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    Ok that was Epic amount of information, KE4FSL
    I got my ham Bible, today
    I passed the Test @ the hernando County Ham Fest,
    on 02/20/10

    I was told it takes about a week to get the call sign.


    ""I think this makes at least two of us who suspect this entire thread is a troll. The poster seems to refuse to answer this question.""

    I just got done reading the other post sorry I been bouncing back and forth on the old Thred, since I changed the topic to the 2meter.
    I posted on there date/when I did the test.

    I work 14 Hour shifts at work so when I get back on there the next day its aways seams like I avoid the thred for a while, then make like a few post right away...

  3. W0VYE

    W0VYE Ham Member QRZ Page

    Wow! This is a tough thread, and i"m glad I'm not a moderator.

    The storyline is a killer. I'd like to believe that the original poster is as innocent and clueless as he presents himself ot be. However, I don't buy it. I think the whole thing was a troll from the start.


    that is great the *anti Elmer* were I work, told me that HAM's
    CAN NOT do a Direct, and since my dad passed away, back in 2008
    I have forgot little things ..

    I have a MOD'd (from what I was told) aka *dads old buddy*
    Its a KENWOOD TM-261a (2 meter)

    But my dad had it mod's to 100watts after I get my mic from Kenwood
    Ill be able to test on with keying in on a fake load, to test the output.

    But I now can say Ill just pick up a low cost 2meter, HT.
    and get used to its limits,
    I just opend the ham bible, omg its so nice......

    OK, my new Question...
    ((If this was all about NETWORKING WITH computers OMG ID BE king but this is new to me.))
    I was top in my Graduating CLASS from ITT -Tech (CNS-Computer networking System)

    Since I can see I was told wrong by my bad Elmer @ work..
    the 'direct' or 'simplex' *mode*

    Lets say I dialed into my local hernando repeater.

    Im talking to a person called Bob his call sign is -ABC-
    how would I Go to the 'direct' or 'simplex' *mode*
    with BOB

    I know with COMPUTER Networking
    you can connect two computers diect via IP ADDRESS or MAC address, (( acts like a Vin # like on a car,))


    @ KD0JXG
    well once my call sign is in the DB you will see my Dads call sign N4PDM
    and mine when it come are the same address's,
    after my dad passed away from cancer, I quit college so we (mom and I)
    can keep our House.

    My dad and I aways worked on his Ham, redoing the cables, and I had to even key in for him after he came home from the hospital with his cancer.

    I look into the Ham more than just a hobby, but the Fourms with (elmers)
    is like a nice place to talk with people that are looking to help, other wise even1 would just buy a book , read it and there would never be questions.
    thus never a place to try and make (as you call it Trolls)

    I work alot so my mom can have her meds, I let my motorcyle and new car go into repo, Im not looking to get a free ride, just saying I work for what I have and I take care of my family,

    something alot of (people) are lacking, If me asking these questions is wrong just let a admin tell me and I will gone.

    Im not looking to get anthing free,
    Im just asking questions that a band Plan dont show,
    I have a FCC poster of the HAM bands,
    You know what the poster dont show real life usage, of the distance, the User can talk, and I get alot of people telling me different stuff,
    (refering to local vs QRZ)

    and if any locals from TAMPA FL know
    DON, and his lady friend
    KJ4GBY Christine M Bennett or

    These are the people that been very close in my life and can back anything I say.
    Don and Art were there when dad was sick..

    p.s. Anyone can study a test using the
    QRZ/hamtestonline practice test and pass
    , with never learning what the distance that the bands will put out..

    I ""would like to beleave that a Group called the "Elmers"
    were here to help, and if they didnt like the subject just go to the next.
  6. KJ4IDH

    KJ4IDH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well........I believe it is possible, been to Hernando County many times.:)
  7. K2ER

    K2ER Ham Member QRZ Page

    I would agree that, as they say, "ya can't make this stuff up."

    On the FCC ULS site, one can perform a license search by name. Robert, Here is a link to the page.

    Choose "By Name" from the menu. The format is BRAND, ROBERT.
  8. ROCK

    ROCK QRZ Member

    I don't think Rob is a troll,give him time.
    :) I took my test on 2/20/2010 and it is not in the FCC ULS database yet.

    I'm looking at my white original copy of the "National Volunteer Examiner
    Coordinator" the spelling on my last name,she ran the last 2 letters together and they look like 3 letters. I wish I had caught it.
    Plus when I signed you can't make it out,I can't even read it. LOL O WELL. I hope they send it in via keyboard instead of their yellow copy.
  9. KE4FSL

    KE4FSL Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes, unfortunately some do take a while longer than others. Some VE testing places send them in electronically, others mail them in. The guys up in Manassas where I got my upgrade a few years ago sent them in electronically and it was processed within three days. My original license (many, many moons ago), took five weeks before the FCC got it to me. Keep a watch on the FCC search site.

