#45 How to get the best microphone for your ham radio shack with Bob Heil

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by KM9G, May 26, 2020.

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  1. K8JHR

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  2. K8JHR

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    Paul said -- ... ]I can contribute a first-hand account of Heil's awareness of "phase" connections. He was staffing a display at the Dayton Hamvention some years ago (2007) ...


    YEP - I GOT THE SAME PITCH in 2008. It was sort of surreal because I was talking to Bob directly, but he was talking to me over the PA system, and mixing his sales pitch and demonstration of phase and proximity effect with what I was talking about, which was both annoying and a little creepy. He also claimed his microphones are better because they lack "proximity effect" which was in itself, misleading because EVERYONE KNOWS microphones with cardioid or figure-8 pick up patters usually have it, while omni directional microphones generally do not. Just more snake oil, I guess. (See white papers on the Shure and Neuman web sites about this.) A freind from NM too this photo of Bob working the PA and mixing his pitch with what he was saying to me, a strange brew indeed. K8JHR

    . Bob on PA Dayton 2008 166.jpg
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  3. K2BLU

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    This guy has totally lost it1 He is living in a out of phase universe! He sounds like crap...THIS is a SOUND MAN producing mics????? What a joke..
    His mics are way too costly and MOST sound like crap to anyone who can HEAR !!!!!
  4. W6UXB

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    How to destroy a good man with one thread! OK you don't like his microphones, move on! Is this the world we are living in now? Yes I get it, be nice and move on for F** S** wear your mask wash your hands!
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  5. IS0HXK

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    [ATTACH PASO - Copia.jpg =full]667755[/ATTACH]

    What else?
  6. AA5H

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  7. G4OBB

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    The audio is not a good advert of Heil.
    I have used ( and do use ) HC5 which is excellent.
    Shame they dont make them anymore. There is a company on ebay that sells Knowles capsules, which are identical in shape size and response, although I have not tried them.
    Evidentally the seller has dismantled one, and says they are built like a watch , and it's no wonder that heil could not afford to keep producing them
    I think the quality rather lacks on the newer Heil Mics. I had a Mic switch go Chintzy after not much use.
    I think the best way to improve audio is to set up on one of your local SDR radios on the web, set it to record, and then runthrough as many of your settings/ Mics as you wish.
    Then, listen to the record of the web SDR , and decide what works for you.
    Just Sayin'
    73 Des G4OBB
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  8. IS0HXK

    IS0HXK XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    True, the HC5 and HC4 are excellent mic elements
    I bought a Knowles 2390 on Ebay for a few euros (now they cost 33 euros), I'm using it and I can tell you that it is identical to the hc5.
    These Mic elements Knowles were used in RACAL military microphones in the 60s and 70s (at this point I wonder if the Knowles 2390 or HC5 was born first).
    Agree with you also on the way to test microphones.
    73 de IS0HXK Peppe
  9. W2OT

    W2OT Ham Member QRZ Page

    My hams are cheap a good 90%...from all the 53 yrs of hammimg I saw this..Ham usually start from the bottom up I ask my self why manytimes.
    Start with the best antenna you can buy,,,next the best brand ane cable ( how many use cheap RG 8x) , any tress around my wife wont let me put up
    a antenna or tower.......I can spend maybe 900.00 for a used rig..... People we are not a NOVICE OP....are we, please get out of that MODE.
    pick up the nanual of the new radio READ IT the whole thing.....Know what your buying dont guess what you think of the results...( I going to ask me buddy to help me set it up )
    get your own experiance find your own way LEARN, LEARN......BUILD SOME OF YOUR OWN....when I became a ham we had to learn to build our own & CODE
    Get to learn the CODE even if its 5 to 17 words a minute....These high end radio cost , are you going to be using all of then features in this expensive radio< ???
    NO I like the way the radio Looks ) I like my radiio staion to look like a BROADCAST STATION ".....and what does it sound like Broadcast <? do you
    know how to broadcast, so what is the AIM here tell me i like to get your professinal opinion........IF you SAy CB`er like communications Broadcast,
    PLEASE DONT ANSWER ME.....Tell me what you done inthe past to make Amateur Radio Better that 5 years or more......
    I await your rresponce I like to lear n more from you......BTW I havnt learned anything yet by BOB HEIL THE Engineer all hes doing is seeling cheaps mics.
  10. AA5H

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