local sunset here, Peter VK6APZ in Western Australia was booming in 0n 3790 kHz, gave him a quick call and he came right back, I was 55 solid copy down there on the long path gray line. I've worked him several times before 75 on the long path but only
    from shoreside. Other stations were working him at much more respectable S levels, and everyone was commenting that the conditions that night were unusually good.
  7. W8DVE

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