5BDXCC Plaque: less than advertised

Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by W5MT, Apr 12, 2018.

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  1. K5WY

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    Would you send it to me too, please? My address is good on my profile page.
  2. W2SKI

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    73, Rich
  3. W5MT

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    Rich, I ordered the 6x6" tile from Zazzle and received it today. It's perfect (see attached photo); exactly like the earlier version that I had seen for years before I completed my 5B a couple of years ago and was sent the lousy, low/no contrast tile.

    Now I need to figure out how to remove the existing tile and replace with the new one. Have you done that? Any thoughts on how to remove it without damaging the wooden frame? I was thinking of scoring the old tile somehow and with a chisel, lightly trying to split it into a couple of pieces that would either lend themselves to easy removal, or at least give me a peek at what to do next. To install the new one should be simple enough. A fair sized dollop of RTV would probably work just fine, leaving the award flat until the RTV cured so the new tile stays centered in the frame.

    Thanks for sharing your artwork on Zazzle. Pricing was quite fair given the specific nature of the piece; lead time was also quite reasonable.


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  4. W2SKI

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    Hi Matt, looks great! I'm making mine from scratch, so no removal attempt here. I was thinking maybe drill a couple holes from the back of the plaque, around the edge of the tile and try to pop it out. It can't be held in with anything too strong. Secure new one with RTV or construction adhesive.

    73, Rich

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