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2 Meters … The New CB Band Of Interference?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by WB4IME, Nov 5, 2018.

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  1. WB4IME

    WB4IME Ham Member QRZ Page

    2 Meters … The New CB Band Of Interference?

    The 2 Meter band is quickly becoming overrun with unlicensed operators who use it for communicating in their sport – Paramotoring or PPC (Power Parachuting).

    This “new” sport is rapidly gaining momentum nationwide. The sport involves a small gasoline engine w/propeller mounted on the pilots back by way of a harness setup and a seat, which is attached to a paragliding wing (parachute) that is rectangular in shape.

    upload_2018-11-5_16-59-23.png upload_2018-11-5_16-59-40.png

    The sport is unregulated under the Part 103 FAA rules, which allows anyone to fly without a license. The problem lies therein … just like CB radio operations, the PPC sport is attracting a large number of undesirables who do not respect the rules and guidelines of the sport, endangering others as well as themselves in the process.

    This segment of the sport also does not respect the FCC or licensed amateur radio operators as evidenced by their use of 2 meter handhelds for communications – without benefit of having first obtained an FCC issued licensed. They are aware of the requirement but just like CB’ers knowing it is illegal to use a linear amplifier, they simply don’t care.

    Amateur radio is a self-policing hobby. We need to protect our VHF / UHF frequencies.

    Their View

    I’ve conversed with a number of PPC’ers regarding this violation of the law. Responses received include:

    - “I’m not interfering with anyone. What difference does it make?”

    - “Well … would the FCC rather I flew without communications and got hurt or hurt someone else? Using 2 meters makes it safer for me to fly.”

    - “The FCC gives a warning first. I’ll get my license after I’ve been warned.”

    - “It’ll be a cold day before I get a license.”

    - “That’s an abuse of their (FCC) power. They can’t stop me. Fine me $10,000 for talking without a license. Who the hell do they think they are? Someone should put a stop to that.”

    Become Aware of Commonly Used Terms & Phrases

    The PPC Sport has common phrases recognized by members. These are some of the phrases you may hear on 2 meters unlicensed PPC transmissions and will assist you in understanding who is QRMing the band:

    Riser : These are the chords running from the motor frame on the pilot’s back running up to the chute (wing).

    Wing : The rectangular parachute is referred to as a wing. It has all the characteristics of an airplane wing and functions in the same manner providing lift while being propelled through the air.

    Cage : The metal frame around the motor that protects the pilot from accidentally making contact with the propeller during operation.

    Kiting : The process of practicing, on the ground without the motor/propeller, inflating the wing from a stationary position on the ground to a location above the pilots head.

    Packing the Wing : When not in use, the wing is normally stored in a solid nylon bag.

    Trimmer/s : Additional risers (chords) running from the motor frame on the pilot’s back up to the chute (wing). The trimmers perform a function of “fine tuning” the performance of the wing (changing the angle of attack so it can cut through the air faster; altering the performance of the wing to make the flight safer; etc.)

    Brake / Braking : These are the risers that are attached to the end of the wing. Pulling down on these, both sides at once, causes the wing to slow its performance in essence braking as you would a vehicle. Pulling the right brake cause the wing and pilot to turn to the right while flying … pulling down on the left brake does the opposite.

    Thermaling : The same process utilized by manned gliders. The PPC pilot can locate a rising thermal, fly over the rising heat and cause the wing to rise with the thermal.

    Speedbar : A bar below the pilot’s seat attached to the trimmers. The pilot place both feet on this bar, kind of like stepping onto a ladder rung, and stretches his legs out in front of him. The speedbar adjusts the trimmers connected to the wing, altering the wing configuration so it will obtain a better “cut” into the air and cause the pilot to fly faster. This same process can be done with the hands pulling on the appropriate risers but using the speedbar is easier because the legs are stronger and can hold the pressure for a longer time period.

    Reserve or Reserve Chute : An extra parachute to be deployed should the main/primary wing collapse or become entangled in the risers.

    Flare or Flaring : The act of pulling both brakes immediately prior to making contact with the earth when landing. It makes the wing act more like a parachute than a wing, safely lowering the pilot onto the ground.

    Trike or Quad : A go cart looking vehicle that is attached to a wing and has a motor on the rear for propulsion. Trike has three wheels and the quad has four wheels. Able to carry one or two individuals.

    SAT or SATS : Acrobatics performed with a PPC.

    Foot Drag : Flying close to the ground, maintaining speed and dragging one foot on the ground, then gaining altitude again. Also done on smooth surfaced water.

    Where Do They Fly?

    Everywhere! And growing ….

