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30 Meter Digital Group

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Clubs' started by KB9UMT, Oct 21, 2012.

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  1. KB9UMT

    KB9UMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    30 Meter Digital Group

    Group/Club created in November 2007 (now celebrating 5 yrs - Oct 27/28 2012 -30m Multi Mode Weekend)

    Group/Club membership: 6,000 members (118 DXCC)

    30mdg white back ground jpeg3.jpg

    30 Meter Awards Program - as of November 2012 over 32,000 Award Certificates issues - 30MDG Award Program is FREE, 30MDG Award Program uses a FREE software program to make this process easy to load your log/contacts on 30m and have fun working the band - software is Ultimate 30 (U30)

    For information on what and where on the 30 Meter Band please review the 30 Meter Band Utilization Chart (Courtesy of Ian G3NRW):

    General Information and Purpose:

    Our goal is to promote the use of digital modes on the 30 meter band and awareness on how great this band is - plus
    provide place for like minded operators with the same interests.

    We will promote awareness of this unique HF band where many have called 'the best kept secret' in Ham Radio and encourage good
    digital operating practices, the use of different digital modes, experimenting, known weekly or monthly activities, skeds/spots,
    antennas, propagation for 30 meters.

    There is no HF band in our minds, better to support and promote, than 30 meters - which in the U.S. is the only LOW POWER,
    Digital ONLY, and NO CONTEST band. (note: this is a WARC band so we do not promote contests on 30 meters - this
    group/members would NOT participate if this idea is ever suggested - again NO CONTESTS but we will promote activity)

    Why Join ?

    Why not join? If you have never used 30 meters or digital modes you are in for a lot of fun with some great ops on this band.
    Oh yes, it's also FREE to join 30MDG!

    If you have and do use 30 meters and digital modes, then this can only add to a band you already know is a great band to work plus
    have an added advantage of participating with others of like interests.

    Some other reasons to join this Group:
    It is FREE! This site is supported by donations only, no Group fees, no hoops to jump - join and have fun on the band.

    If you have never explored or used 30 Meters then there is no better time than now to explore - this group is dedicated to the
    30 Meter Digital band.

    If you are a seasoned Digital Mode Operator using other bands like 20 or 40 meters and are looking for a virtually under used band
    that has unique propagation qualities similar to both 20 and 40 Meters, then don't skip over 30 meters! You get the best of both
    bands here on 30 Meters, be it local propagation to World-Wide DX (it is open somewhere 24/7)

    New to digital modes? We are dedicated Digital Operators, so join, look around and ask questions- then get on the band!

    Not sure where to find 30 Meter Digital activity? This Group is dedicated to promoting and increasing digital activity on our digital
    only HF band ( U.S). There will be postings of known 30 Meter activities and events so please join in (if you tried in the past on 30
    Meters with little results on digital modes then please note, the band has increased in activity since 2007!)

    Don't like Contest Weekends, then join in on this NO CONTEST 30 Meter WARC band as there is plenty of room to have some
    very nice qso's/ragchews or work some DX while others are scrambling for a clear spot on other crowded bands with sometimes, poor
    operating practices.

    30 Meters ( in the U.S. and in some other Countries) is the only HF Digital ONLY band, so it certainly makes sense to use and promote
    digital activity on this Digital ONLY band.

    '30 Meters is the Energizer Bunny Band' - join in because this band just keeps going and going! 30 Meters is open somewhere
    and has propagation from local to World Wide DX - ALL stations are welcome.

    30mdg Gold World 10mhz.jpg

    ** Please remember, we are secondary users of the 30 Meter Band **

    We also support HamSpots(Courtesy of Laurie VK3AMA:
  2. KC2UGV

    KC2UGV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Excellent info!
  3. WH2HAO

    WH2HAO QRZ Moderator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm a member, but I never get a response, email, or any info from this group. It's very perplexing.. It's like a dead end club. What am I missing here. I do not recommend it unless they change their MO. Also, if you change your call sign due to an upgraded license or vanity etc, they erase all your data for awards and you have to start over again , WTF..
  4. KB9UMT

    KB9UMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi David WH2HAO,

    "I'm a member"

    Don't show WH2HAO as a 30MDG member - it appears you did apply under the call sign of W2HAO
    ...would be very interesting to see how your new call/GU would play out on the 30m Band and propagation so hope to see you on the band sometime (EU I'm sure would work you in any mode).

