2M antenna idea for Aluminum body vehicle?

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by W6ZXY, Jun 2, 2020.

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  1. KA0HCP

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    Obviously I was referring to mounting the antenna on the passengers' side rocker panel where it could serve dual purpose as 'curb feeler" while parallel parking. /sarcasm. :)
  2. KE8FWJ

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    Had similar mount made for my VW Jetta to mount a 2m Hustler CG-144. Found the body of the car did not represent a good groundplane on 2m (although using the CG-144 on 10m worked well), so installed some 21" radials under the CG-144 to solve problem. Fed with LMR-240.
  3. N1VAU

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    I like to drill a hole in a brand new vehicle before the 20 day temporary plates expire!

    I don't know why so many people are reluctant to drill a hole in their "brand new". Maybe they can't do a proper job? If that's the case take it to a profesional radio shop, give them a $100 and have them do it. Pretty short money considering what you paid for the vehicle.

    Unless it's a lease you are not going to reduce the value of an "every day run of the mill" vehicle you own with a properly located and installed NMO mount.

    Your biggest vehicle depreciation happened when the dealer filled out the title application in your name and let you drive it off the lot. That properly installed antenna mount isn't going to make $1 difference when you sell it or especially when you trade it in.

    When trade in time comes you just unscrew the antenna and replace it with a screw on a low profile "rain cap". They are ~$10 and no more obtrusive than a satellite radio antenna.

    I usually locate the NMO mount near the dome light and fish the coax down a pillar to the radio. I sometimes remove the entire headliner for the installation.

    Have you ever seen the damage a mag mount does to the paint after a year or two? How about those cowl or 3rd brake light mounts leaking or rusting?

    Have you ever considered that maybe VHF UHF RF shouldn't be at eye level 3' in front of the passenger compartment?

    I've drilled an antenna hole in every vehicle I have owned since I was a teenager. I recommend it to a friend!

    I'm due to get a new Toyota Tacoma or maybe a Tundra this summer. I can't decide what to do first, drill a hole in the center of the roof or drop it off at the shop to get an add a leaf and the lift kit installed. Both will be done before the temporary plates expire!

    I'm not the caretaker for the next owner, I am the owner now! I will properly maintain the vehicle and I'm going to fully use it for my purposes as long as I own it. You should too!

    PS- you might need a backer plate to support the antenna on an aluminum body vehicle. I don't have any experience with them.
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