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146.520 on the road

Discussion in 'On the Road' started by N3TDV, Sep 5, 2019.

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  1. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    That might make a certain kind of sense if the simplex frequencies were busy.

    They aren't anymore, and it doesn't.
  2. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I got a Baofeng, the first VHF or UHF rig I've had since the 90s.

    If I didn't program it in via Chirp then I have no idea how to do it from the keyb0ard. Oh I'm sure it's POSSIBLE - but it's not like the days of setting your IC-2AT DIP switches.

    Many modern radios go beyond "not user friendly" into "positively user HOSTILE" unless hooked to a digi-thingy.
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  3. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I tried that a few times back in the day. HIHI takes too long to send on a car horn. So does CQ or whatever. Even hams who know code don't always recognize it because it Doppler shifts as you pass anyway. Never seemed practical. Nowadays someone would think you were road raging or something.
  4. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Staying is better - others may hear you and join in. If people want to talk to each other and not the group or the first two ops, someone can move, no big deal. But by staying you may get a simplex round table going.
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  5. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If they have a problem they'll use their cell phone first, not their VHF/UHF rig.

    Assuming they have cell service of course. I know a few areas do not, and that's different.
  6. WD4IGX

    WD4IGX Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    If you need to contact someone, anyone, right away, then 911 on your cell phone is a vastly better idea if you have cell coverage.

    If you don't, then any repeater in range is a better idea than any simplex frequency.

    Only if a) no cell service, and b) no repeater in range, would I try calling on an FM simplex frequency in an emergency or urgent situation.
  7. WD8RIT

    WD8RIT Ham Member QRZ Page

    I've had luck driving West coast to East coast using 146.52. I've even had luck using my vertical antenna on 144.200 SSB. People are out there!!! But, when there isn't, that's when I use the HF and a screwdriver.
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  8. K2BCE

    K2BCE Ham Member QRZ Page

    This past Friday I drove 4hrs north to Stewartsville, NJ. from outside Dulles, VA and I got nothing on 146.52, switched back to SiriusXM after listening to white noise and nothing for so long
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  9. KL7AJ

    KL7AJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Our repeater system totally sucks so I only use simplex.
  10. AC0GT

    AC0GT Ham Member QRZ Page

    That's a very nice license plate frame but I wouldn't consider that since I recall cases of people in Iowa getting pulled over for frames like that since it covers too much of the plate. I considered getting a vanity plate with "446 MHZ", "FM 446", or something similar and keeping a radio in my truck tuned to that frequency. I decided against that once I found out how much a vanity plate costs, and how little actual conversation that would likely bring.

    On long trips I'll bring my CB and a dual band HT or mobile, the CB gets more use. I had a dual VFO HT that I would tune to the 2 meter and 70 cm calling frequencies but I sold it since it seemed to only pick up broken bits of public safety chatter. It worked well enough on one VFO but then that defeated the point of having two.

    A few people mentioned the possible use of SDR to monitor the bands for transmissions. That sounds like a good idea. I've heard of people using APRS to announce that they were listening on 146.52, I don't recall how well that worked for them. I'm guessing that in the near future there's going to be someone that figures out a way to more easily find other licensed Amateurs in range on VHF and UHF bands. This will likely come with some APRS style position reporting and some kind of digital voice mode.
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