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2 meter indoor antenna??

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KD8HYU, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. K3UD

    K3UD Guest

    When I lived in an apartment complex I fashioned a 3 element 2 meter yagi made out of wire coat hangers and an a 7 FT 2X4 mast. I had it rigged so it could be used either horizontal or Vertical. It worked out rather well and way out performed my 5/8th wave vertical mag mount mounted on a steam radiator cover.

    You might want to check out the Elk Antenna 144/70 yagi. I have one and it works very well from inside the house and can be flipped for vertical or horizontal.
    It is very compact and a good rover / portable antenna

  2. N0EQ

    N0EQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    If I use my HT in my backyard, sitting in an aluminum lawn chair,
    I can use the chair as a corner reflector. I don't connect the
    chair to anything. I simply sit in the chair. Which ever direction
    I face seems to be the lobe. So I just turn the chair till I'm
    facing the station I want to contact.

    Craig 'Lumpy' Lemke
  3. KD8HYU

    KD8HYU Ham Member QRZ Page

    As I stated in an earlier post here I have been using the Emergency Deployable VHF Antenna by Bob Hejl W2IK

    I used it this weekend while visiting my Mother in Huron, OH. I talked to a couple hams in Toledo, OH about 61 miles away as the crow flies and I was using my FT60R running 5watts. I was on UHF and my signal wasn't the greatest but I was told that I was almost 100% copy. I had the antenna up about 6 feet on a painters pole on a second floor balcony.

    The antenna is easy to build and with it being a 2 piece it is easily transportable and stored. I'm really happy with it.
  4. KD0ETH

    KD0ETH Ham Member QRZ Page

    I have access to my attic so I ended up sticking a copper j-pole in there. I haven't had much time to test it but I pegged a repeater 40 miles away on 5W.

    I'm looking to acquire something to do 2M SSB work with and I'm probably going to stick maybe an Elk antenna up there as well.
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