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3D2CR - faking the Fox/Hound Ft8 mode?

Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by M0AGP, Sep 20, 2021.

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  1. M0AGP

    M0AGP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Many people have been getting signal reports but no RR73, so no QSO (NIL), even with very strong signal reports on both sides. Also very strange messages have been sent by 3D2CR like this:
    And in addition, nobody ever seems to be automatically pulled down in frequency or then get automatically moved up in frequency if they fail to complete (e.g. landing in the 800Hz area) as in normal operation of the software.

    Some normal RR73s are sent.

    I wonder if they ended up having technical issues and are just faking it?

    If anyone gets a signal report and then nothing, and is later unable to get any kind of report, it may be that they have been logged, so will be forever ignored by the software on that band. But your software won't log the QSO as there will be no RR73.

    In this case, anyone who gets a signal report should record it(screen grab or at least write down the QSO details) - as this should help you to try and claim a QSO later.

    There is no internet on Conway Reef so nobody can find out hat is going on there I guess!

    Good luck!
  2. M0AGP

    M0AGP Ham Member QRZ Page

    One further note - this is a one man operation and the guy is operating sometimes 4 parallel FT8 streams on two bands concurrently - he is probably finding it difficult, so full sympathy for the guy!
  3. NG1H

    NG1H XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    When I was watching the activity yesterday at my location the signal was quickly fading in and out. When it was "in" it was fairly strong but when it was out it was, well, out. Whenever it was steady I was seeing 3D2CR sending a lot of repeat RR73's. I waited until it was steady on my end for a couple of minutes before trying a QSO. They replied immediately and the QSO was complete with no repeats.

    It may be that you are experiencing that same fading on your end and just not seeing all of the transmissions. Also they were pretty low in the audio frequency. If your filter has some attenuation near the edges you could also be having problems decoding all the transmissions. Maybe try again with your main frequency lowered by 500 Hz. Just make sure that your calling AF is now above 1500Hz if you attempt a QSO.
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  4. M0AGP

    M0AGP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks but it was by no means just me - my DX club had many of the same observations. I'm using a 7300 with a wide passband but it is a good point you make about signals near the usual passband edges. There is a JTDX help file that suggests setting your passband from 500 - 2500Hz (from memory)! But there are people who operate above 3000Hz regularly, and who operate at 200HZ or even lower.
  5. N4UFO

    N4UFO Ham Member QRZ Page

    It has been suggested that the operations with no RR73 and/or other weird things was a pirate. One guy on eHam even suggested there was a pirate CQing as 3D2CR while stations were being worked. I don't know, could be some was a pirate, but I do know that the software will occasionally call CQ.

    Well, I don't know if we were not getting RR73s because of a software glitch, operator overload or simply because he never got our reports. So I reworked him the next day. I have QSOs now on 30, 20, 17 & 15m with RR73 responses. Instead of a screengrab, I simply went into the software files and cut & paste the appropriate lines out of a log file within the WSJT-X program. For me it is located in C: > Users > (myusername) > Appdata (hidden directory) > Local > WSJT-X > All.txt which you might be able to find with a file search. It's a HUGE file normally and may take a long time to search, but it saves all your screen info as you operate, both TX & RX. (I back mine up every few months and save elsewhere, so it's not so hard to open/search.) So I have 'captured' all my QSOs with RR73 and the 'near misses'... one of which is on 40m. Because wow... 40m last night was SO weird. He seemed to be having trouble hearing the majority of stations calling, but then he kept trying to answer one US station for OVER AN HOUR and that guy never seemed to hear him. When I e-mailed the guy to let him know, his response was that 3D2CR would answer and then prop would shift to EU. Not quite understanding that answer, but okay. I copied him most of the time as well, and I never saw him even try to send a signal report to 3D2CR.

    That said, I am probably going to have to work at 40m as the waterfall was all EU, then as EU faded due to daytime, it was already flooded with JA. And while I could hear MANY JA stations calling, 3D2CR was mostly calling CQ and answering few. I WONDER if he was experiencing a storm, some noise or something like that. I also wonder if he is going to try the rest of the bands... 80? 12? I saw that he has worked some 10, but only JA seemed to hear him.

    How fun is the chase?!!! Good luck to all!

    73, Kevin N4UFO
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  6. KE8KMX

    KE8KMX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I have worked him 15, 17 and 30m so far and I have gotten RR73 all three times.

    Gino KE8KMX
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  7. M0AGP

    M0AGP Ham Member QRZ Page

    I worked him on 40m with no issues. And the op seemed to be doing things normally (as in not giving out a series of signal reports over a period of a minute and then giving some of those people an RR73…) Hope the rest of the chase goes well for all!
  8. N4UFO

    N4UFO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I got a call in not long after he got on 40m and he replied, but alas, he never got my report and I never got an RR73. Tried for some time afterwards, but HUGE amount of signals from US and AS. Then I just watched for awhile and found an actual pirate:

    3D2CR pirate.jpg

    You see his two signals on the left and the pirate on the right calling CQ. Not sure how they think anyone is going to mistake him for the real deal. Stupid, I guess.

    Back to the chase!!!

    73 all, Kevin N4UFO
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  9. N4UFO

    N4UFO Ham Member QRZ Page

    And beware... I just watched the pirate signal work SEVERAL stations in Fox-Hound mode. Unless Dom figured out a way to hook up two stations on the same band and run them at once, I can't see it as legit. I did figure out why he is there about 600... He is right above where Dom's last signal would be. So when Dom is cranking on all 'channels' this one is right in line. BUT, the callsigns don't show up in any lower channel. The 'pirate signal' is working independently.

    multiple channels.jpg

    Edit: No way is this Dom... caught the pirates signal fading when Dom was still strong.

    3d2cr diff prop.jpg

    And it just occurred to me... if the pirate works someone, it's because the software picked it up and automatically went to it, not because the operator was duped. MAN, that's just insidious! :mad:
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2021
  10. G0OIL

    G0OIL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well, so far (QSOs on 15, 17, 30 and 40m) I seem to be getting RR73. There were some strange condx on 30m and 40m, though. I heard nothing but the usual Southern Europeans calling, calling, calling, then 3D2CR came up out of the noise on strong QSB for a couple of minutes just enough to work him, then he was gone - almost like a 6m Es opening. Credit to Dom for pulling my call out in that time. I owe him several beers by now.

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