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    WOW I just found the MIC for my KENWOOD tm261
    ITS $80.00
    The radio TM271 is only like 140-160 $$$$


    So IM ordering a radio Today,
    I been told the 6meter Tri-band HT'S are not the same as a base unit because It will lack the POWER.. limited tot the HT power, so IM ordering a HT today, and right now going to get the
    HT @ 7watts
    Item : IC-V82
    Description : 2M 7W HT W BP-222N+CHRGR

    Ordering Now.. Woot woot
  2. KF7GLF

    KF7GLF Ham Member QRZ Page

    So, even though it's evident that you memorized the test questions and not the material behind it, I'm sure there is a question about how often you're supposed to identify your station via callsign. Oh yeah, there is also a question about when you're allowed to start transmitting.

    Good luck, 2 meters is fun. You'll be a bit limited with an HT, but there are plenty of people around here who get on the repeaters just fine with an HT. Some are close to the repeater, some have good antennas. Simplex over very much distance is not viable but you should learn a lot with it. Welcome to ham radio!
  3. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    You guys keep talking about 2M and how limited it is I just have to comment.....

    I regularly talk Simplex at 5W with a marginal antenna (Arrow Dual Band J-Pole at 20') to other hams with great to marginal antennas who are 30 miles away. KA9NRT is 20 miles away from me and he receives me full scale. He has a good antenna system though.

    Same power and antenna, and I get into repeaters 40 - 50 miles away. When I had my 5 element Yagi (Homebrewed) up (I took it down because I broke it last fall when I was switching to better feedline and dropped that 20 foot pole), I could easily get into the W9GFD repeater in Peoria (about 60 Miles away).

    The last time we had a band opening, I talked Simplex to a guy in Clinton, IA, but that was at 50W and he was about 100 air miles away.

    We are talking about Illinois here. No Mountains to top or get in the way.

    Why does everybody think 2M is only good for 25 miles or so? Does 2M not work the same everywhere? Must be those tall mountains in Florida getting in the way.

    I just don't get it..........
  4. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    The basic things are not much different, but there are big differences depending on where you are.

    Here in the upper midwest, we are blessed with a lot of tropop scatter. That's not the case in drier places and places with more thunderstorms than we have here.

    We also have a lot of repeaters on very tall towers. SPLAT! is an online tool that will show you a plot of the unenhanced propagation from your antenna to distant antennas of a given height. I think it's very accurate in showing the typical simplex range from my house.

    At my old house in Des Moines, I had a Cushcraft cross yagi that would do both vertical and horizontal polarization. I could easily work repeaters in Cedar Rapids with that beam and 100 watts. Indeed, I could work repeaters over most of the state.

    Now, if you're using 'weak signal modes' like SSB or CW, the normal tropo scatter range is much greater. From that same station in Des Moines, I could work stations out to about 300 miles, fairy easily. There was a fellow in West Des Moines who kept a weekly schedule on 432 with a guy in Indiana. The fellow in WDM had to run high power to make it, but from my house, which was on a hill, I could work the Indiana station on 10 watts to a big yagi. I'd chat with folks in Kansas City and St. Louis fairly often.

    KB9UMT, Don in Peoria used to run a weakly PSK31 net on 2 meters, and I would check in regularly from up here in MInnesota - over 300 miles away.

    So, yes, it's just nuts that more people in flat country don't do more than just the local repeaters on VHF. I think it would be fun to live on the Gulf Coast, as there are regular tropo openings across the Gulf! But, that's the way it is.

    Now, generally, with an HT, 25 miles to a high level repeater is unusually good in the flatlands. In mountain states, it might be more like 150 miles.


    HT @ 7watts
    Item : IC-V82
    Description : 2M 7W HT W BP-222N+CHRGR

    Well it was like 135 bucks, but I added WEEKEND over night shipping..
    ya Ouch, But I want it now, and I now know the MIC for my Kenwood tm-261 PRICE WISE is like $80 dollars.. and a new 2meter moble unit is like 150 ish.. So I just went with the HT, Since a lot of people keep giving me conflicting, info on the limit;s with the HT,

    LOL this thread is Proof, Some say its limited some say HA im tapping
    40 miles ... SO Im in FL, (hernando county) Its not no mountans, and Im in a minimal hill area,. so Ill post my own distance with my HT when I get it.

    KJ4SMN Over.
  6. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Robert, what I posted about distance is about 5W power and outdoor antennas, placed as high as you can get them.

    I'm sorry about misleading you. I do not own a Handheld, as they are quite usess in this area unless you hook them to an outdoor antenna.

    Why not find a used mic and wire it for your radio? This would be a very easy thing to do.

    There is an eBay seller in Hong Kong who sells Kenwood DTMF microphones (the same ones that are on the TM-271A and TM-D710) for $10. And he ships fast (about 10 days).
    Cut the end off, and solder the 8 pin connector you need on.
    Or do like I did for an ALinco DJ-592, I have here with no mic. Make an adapter, plug the mic into the adapter and plug it in to the radio.

    Experiment, play around a little. Don't change course because you encountered a challenge.


    O the HT, is going to be my Main unit, because of my work times..
    I work 10 or 12 hour day 6 days a week and on call my only day off.
    So a home base unit or car unit is kinda useless, my ride home is only 15 minutes..

    @ KA9MOT dont worry I have had 100 people tell me HT dont have power for distance and 100 people saying there good for 30-40 miles....

    So Im going to do my own testing for here I live.

    I plan on getting my home antenna hooked up, I does not have a name on it But it looks like this.


    Thanks for the information. I only have one question left..
    This is from me over hearing @ the Ham meet when I did my testing, I would of stayed and got into the Chat but I had to go to work...

    I herd the Guys talking about hooking a AMP to the HT's.
    To give them more power.??

    Anyone got any 2 cents.. on that.
  8. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    That is a 5/8 wave ground plane antenna, It can work very well and is omni-directional. You can build one for pennies that will work just as well. The 5/8th wave will work on 6M if it a true 5/8 wave.

    Another example of a good antenna would be a J-pole. DO some research before you put your money on the table. Here is a very good one you can buy, or build and what I use here at my shack.

    The OSJ 146/440 is what you are looking for.


    Yes, an Amp will increase your power but can be costly.


    O wow that thing is AMAZING!!!!
    I have made things like that in College @ Itt-tech

    I was kinda disaponted with my HT's Charger.. when I got it.
    omg a friend called me and got the Thing to do what I wanted...

    ((to be able to fit the radio into the charging base and power on.))
    Thank you adam,.,. his dad is a ham,

    Im ordering a Battery Eliminator for my HT for when im in the car i dont have to worry about killing it.

    Plus @ work i can bring my HT charger deck in and keep it in there! Woot woot

    Im putting in the repeaters and wow there are
    a few local to me.
    145.370 The closest one
    140.640 This one is like the next county and Im getting it.
    147.15 two countys away. and I can get it if Im out side...

    omg wow , , I havhe to read more... im getting some crazy frequency that ALL CW
    but my radio is saying its Repeater
    ---.--- wtf is that !!!
    maybe I will learn CW


  10. KB9HGI

    KB9HGI XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    You need to slow down on work and enjoy some radio time. First it was 12 hours then 14 hours and now it's 84 hours a week.
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