2meter/70cm digital modes

Discussion in 'Working Different Modes' started by W2ELM, Sep 26, 2020.

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  1. W2ELM

    W2ELM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Lets Start again I'm looking for information on 2 meter/440 digital modes...I'm old school I was around when packet radio started My first packet was a commodore 64 and digicom software and modem was out of 73 mag aug 1988 by W2UP which is still around...I'm looking for infor on all digital modes that can be used on 2/440 FM (NOT SSB) as I don't have that I which I could but no...I know that SSTV on 145.500 and 145.800 which is also ISS...I know packet is on 145.01 and other I looking for the frequents for RTTY which was done on 2 meter I believe it was 145.300 but I of the old school....I would the know if any on 440 I know ATV is around 438-440 which has been around a long time to like RTTY is there any one out here remember the frequents and any one can tell other modes on 2/440 fm thank you for any help :)
  2. KD4ZFS

    KD4ZFS Ham Member QRZ Page


    Huge portions of Ham Radio have gone digital on VHF/UHF, but not in the way you are talking about.

    The words you want to look up are: D-Star, DMR, and C4FM Fusion. Fasten your seatbelt. These are very deep rabbit holes. Also, be prepared to spend lots of money.

    I do see many radios listed for sale with TNCs and supposedly capable of packet. I have not seen any reference to anyone using this type of operation.

    Listening to local traffic, I hear about 40% DMR, 40% D-Star, 20% analog FM. Your location may differ.

    Look up repeaterbook.com

    I am also old-school. Up until recently all I did was CW on HF, so this is all new to me too. I'm learning.

    I hope this helps.
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  3. WD9EWK

    WD9EWK Ham Member QRZ Page

    There are a few Kenwood and Yaesu radios with TNCs for packet/APRS. The Yaesu radios are pretty much limited to APRS operations, but you can connect the Kenwood radios to a computer and make use of the TNCs for more than just APRS. They all seem to do APRS fine.

    These APRS-ready radios can also be used through the orbiting digipeaters - ISS and NO-84 (AKA PSAT) are currently operational on 145.825 MHz, and FalconSat-3 is a cross-band digipeater operating at 9600bps (uplink on 2m, downlink on 70cm). QSOs are made using APRS messages, which can be sent from the radios without the need for a computer. More about those uses can be found in the Satellite and Space Communications forum here on QRZ.

    For the satellite uses, I have written or co-written articles on how to use these radios with digipeaters on satellites and the ISS. Look my call up in the QRZ database, and links to those articles are there.

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  4. KB0MNM

    KB0MNM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Keep learning...
    Re: Packet- Ref. www.14567.org section entitled 145.67 Packet.
    In post #3, APRS ( Different on 2M with most TNCs by comparison to D-Star(TM) D-PRS ) can also be used for events* and 'spotting' DX Cluster activity.
    One example of a standalone TNC: https://www.hamradio.com/detail.cfm?pid=H0-005652 ( Timewave PK-96 ) that can be added to select older radios.
    Adding a Global Positioning System ( G.P.S. ) to a TNC or radio with a TNC directly or through a PC results in an A.P.R.S. ready station.
    The advantage of a 'built-in' TNC is that the deviation is pre-set, thus levels do not typically need to be adjusted using an FM service monitor.
    * Many parades, bicycle tours, etc. are assisted by a combination of operators with standard FM radios and some with A.P.R.S. systems built in to or added to them as well.
    ------------------------------------ Separation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    As to D-Star(TM), DMR, C4FM- Fusion- you missed MotoTRBO(TM), A.P.C.O. P.25 ( Not as common ). Codecs are key to these digital modes. C4FM is an emission type- not really a 'mode' per se.
  5. KC3PBI

    KC3PBI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I'm active with a local group that uses fldigi software on 2M radios, usually 8PSK but we use different modems as needed.
  6. KA2DEW

    KA2DEW Subscriber QRZ Page

    Our local group uses the TARPN NinoTNC which is a $30 1200-9600 baud USB KISS TNC. We can use it with FM ham radios, or with commercial surplus data radios. We are building a network called NCPACKET based on the TARPN plan to do round-table chat over a 6 county area in central North Carolina. It's slowly growing too, plus we have a couple of members who are in middle school and high school. The local group is http://ncpacket.net and has 35 network nodes. The TNC we use is here: http://tarpn.net/d

    The TARPN plan has several interesting suggestions about packet radio networks.
    1st is that the participants are building a network, not just stations. What is on the other end of the radio actually matters.
    2nd is that if the resource is only available via ham radio, you get more ham radio usage. We don't need to help the Internet. Internet won't die of our inattention.
    3rd is that a big long-term ham project with many hams is about as much fun as we can have on ham radio.

    The project includes a general instruction to collaborate to make this better, easier, cheaper. That's why TARPN makes their own TNC. NinoTNC is easy, better, and almost as cheap as the cheapest solution out there, while being easier to operate.

    NinoTNC gets you 9600 G3RUH compatible TNC for $30
    TimeWave PK96 gets you 9600 G3RUH compatible TNC for $200+

    Tadd - KA2dEW, Raleigh NC

    NCPACKET New Year's eve chat on the TARPN user interface.
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