    What radio(s) do you have now, as well as what antennas and other parts do you have now? You might have more than you think, the nice thing about Amateur radio is that we are the only service that is allowed to make and modify their own equipment. Antennas are the easiest part of the radio equation to start off making, and usually the cheapest. The antennas are also the BIGGEST contributor to getting out, not the transceiver. A good antenna can make up for a poor transceiver, but a good transceiver usually can't help a bad antenna. Learn the "guts" of Amateur radio, and I would suggest starting with making a few antennas first. I have made dozens of antennas including coax collinear antennas for 70cm (vertical) and 6m (horizontal), beams for 6m and 10m, and several wire antennas (dipoles and others) for the lower bands. You can take $20 in parts and make an antenna in one evening that will get you WELL past the horizon on QRP (5 watts or less). My wildest antenna is a NVIS that has electrically switchable grounds screens (tilt at up to 25 degrees), as well as servo operated height and length adjustments to change operating frequency (sort of a SteppIR version of an NVIS). NVIS antennas are great for working a huge area local to where you live on the bands that normally want to go farther out and not local. I use this antenna to talk with other hams in the state. All of my other antennas are for UHF and higher (the bands I work with a lot). Keep a watch on the "Antenna Design & Construction" SIG, as there are almost always a few good designs being worked on at any one point.

    As soon as you get your license, get out and hit the airwaves, but also start learning all of the things that you can do while on the air. With Amateur radio, there are so many avenues that you can take, and tie-ins with other interest and systems that you can't get bored with it. If you like computers, there are dozens of digital modes that you can use on the bands that will get you hundreds of contacts well over the horizon easily. There is Amateur TV for people that like things like Amateur astronomy, or high altitude balloon flights. The list goes on and on...

    As far as getting more info about Amateur radio under your belt, I would suggest cruising through QRZ's " Elmers Corner - How to Become a Ham" and "Questions and Answers" SIGs, as well as sites like and others. These are the treasure troves of information that you just can't find elsewhere all in one spot. And if you can't find out some info that you are looking for, ASK. This is what the " Elmers Corner - How to Become a Ham" SIG is all about. With a couple thousand Amateur operators from around the globe looking through these two SIGs daily, somebody will probably know the answer.

    As far as the members here that are "questioning" things, this is only because there have been a few people that start threads here that have no intention of becoming a licensed Amateur radio operator and are just here to cause problems. QRZ is open for anyone to join in hopes that everyone will like what they see and become not only a member here, but also a practicing Amateur operator. Most do, a few don't, and because of those few that didn't, there are people that are more cautious than normal. Don't take it personally. (Consider them the firewall to QRZ). The last name change from your father to your logon name may have them wondering as well. You will find that once you get your license, they will be more help than you ever could have wanted. We have a VERY good bunch of people here on QRZ, and that is why it is one of the top places for Amateurs to flock to, both newcomers and people that have been in the service for many decades.


    @ K2ER I just got home from job 1 today and I check that page every morning,

    @ KE4FSL, a very long story, made epic short, My Bio-Dad walked out on my mother and I when times got hard,,.,.
    and Stuart came into the familly, and work'd as why I work so many hours,
    I gave up my new car and motorcycle, to pay for moms medical bills and keep our home, I have up my College to work more, after Stuart got his cancer... mom has ( what is called RSD) its a Nurve diease, normaly, a person with it only lives 5 yrs, my mom is fighting her way to 8 yrs with it now,

    Stuart aways worked and took the best aspect with everything,
    Aways looked for the Good, IN anyone he meet. He was not a person that wanted to see bad in anyone, unless they were a Drunk...
    he lost a few friends in the airforce to a drunk... that was driving,

    these are 3 people that I know,
    that knew the family, very well,

    KJ4GBY Christine Bennett
    Now Christine's friend Don,
    was good friends with Stuart, and Art was more like a uncle, than a friend,

    I can see that 3 of my messages were blocked from the admins, I dont blame them,
    The only comment I can say is that the ham, test should changed alot, because a person can study the
    Practice test and pass,. it and BAM, really not know a thing about the difference of the Real life usage or the bands, ya the test ask many aspects but does lack alot,

    Since the firewalsl here are on a Linux Standard, Ill just read before I really post.

    I dont want people thinking that Im Trolling.
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