5th-Gen Subaru Outback - Need some Ideas

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by W8ZZX, May 27, 2021.

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  1. W8ZZX

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    I've just replaced my venerable old Prius with a new-ish 2018 Subaru Outback Limited, with all sorts of bells & whistles, but not a lot of space for hiding my rig. I'm trying to sort out a place to hide away the chassis of my Icom 706mkIIg and my LDG IT-100 tuner.

    Ordinarily I'd stuff 'em under the front passenger seat and call it good, however, this car has the power passenger seat, so there's not any room under there for chassis-stashing, and the 13' umbilical cable isn't nearly long enough for me to hide the chassis in the spare tire well in the back and reach the faceplate in the front of the vehicle... Anyone got a '14-'19 Outback here, and have any experience, ideas, flashes of genius, or nuggets of inspiration I might take advantage of?

    As for antennas, I've already got that sorted; I modified my two K400 mounts to bolt onto my Prinsu roof rack, and regrounded that to the body & chassis.

    Thanks in advance & 73,
    Dave W8ZZX
  2. N0TZU

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    I have a 2017 Outback and you’re right there’s not much room for a radio, as in most cars these days. Make it fit under the front seats somehow, or in the rear are the only options as you’ve discovered. There also isn’t a lot of room in the spare tire area, unless you take the spare out (and no airflow to speak of).

    Have you considered a box for the radios to sit in the cargo area against the seat? The separation cable might be just long enough in that case without an extension especially if you run it under the carpeting

    I’m not familiar with the separation cable for that radio but usually they are just an RJ type plug and stranded Ethernet type cable so hopefully it wouldn’t be too difficult to make a longer one or an extension.

    Or just buy a one to one Ethernet patch cable, unshielded or shielded, if the size of the connector is the same as what is on the radio. They are not expensive.
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  3. W8ZZX

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    Sadly, that's not the case with the 706; the separation cable has proprietary connectors on both ends that mimic the 8-pin bayonet connectors on the chassis and faceplate.

    ISTR an adaptor set that some enterprising ham made and sold, once upon a time, that allowed using a standard Cat6 cable to work with various Icom rigs by adapting the iCom connectors to RJ45 connectors, but I've never heard anyone reviewing how well (or otherwise) they worked... Maybe I'll need to dig deeper on that score.

    Once upon a time there was a longer cable that Icom made, the OPC-587 sixteen-footer, but those are long out of production and pretty much unobtainable these days. Most reports I've read of people trying to extend the shorter OPC-581 cable that I have wind up ending in failure, for some reason or other, so I'm disinclined to go that route.

    Thanks for the box idea; Hadn't considered it. I'll ponder that further and see if it works into my car-camper layout plans. If I can get some carpeting that matches the Subaru interior, that'd help camouflage the enclosure and reduce the theft temptation.


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