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20m mobile?

Discussion in 'Mobile Radio Systems' started by AK4PX, Jul 29, 2014.

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  1. K3DAK

    K3DAK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'll post a graph tonight from my analyzer if we get a break from the rain.

    I don't notice a difference between the 1720 antenna and the tuned 9' whip as far as usability or quality from the control-end of the station.
  2. N1GMV

    N1GMV Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Alan, please do us all a favor, take your expertise and go troll someplace else okay? thanks
  3. N1GMV

    N1GMV Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Going back to your original question. Back in the mid 90s I compared the Hamstick, the ATAS and the Hustler High Power antennas on 20 meters a few times over via ground wave communication. The ATAS100 and the Hamstick were extremely close (within 1/2 S unit favoring the hamstick) the Hustler with the fold-over mast and KW coil was clearly stronger by about a full S unit over the ATAS100. Via Skipwave no difference was detected between the ATAS and the Hamstick but the Hustler was again clearly stronger. Keep in mind the Hustler was clearly longer and had a larger coil.
    I ended up selling all my other antennas and went with the ATAS-100 for convenience and appearance and since I sold my mobile amplifier.

    I have talked to hams that were using the Diamond multi-band, they did very well and said they were very pleased with them. If you care about overall appearance, I would recommend the Diamond (the long one) but if you are running Yaesu I highly recommend the ATAS.
  4. KD0SGX

    KD0SGX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    This worked for me, ham stick.
  5. KK4YDR

    KK4YDR Ham Member QRZ Page

    What kind of mount were you using for this trial? That station in Montana sounded wonderful. This could be the MFJ rig or the transmission quality of the remote station. I never considered a transceiver with just one band available and probably never will. I know this is off topic but is there a particular benefit to having a monoband transceiver such as this one?
  6. KD0SGX

    KD0SGX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Only one advantage. Price, Price.
    120.00 used.
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