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7Q7RU Malawi DXpedition - November 2020

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by NT2X, Nov 4, 2020.

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  1. NT2X

    NT2X Ham Member QRZ Page


    For 2 weeks in November 2020, 7Q7RU DXpedition will be operating from Malawi, Africa. DXpedition team consists of Vasily, RA1ZZ, Vasily, R7AL; Liliya, EW7L; Alexey, RZ3K and Vladimir, R9LR. They will be flying out of Moscow on November 5. More operators may possibly join the crew. 7Q7RU will be active on all bands, with special attention given to 160, 80, WARC and 6 meters.. Satellite activity is also planned.

    QSLing is via R7AL

    Special QSL to be issued, listing DXpedition supporters.

    The team has enough equipment, antennas and operating experience to attain every goal they set for themselves.

    Top Ten of the world wide operators who make most 7Q7RU contacts, on different bands and modes, will be awarded memorial plaques (mailed to the winners at no charge).

    DXpedition pilots are Ed, NT2X and Victor, UA3AKO

    There is still time to join the team or offer your support. Contact DXpedition co- leaders Vasily, R7AL & Vasily, RA1ZZ for more information.

    Detailed information can be found at

    C U on the air!

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  2. NT2X

    NT2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    Win your free plaque for 7Q7RU contacts


    Those who attain the Top Ten status would receive their plaques free of charge (based on the Clublog score).

    There will also be another type of plaque issued, for making 3 contacts with 7Q7RU. Fee applies.


    More information is available here

    73, Ed/NT2X
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  3. NT2X

    NT2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    The team is currently on their way. I have a number of pictures to post here and will be doing when new images come out. This trip may not be as complex as a trip to some rarest, hard to reach spots, but consider this: it's an international expedition at the time of COVID.

    7Q7RU team.jpg
    The entire team

    Its members are traveling to an African country at the time when most people are staying home. Of course every reasonable precaution had been taken, but there are still risks involved.

    Departure at Vnukovo airport, Russia.jpg
    Departure from Vnukovo airport (near Moscow), Russia

    Too many things can go wrong before they reach their final destination. These days air travel can become a very complicated affair not only because there are fewer flights, but because the airlines are instituting their own travel restrictions, instill weight limitations, demand COVID test results which they may or may not accept.

    Vlad R9LR cargo photo_2020-11-04_22-36-28.jpg
    Vlad's, R9LR, share of the luggage

    In a way these people are heroes and we should support them and work them everywhere we can. They could have easily stayed home and worry about nothing. But the opposite is true. With a bit of luck, they will soon be on the air.

    flight our of Vnukovo.jpg
    A flight Vnukovo, Russia - Istanbul, Turkey

    Istambul airport, empty spaces.jpg
    "Busy" Istanbul airport, Nov 5, 2020. It was bustling with activity when I was there a year ago

    On the way to Nairobi.jpg
    On the way to Nairobi. At this time, they made OK it to Nairobi, Kenya

    73, Ed/NT2X
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  4. NT2X

    NT2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    DXpedition update as of November 15, 2020:

    Below please find the current log totals as of November 14. They seems to be doing OK


    Hams in Europe and South America report openings on 28 and 24 MHz into the same geographical areas of Africa (Z81, 3B8) as 7Q, so this information is being passed to the team. Are we going to get lucky, too?

    North American stations find it easy to work them on 14/21 MHz. NA on 40 meters is louder closer to 00Z. If you still need them there, give it a try

    7q7ru position photo_2020-11-13_14-13-04.jpg
    One of the two 7Q7RU operating positions

    Great opening on 40m, 7185.00 last night (poor choice of TX frequency though, with a net underneath)

    Too many policemen around on most DXpedition frequencies. Please don't react to their disruptive behavior at all. Just ignore them.

    There are a total of 4 stations going on different band/modes, from 2 separate shacks. They try to keep all stations on the air at all times

    sat sta photo_2020-11-13_19-35-24.jpg
    Satellite operation

    At the moment they are working all they can, given propagation openings on given bands. NA - your observations re openings here - please pass them here and I will relay for them to listen for North American stations. Please don't make demands for specific bands and modes that YOU NEED - too much of that already. But feeding them optimum times into the parts of USA and Canada, and band openings alerts would probably do the trick.

    17 m antenna install photo_2020-11-14_14-50-01.jpg
    17 m vertical being raised

    The stations are on particular bands given what is open at the moment, to make most contacts - when electrical power is available. Ops are also busy with antenna installations as well. Not everything is going as planned

    sat photo_2020-11-15_13-14-22.jpg
    Another sat antenna

    The team struggles with high noise on 80/160, periodic electrical power shut-downs of unknown duration. Better antennas are being installed to give these bands improved RX. Please be patient, they are trying to improve their operating capabilities

    Good luck to all!

