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    Wow so my Tv's are all ok during Tx, and Rx,

    But my DELL computer speakers and subwoofer
    go crazy and there close to a year old... LOL..

    I got on to the air .. In my house Im getting the local towers
    that are around 10 miles away, Clear!!!

    the towers 2 countys away, are a little, staic...
    but still able to talk to them.

    Woot woot ... during daytime u can hear a pin drop...
    Night time I was just told is a ladys bathroom!!

    LOL that is a quote from the other guy!!

  2. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    LOL! Having fun already I see! :D
  3. KE4FSL

    KE4FSL Ham Member QRZ Page

    You can pick up a "brick" amplifier for 2 meters for under $40 if you don't mind a used one:

    Radio Shack HTA-20 2-Meter Power Amplifier ($28.00 with 5 bids)

    Tokyo HY-POWER 2 Meter Linear Power AMPLIFIER HL-35v ($39.95)

    MIRAGE 35 WATT 2 METER B-34 AMPLIFIER ($30.000 with 11 bids)

    All you really need if you want the effects of a mobile, in the car, is to amplify the 3-7W of the handheld up to 25-40 watts. I would suggest keeping it withing the 25-40 watt output range. There are a few higher powered amplifiers, but they don't give you as much "extra" as you would think. The jump from 5 watts to 30 watts is VERY noticeable, but the jump from 25 watts to around 100 watts is not going to give you that much more (at least not worth the extra price). It is much better to invest that money or time in the antennas.

    You might find that just a good antenna will get you transmitting to where you want. I am living about 30-40 miles away from the repeaters in Richmond, and have no problem hitting them on my 5 watt handheld with a good antenna on the handheld.


    ok wow Im like GRR..
    This repeater
    does not say it has a Offset,

    I set the DUPlex with the +
    so the radio shows 145.370+
    It took a good 30 minutes to get the radio to save the repeater with the +

    also , 146.670- Im getting silent, then static, then silent,
    I herd a few people when I was at work , but I was To busy, to CQ.
    ..I guess everyone is sleeping now... LOL
    o ya its 452 am
    My old scaner and Kenwood unit, bot have a nob Squelch,
    This ICON has a Digital, 0-10
    10= tight
    so Im keeping it around 1 or 2 just to cut the static out..

    Am i using that right?
    Im getting the weather channels Loud and clear! for the most part.. unless im in a weak signal area ...



    O wow, , I just got up like Noon, (went to bed around 5am)
    I was talking with mom and she let me know our Old scanner hears me calling CQ, So I know my HT is getting out there,.. *cheers*

    I was like o snap.. mom was like dad was aways yapping...
    I guess the local repeater people sleeping still.


    Ok So im able to get the repeater that is about 20 miles away and Im comming in good, with minimal static,

    I was looking @ the HT ANTENNA's and wow I know mine is a BNC connector, and there are some that are TELESCOPING. o_O

    KA9MOT You said before I buy just ask so Im asking what is a better,
    antenna, than the stock one. Iam just wondering.
    @ home im getting Tx and Rx ok.
    @ work im weak!!!!!!!!! <could use a better antenna,
    I do remember being told the antenna IS KING !!!!!!!!


    KJ4SMN, Over
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