Discussion in 'The DX Zone' started by K5WY, Apr 6, 2018.

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  1. KQ9J

    KQ9J Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Got them yesterday on 30 meters for an ATNO! Confirmed in ClubLog.

    I had turned the rig on just now, and it was still tuned to 10.115 and there was nothing at all to be heard. All of a sudden I heard the 3B7..loud....and stations started calling within seconds! There must be people just hanging out on their frequencies waiting! :D
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  2. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Congrats on the ATNO!

    Yep, people do hang out and listen on dxpedition frequencies quite often. I've done it sucessfully several times.. they'll call CQ.. and I've been in the log within a couple of stations. It doesn't last long as they are often quickly spotted and the hoard descends. If you start to figure out a pattern (around xyz time there's a good chance they'll start working here).. that helps in the guesswork.
  3. WA4BCS

    WA4BCS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Would be nice if they would work the General areas on SSB.
  4. WA8UEG

    WA8UEG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Think I got this one covered. 15, 12 & 10 are just dead here. No hope for those bands but have them on 80/40/30/20/17.
    160 meter antenna cam down this winter and won't get it back up for a few weeks.
  5. K4LRX

    K4LRX QRZ Member QRZ Page

    Seems like the dx Gods are not smiling my way for a 15 meter contact, miss them by an hour, or maybe half hour, we will keep checking and hoping...
  6. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    I heard them faintly once on 20 and maybe on 17 too.. but never remotely strong enough to make out any calls. I got them pretty easily on 80, 40 & 30. 3 QSO's, 3 modes. I would have like a 20 & 17 QSO but the propagation just wasn't there on those bands. I think they are pulling most of their operations now... I read they will leave one or two ops til Wednesday and then that's it. All in all, I'm happy to have the ATNO and happy to add another 80m country.
  7. WA8UEG

    WA8UEG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm really surprised, on 17 and 20 they are booming in here and were not that far apart. I get them 10 to 15 over from 3 to 5 or 6 PM
  8. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Me too! I had absolutely no problem whatsoever on 80,40 and 30. I guess the signal is landing somewhere else @ 14mhz. Looking at my log though.. I see mostly 40m/30m to that area. I see one QSO to Mauritius but that was several years ago during a better time of the solar cycle. Interesting how that all works..
  9. WA8UEG

    WA8UEG XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Anybody hear anything on being to upload contact info on OQRS? Shows all my contacts but QSL request is not there.
  10. KQ9J

    KQ9J Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    All it says on their website is that OQRS will be turned on after the dxpedition. Didn't say how long after :)

    I did find my Z60A card in the mailbox today so I'll have that ATNO to look at for a while.

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