    Training Sites Near You

    Here is a list of training sites (not all inclusive) in the US where the use of 2 meter radio may possibly be heard. These are only training sites (and there are many more notlisted) ... PPC is done everywhere !




    AK Paramotor

    1400 Regine Ave.

    Wasilla, AK 99654 USA


    Mobile: (970) 222-9109


    Deep South PPG

    2539 John Hawkins Parkway

    Suite 101-133

    Birmingham, AL 35244 USA

    Glider Gear, LLC

    2539 John Hawkins Parkway

    Suite 101-133

    Birmingham, AL 35244 USA

    Mobile: 7134941970


    UFO Paramotors

    1177 North Ridge Dr

    Jasper, AL 32703 USA


    Phone: 303-589-4222

    River Valley PPG

    3532 Glen Flora Way

    Fort Smith, AR 72908 USA


    Phone: 3052565650


    33461 West Trading Post Road

    Maricopa, AZ 85138 USA


    3145 E Bremen St

    Phoenix, AZ 85032 USA


    PHXPPG Group

    3145 E Bremen St.

    Phoenix, AZ 85032 USA


    Phone: 3615100303


    585 Anderson Road

    Alpine, CA 91901 USA



    Feather Light Flight

    939 Longbranch Avenue 4

    Grover Beach, CA 93433 USA

    Worldwide Aviation Academy

    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275 USA

    Mobile: 210-355-6397

    Master Powered Paragliding

    8662 Villa La Jolla Drive Unit 4

    San Diego, CA 92037 USA

    Phone: 527262620934


    American Paragliding

    PO Box 3588

    Santa Barbara, CA 93130 USA

    Phone: (307) 899-0385


    Blackhawk Paramotor

    8591 Hogan Dam Rd

    Valley Springs, CA 95252 United States

    Phone: 7757508655


    West Coast Paragliding

    15911 Villanova Circle

    Westminster, CA 92683 USA



    Pikes Peak Powered Paragliding Club

    Meadow Lake Airport

    Colorado Springs, CO 80903 USA

    Lawn Chair Aviation

    7202 S Yarrow Ct.

    Littleton, CO 80128 USA

    Phone: 773-295-2131

    Red Kite Enterprises

    5541 S Jericho Way

    Centennial, CO 80015 USA

    Mobile: (787) 717-2384


    Colorado Powered Paragliding

    37350 Lee Lake Ave.

    Windsor, CO 80550 USA




    6525 Indian River Blvd

    Grant, FL 32949 USA


    Paramotor kits

    PO Box 900155

    Homestead, FL 33090 USA


    Aviator PPG

    451 South Airport RD

    Lake Wales, FL 33853 USA


    Wings Over Paradise

    600 East 26th St.

    Lynn Haven, FL 32444 USA



    Space Coast Pelicans PPG

    345 Woody Circle

    MELBOURNE BEACH, FL 32951-3524

    Aerolight, LLC. (more)

    15160 SW 136th Street Unit #3

    Miami, FL 33196 USA

    Mobile: 319-795-4278

    URL: Http://


    14930 SW 152 Terrace

    Miami, FL 33187 USA

    Mobile: 405-740-9351


    Experience Powered Paragliding

    1594 Ibis Dr.

    Orange Park, FL 32065 USA

    Palm Bay PPG Flight School

    660 Windy Cove St. SW

    Palm Bay, FL 32908 USA

    Phone: 321-482-2939


    Paradise PPG

    Palm Coast, FL USA


    America's Freedom Flight Center

    6829 Thomas Dr.

    Suite 408

    Panama City Beach, FL USA

    Phone: 973-729-1231



    8739 Spider Lily Way

    Pensacola, FL 32526 USA

    URL: Http://

    Get High With Us - Powered Paragliding

    401 Nw 39th St.

    Pompano Beach, FL 33064 USA

    Phone: ,4126678362



    3485 Conm

    Port Charlotte, FL 33948 USA

    Mobile: 580-380-0974


    Onofrio Powered Paragliding

    142 Maria Ct.

    Punta Gorda, FL 33950 USA


    Sky Paramotoring

    Valrico, FL 33594 USA

    Phone: 801-576-6460



    8906 23rd St.

    Zephyrhills, FL 33540 USA


    Phone:,209 481 0493


    Blue Sky Air Sports

    97 Bagley Rd.

    Newnan , GA USA

    Phone: ,,,813-438-2262

    Skyfield Flightworks LLC

    11 Hartland Court

    Savannah, GA 31407 USA


    Mobile: 540-270-8855


    PowerGlider - UCANFLY2

    23404 - 120th Ave.