    73, Ed/NT2X
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  5. NT2X

    NT2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    7Q7RU at this very moment is on satellite 10489670.0 MHz, QO-100
    Catch them if you can

    73, Ed/NT2X
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2020
  6. NT2X

    NT2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    7Q7RU DXpedition had modified its original departure date. They are now expected to QRT Nov 25 or 26, perhaps even later, to stay through CQ WW CW. How much longer will the operation continue depends on multiple factors, yet to be determined.

    Work them while you can.

    I believe the new 'low bands' position had been set us away from the RF noise pollution in the village where they stay. Good chance for 80 and 160 m QSOs becomes reality.

    5 MHz/60 meter operation is also being looked into, their license permit that. So hopefully that happens also.

    Good luck to all

    73, Ed/NT2X
  7. NT2X

    NT2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    Nov 17 is the first time they were active on 5 MHz. 7Q-crew tonight were provided with USA 5 MHz channel information for CW, Digital and USB - think they were unaware of our allocations. Lets hope now they start paying attention to propagation to NA on this band and operate on correct channels.

    Good luck to all

    73, Ed/NT2X
  8. W0PV

    W0PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Here' a list of USA call signs recorded here making successful QSO's with 7Q7RU on 60m last night.


    Unfortunately, these were all on 5354 Khz USB, not a 60m band frequency authorized by the FCC for use in the USA. :( Many others were also seen calling out-of-band without a response.

    That frequency is in the IARU band plan and perhaps adopted for use by other countries. Many DX were calling.

    Were these USA hams naive of the FCC rules, confused by the pileup, or just tryin' to be sneaky? :rolleyes:

    Hopefully there isn't any blowback from NTIA or other gov't shared band users.

    Perhaps the DX'ped could move FT8 to a USA frequency, or do SSB/CW split.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2020
  9. NT2X

    NT2X Ham Member QRZ Page

    7Q7 ops now know the US 5 MHz slots - both CW, USB, FT8/digi, the information was provided to them. Whenever possible, they were asked to accommodate the US hams. I think the above guys just jumped to work the DXpedition without verifying if they can be there. I wouldn't have posted their calls here, but wrote to them privately, advising them of their error. Will advise the DXpedition ops once more on the 5 MHz issues, but there is nothing they can do if people mess up

    73, Ed/NT2X
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  10. W0PV

    W0PV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Ed,

    In general I have great respect for the RRC group, and this 7Q operation is doing well. Congrats on your very well done OP introduction for this thread too

    Also, many thanks for appraising them on the 60m issue. Although IMO they may share the tinyiest bit of responsiblity, not being better prepped for 60m to recognize varying international regulatory issues.

    Chasing DX can stir up an aggressive drive. We just have to decide what to do with it. Leaderboards, "bingo boxes, awards, etc etc etc. Nothing wrong with that, its what can make it fun. But for that to be meaningful rules need to be respected, at least as seen in public. :rolleyes:

    We agree - aggressiveness without discipline can lead to sloppiness errors. But also a darker attitude of "better to beg forgiveness later then ask for permission before". Many in the list are prominent experienced DX'ers and/or often seen on 60 meters. There ought to be little doubt they knew what they were doing. Some others may have been mislead by them and just "followed the herd" which is a different problem. Even my finger hovered over the mouse button, but I chose not to click it. :p

    There were many attempts to alert and warn in real-time of the misoperating. Comments on DX Cluster spots indicated they were on a non-USA 60m frequency. Also there were UNID FT8 free text messages frequently xmitted on various slots within the channel for all to see (if paying attention), examples,

    201118_012145 5.354 Rx FT8 2 -0.1 1101 PSE 5357 USA
    201118_011945 5.354 Rx FT8 8 -0.2 1825 PSE 5357 4 US
    201118_022415 5.354 Rx FT8 25 0.0 1131 PSE 5357 4 NA
    201118_022715 5.354 Rx FT8 -6 0.1 602 7Q7RU PSE5357

    So another suggestion - restore the integrity of the 7Q7RU log by purging invalid 60m out-of-band USA (or other) QSO's from it ASAP, including those already uploaded to the database on ClubLog.

    73, John, WØPV

    PS - Don't take me wrong, I'm not trying be a DX ogre or preach, I have "been there done that" having been cited by an OO for allegedly xmiting out-of-band during SSB contesting, at the top edge of 20m. :eek:

    Last edited: Nov 19, 2020
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