    ", but I never get a response, email, or any info from this group."

    Not many emails go out - maybe only a few a year to the whole membership on 30 Meter Event Weekends to promote the 30 Meter Band and use of digital modes so that is true but we do have a 30MDG Yahoo Forum/Reflector if you wish to participate there: But keep in mind most our participation is not by emails or the Internet but to actually get active on the 30 Meter Band (our main purpose).

    "It's very perplexing.. It's like a dead end club."

    Very perplexing if you are waiting for emails while others are participating on the air/band then it would be - not sure it is a dead club but for sure activity on the 30MDG Forum/Internet is down but the 30m band is alive and well but maybe dead if you are not participating or know where to find activity or know 30m propagation - 30m is open somewhere 24x7 just finding those active can be a challenge but then again some skip over 30m and like the 599 TU 73 same mode QSO's as found on 20m and 40m when 30m offers great propagation and some very good ops:

    "What am I missing here."

    A lot if you are not on the band participating - 30m a great band and very casual, it really is up to you if you participate or not.

    " I do not recommend it unless they change their MO."

    Everyone has an opinion and that is yours but not sure how you can not recommend something you have not participated in - have never seen the call of W2HAO or WH2HAO on the 30 Meter Band, never seen these calls SPOTTED on 30 Meters, don't show that you have participated in the 30MDG Awards Program or in the 30MDG Yahoo Forum - really is up to you but again most the participation is on the 30 Meter Band not the Internet or email.

    "Also, if you change your call sign due to an upgraded license or vanity etc, they erase all your data for awards and you have to start over again"

    This statement is incorrect - you can change your call and your Awards go with you but not sure you would have concern if you are not particpating but please go here:

    ", WTF.."

    I'm not sure why anyone would use WTF in a public forum but again this is the Internet.

    30MDG promotes digital use on 30 Meters so we promote: The 30 Meter Band, low power, casual operation, ragchew, DX, using different digital modes, experimenting, 30m antenna ideas, 30m propagation, NO CONTESTS, 30MDG Awards program and U30 - our 30MDG Awards program offers 111 Awards from easy to difficult to casual fun and our 30MDG Awards Managers have issued over 33,000 Awards so very active and our Awards activity many more times active than 070, FH, DMC Award Programs but we also promote these clubs and their objectives of promoting digital modes so please join in with any of them....and of course EPC is the largest digital club but 30MDG never anticipated being large group but just an active group to promote the 30 Meter Band and digital mode use on 30 Meters...simple really so if you have time give the 30 Meter Band a try.

    Don KB9UMT 30MDG#0001
  5. WA4OTD

    WA4OTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the info Don, I'll look into this, sounds like a great group and I use 30M a lot on CW!
  6. WH2HAO

    WH2HAO QRZ Moderator Volunteer Moderator Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Thank you for the prompt response. Maybe I am mistaken, but the link below clearly states that old call sign award data is not able to be transferred to your new callsign. As awards are to the callsign and not the user. I do have many contacts logged under my old callsign W2HAO, and I felt starting over would be a waste of time and unfair. I hope you are correct, as that is the best way to do it, but the award rules appear to clearly state otherwise. I appreciate your response and clarification.

    Thank you. Member # 5815
  7. KB9UMT

    KB9UMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi DavidWH2HAO,

    "Thank you for the promptresponse."

    You're welcomeand all our Managers from our Team are easy to reach and clearly listed on our30MDG site:

    "Maybe I am mistaken, but the link below clearly states that old call signaward data is not able to be transferred to your new callsign."

    Have to admitthere are a number of items on our 30MDG that needs updated but life gets inthe way at time so most of our Managers do what we can with the limited freetime we might have (it's just a hobby for all to enjoy) - the last year or somost of us have just not had time to dedicate to updating the website most ofour time is used up issuing reviewing 30MDG Award applications and issuing30MDG Awards but you are correct in what it states so that might need to beupdated and added 'unless you have upgraded your Callsign PERMANENTLY andfilled out the callsign upgrade request form'.

    "As awards are to the callsign and not the user."

    That is true ifyou have a special event callsign, club callsign, etc and your callsign changeis not from an upgrade - it would be unfair for those type calls that might bein a different locations or cause more contacts wanting the special call,clubsign, etc to be added to one’s own call/log so those should be kept separateand that is when Awards are issued to the callsign and not the user. An exampleis ZL3RG our Awards Manager that has a special callsign ZL30MDG so both callshave their own 30MDG number and issued their own Awards to the callsign and notto going all towards one user but the callsign.