    Mediapolis, IA 52637 USA


    Phone: 240-367-0306


    Southern Idaho Paramotor

    10 Mar Vista Dr.

    Pocatello, ID 83204 USA


    Phone: ,503-861-2772


    Discover Powered Paragliding, Adventure USA

    7707 Ewbanks Rd.

    Fowler, IL 62338 USA

    Mobile: 402-871-7471

    Midwest Parajet

    2136 Holt Rd.

    Minooka, IL USA

    Phone: 602-540-9929


    Paragliding Unlimited, Inc.

    2661 N Illinois #179

    Swansea, IL 62226 USA


    Phone: 1-815-378-8992


    Midwest Powered Paragliding Inc

    3628 E Fall Creek Pkwy N Dr.

    Indianapolis, IN 46205 USA


    Phone: 4135358696


    Flint Hills PPG

    7560 Quinter Drive

    Neodesha , KS USA



    Louisiana Paragliding

    515 Forest Ave.

    Shreveport, LA 71104 USA


    Phone: 6198186105


    Sluggers PPG

    530 Logan St.

    Frederick, MD 21701 USA


    Phone: ,,479.648.5512


    School of Personal Flight

    Arundel, ME 04046 USA


    Phone: ,610-430-1686



    7401 Forest Hill Rd.

    St. John's, MI 48879 USA


    Great Lakes Para Sports

    16345 Croswell St.

    West Olive, MI 49460 USA


    Phone: 317 374 6665


    Minnesota Paramotor

    2409 E.Golf Course Rd.

    Alexandria, MN 56308 USA

    Phone: ,(314) 662-2603

    Mobile: (314) 662-2603


    Paramotor Central

    9987 130th Ave.

    Little Falls, MN 56345 USA


    Phone: 208-360-0532

    Southwest Airsports, LLC

    101 Apache Brass Cir

    Santa Teresa, NM 88008 USA


    Phone: 9548394347

    Glider Sports/Truman Lake Air Sports

    807 SE Hwy. 7

    Clinton , MO 64735 USA


    Phone: ,806-206-3660


    Bozeman Paragliding

    1283 Crabapple DR


    Bozeman, MT 59715 USA



    Midlands Sports Paragliders LLC

    612 W 29th Ave.

    Bellevue, NE 68005-5502 USA

    Phone: 8023800372

    Mobile: 8023800372


    Nebraska Paramotor

    2611 South 156th Circle

    Omaha, NE 68130 USA


    Phone: 8282615631


    Morningside Flight Park

    357 Morningside Lane

    Charlestown, NH 03603 USA


    Phone: ,832 292 5620


    iFLY Powered Paragliding Academy, LLC

    17 Bridle Way

    Wantage, NJ 07461 USA


    Mobile: 320 815 7580


    Mojo's Flight School

    7430 Old Plank Rd.

    Charlotte, NC 28216 USA

    Phone: ,602-692-7995


    AirX PPG

    PO Box 87246

    Fayetteville, NC 28304 USA


    Phone: 2177796647


    Empire PPG

    PO Box 533

    Chenango Bridge, NY 13745 USA

    Phone: 205.426.4103

    Mobile: 205.305.7097


    GMI Paragliding - Powered Paragliding School

    7 Helen Place

    Glen Cove, NY USA


    Phone: ,863-221-0253

    Mobile: 8632210253


    Uprising Paragliding

    106 Alum Rock Ct.

    Reno, NV 89506 USA


    Phone: 402.968.1427


    Northcoast Paragliding

    29230 Ridge Road

    Wickliffe, OH 44092 USA


    Phone: 2625395435



    379 Thunder Ridge

    Durant, OK 74701 USA

    Phone: ,,3203606349


    Paramotor Flyers

    620 West Georgia St.

    Durant, OK 74701 USA

    Phone: 850-238-7048


    Apex PPG

    100 N. Broadway

    Suite 100

    Edmond, OK 73034 USA

    Phone: 315-882-7671


    Epic Powered Paragliding

    19 N Broadway

    Edmond, OK 73034 USA

    Phone: ,,(608)354-7812

    Mobile: 608.354.7812


    MaGoo's Powered Paragliding

    819 NW 48th St

    Lawton, OK 73505 USA



    Discover Paragliding

    PO Box 638

    Warrenton, OR 97146 USA


    Phone: (719) 687-7850

    Mobile: (719) 687-7850

    Pittsburgh Paragliding

    1 Natrona St.

    Natrona Heights, PA 15065 USA

    Phone: 541-621-3417

    URL: Http://

    Pennsylvania Powered Paragliding

    Philadelphia Area, PA USA

    Phone: 620 288 4517

    Flying Laundry LLC (more)

