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    hello I was talking and some person jumped in as I was talking to a friend, and told me that as, a Tech licence i can not use the 2 meters/144-148 Mhz.

    From what I was Reading thats kinda what im told to use....

    or is this person right?.


  2. W0VYE

    W0VYE Ham Member QRZ Page

    I'm confused. Robert, in your other thread I thought you posted that you just passed your exam this weekend. Is that right, or am I misunderstanding? If you've just passed an exam for a new license, you cannot operate at all until your call appears in the FCC ULS database. You won't even have a call until that happens.

    Is this what this other person was trying to tell you, perhaps?

    And I apologize if I've misunderstood what happened.
  3. ROCK

    ROCK QRZ Member

    :)If your license appears on the FCC ULS database you can use:
    in this U.S.A.
    6 meters 50-54 Mhz
    2 meters 144-148 Mhz
    1.25 meters 219-220 Mhz
    1.25 meters 222-225 Mhz
    70 centimeters 420-450 Mhz
    33 " 902-928 Mhz
    23 " 1240-1300 Mhz
    13 " 2300-2310 Mhz
    13 " 2390-2450 Mhz

    200 watts PEP max output
    80 meters 3.525-3.600 (CW only)
    40 " 7.025-7.125 (CW only)
    15 " 21.025-21.200 (CW only)
    10 " 28.00-28.300 (CW,RTTY,and data)
    28.300-28.500 (CW and SSB)
  4. K0RGR

    K0RGR Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Whoever you talked with is misinformed. Two meters is probably where most Techs hang out.
  5. KE4FSL

    KE4FSL Ham Member QRZ Page


    Just curious, when did you take your test, and have you received you callsign yet? It takes a day or so once the FCC gets the info, and it takes a few days for some applications to get there. I checked the FCC Applications Database and didn't see anything in there recently for "Brand" in Florida, so it might still be in processing. Which VE exam session did you go to to take your test?

    You can check here for when they get the paperwork:

    And here for once they process the license and give you a callsign:
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010


    O ya I passsed... QRZ is like lagging on my reply's...
    I did pass with the skin on my Teeth!!!! But I did pass.
    so Cramming with QRZ practive test worked.

    I only wish my dad could of seen me pass.
    rip. N4pdm.

    I think he was there. =)

    because I was soo nervous..


    O I do know I have to wait to see my Call sign in the FCC DB b4 i can start talking.

    @ Rock, thank you I was just looking at my book I picked up and wow, I was shocked @ how many frequencies I can talk on with being a Tech.

    One fast question, I think I got this Right,
    ... 2m vs 6m

    The 6meter has a lower Mhz so it can Go longer Right??
  8. KB2FCV

    KB2FCV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hi Robert,

    Contgratulations on passing your exam!

    To answer your first question, yes... you can operate as a Tech form 144-148. Rock's post shows you were you can go and how much power you can use.
    6 meters generally yes, you can work farther distances when the band opens up. It's called 'the magic band' as the band will open up to different areas at different times. Sometimes it will be open a few minutes or a few hours! On a simple indoor antenna I have worked into europe on 6 as well as over a good portion of the USA. 6 meters you tend to find SSB and CW as the modes of choice.

    If you pick up a dual bander (144/440), you can get some distance with using the satellites. I worked a california station on one of the FM satellites using a simple homebrew antenna! With 200w of power and a pretty good antenna system you can even do EME (although it requires an all mode VHF radio). There are plenty of interesting things you can get into with a tech license.


    @ Rock and KB2FCV
    Thank you for the information...
    I had no idea that a 6meter
    was that powerfull..
    this one older man at my work is like making the
    2 meter as if its only as powerfull as a CB and
    that the 6 meter is like ALL EPIC POWERFULL!!!!

    thanks for the information.

    So If I get a 2meter /6 meter Radio, Dual Band Radio (if thats what there called) That should really be all I need.


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