    "I do have many contacts logged under my old callsign W2HAO"

    That is allgood and please apply for any Awards you might qualify for with the contactsyou have under that call - as of now no applications or 30MDG Awards have beenissued to this call so it appears you lose nothing at this point anyway.

    "and I felt starting over would be a waste of time and unfair."

    Not sure itwould be unfair and actually starting over might be fun from many others thathave many 30 meter contacts and many 30MDG Awards - could be fun actually tohit a reset button and try it all over again - some of our 30MDG members arevery active on the 30 Meter Band. I think you might be surprised if you get onthe 30m band with the call of WH2HAO from Guam how many contacts in just aboutany mode you might use - might take some time but once EU spots you it's allover so the log will filled up fast I'm sure of that - EU is very active on 30mcompared to USA/NA. Give it a try sometime.

    "I hope you are correct, as that is the best way to do it, but the awardrules appear to clearly state otherwise. I appreciate your response andclarification."

    Sure and youcan email direct to any of us anytime...or if I find posts on the Internet likethis we sure try to reply.

    ZL3RG ourManager in charge of the all Awards and Award Managers have issued your newcallsign WH2HAO a 30MDG number so please get on the 30m band sometime and havesome fun - if our 30MDG Awards with over 111 Awards from very easy to difficultso some of them might interest you and if they do then please fill the logup.....then upload your log into the FREE Ultimate 30 (U30) Awards program andhave some fun with the 30MDG Award program and if the Awards or 30MDG ingeneral doesn't interest you that is okay too just give 30m a chance sometimeand give it a go...great band and some great ops.

    Q.If my callsign changes(upgrade/vanity) then what do I do?
    A. Click hereand fill out form
    Please use thisForm if you are an existing 30MDG Member and have upgraded your Callsign PERMANENTLY
    All 30MDGAwards achieved using your OLD Callsign will be transferred to your NEWCallsign.
    NOTE: This doesNOT apply to ‘Special’ Call users!

    :Thank you. Member # 5815" - for callsign W2HAO
    Callsign WH2HAO is member 6187 and has NO awards.

    Thank you DavidWH2HAO for your questions and your interest about 30MDG.

    de KB9UMT Don30MDG#0001

  8. KB9UMT

    KB9UMT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Thanks for the info Don, I'll look into this, sounds like a great group andI use 30M a lot on CW!

    Hi LeroyWA4OTD,
    Thanks for thereply and anyone is welcome to join 30MDG - and the price is right - FREE.

    I see you are very active so great to see thatalso really like your choice of rigs (I have a IC746 and a number of FT-101over the years). I also like your attic antenna farm - very nice! Amazing really how these wires even in not soideal locations can do so well – then again good propagation helps or an opwith a good antenna on the other end. Ioften switch to different wire antennas some outside hidden, some in the attic,heck the rain gutter works good too, or even my below ground basement randomwire bags me a number of contacts - all fun trying different antennas, wattage,modes - fun stuff and a number of 30m ops are like minded like that.

    In USA/NA 30m CW seems to still be much moreactive than 30m digital modes but there are some of us using digital modes from10.132 to 10.150 -most activity centered from 10.137 to 10.145 - most popular30m digital modes would be PSK31, JT65, RTTY, and Olivia/Contestia - and manyothers just not seen as often is all so use RSID when using the those (Throbx,Thor, Domex, etc).

    You say you have a lot of 30m CW contactsand we have many CW ops participating in our 30MDG Awards ofcourse the oldest digital mode of CW are allowed and counted for all 30MDGAwards - the 30MDG Awards program along with the Ultimate 30 (U30) Awardsprogram is also priced right...FREE.

    Thanks again Leroy and it doesn't matter ifyou join in 30MDG, participate in the 30MDG Award program or not that was never the goal of the group so the goal issimple really - just promote others to use or try the 30 Meter band and also try somedigital modes (what other band do we have that has ... limited wattageused -<200w, cw or digital modes only and no voice allowed, NOCONTESTING since it is a WARC Band, a band sitting between the 20m and 40m bandwith great propagation both local to DX open 24x7 somewhere....very uniqueband!). Hope to see you on 30 meters sometime soon.

    Don KB9UMT30MDG#0001

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