    West Chester, PA 19380 USA



    Austin Paramotor

    1005 Canyon Edge Dr.

    Austin, TX 78733 USA

    Phone: 720-327-6677

    Lone Star Paramotor

    6811 Midwood Parkway

    Austin, TX 78736


    Mobile: (352) 461-6723


    Pennell Paramotor

    5478 FM 2673

    Canyon lake, TX 78133 USA

    Phone: 2392977570


    Power2fly USA PPG School

    13745 Cayo Cantiles

    Corpus Christi, TX 78418 USA

    Phone: 2815086485


    Houston Powered Paragliding

    8760 Westheimer Rd. 103

    Houston, TX 77063 USA

    Phone: ,(214) 683-1472


    Tx Flysports (more)

    957 Nasa Parkway


    Houston, TX 77058 USA


    Texas Wind Riders

    8297 Chapel Lane

    Lavon, TX 75166 USA

    Mobile: 843-986-4713


    Skymax Paramotors USA

    5654 CR 73

    Robstown, TX 78380 USA


    Houston Kiteboarding

    524 9th Ave. N

    Texas City, TX 77590 USA



    Cloud 9 Paragliding

    12665 S. Minuteman Drive Suite 1 Draper, UT 84020 USA

    Super Fly Inc.

    8683 Sandy Parkway

    Sandy, UT 84070 USA


    Team Fly Halo

    63 East 11400 South #216

    Sandy, UT 84070 USA


    Phone: 3614458905


    Powered Paragliding USA

    11385 Aristotle Dr. Apt. 214

    Fairfax, VA 22030 USA


    Mobile: 318-393-7544

    Madcity Paragliding

    2657 Richardson Street

    Fitchburg, WI 53711 USA

    Wisconsin Powered Paraglider LLC

    6594 Elmro Road

    Greenleaf, WI 54126 USA

    Northern Illinois Powered Paragliding

    517 N Lake Ave. - Ste. B

    Twin Lakes, WI 53181 USA


    High Five Paramotoring

    14860 County Hwy E

    Viola, WI 54664 USA


    Phone: 8632729907


    Black Diamond Aircraft LLC

    PO Box 64

    Burlington, WY 82411 USA


    Ground Rush Air Sports

    PO Box 364

    Teton Village, WY 83025 USA
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  2. KD8DEY

    KD8DEY Ham Member QRZ Page

    Notice that there's No training site for Ky.
    (We are smart enough to keep our feet on the ground)
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  3. WB4IME

    WB4IME Ham Member QRZ Page

  4. W7NRM

    W7NRM Ham Member QRZ Page

    Why on Earth (or up in the air) would they prefer ham 2-meter to aviation band VHF (108 MHz to 130 MHz AM)? Most manufacturers offer av-band models of the same HTs they sell us. And GMRS gear is cheaper than either of those and would probably serve their purposes just as well.
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  5. KD8DEY

    KD8DEY Ham Member QRZ Page

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  6. WB4IME

    WB4IME Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't know what the attraction is. What I do know is that a percentage of the PPC participants get satisfaction from "pushing the envelope" in so many ways. Including flying where they are not allowed; flying before sunrise and after sunset beyond the leeway they are permitted; flying at altitudes higher than they are permitted; buzzing residential areas, farms, domestic and wild animals; flying along beaches and disturbing the beachgoers; dropping things from their units while flying; etc. etc. This percentage of individuals within the sport do not seem to have respect for a lot of things. Following / abiding by rules and regulations appears to be at the top of their list.

    I've always thought of that type personality as somewhat lacking in normal behaviors in so many ways. Having been in law enforcement for 20 years (no retired), those were the type personalities I constantly came in contact with.
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  7. AG6QR

    AG6QR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Aviation handhelds start at around 200 dollars. That's significantly more than a Baofeng. Since aviation uses AM, not FM, it's not easy to modify common FM VHF radios to transmit there, and the market is fairly small, and mostly not so price-sensitive.

    I'd think it was worth 200 dollars to be able to keep tabs on airplanes flying near my airspace, but then again, I'm not the type to fly anything much smaller than a Cessna 150.
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  8. WQ4G

    WQ4G Ham Member QRZ Page

    Do they have a 'preferred' frequency?

    Dan KI4AX
  9. WB4IME

    WB4IME Ham Member QRZ Page

    Whatever floats their boat. That is one reason for providing some commonly used phrases to make it easier to identify what the transmissions are all about.
  10. N2UHC

    N2UHC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well at least it will be nice to have some activity on 2 meters again...

    Just kidding. I really don't understand this "anything goes" mentality, especially when it comes to flying. But I have noticed that people who are willing to break a few rules are often unconcerned with breaking all the rules.
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