13 Colonies Totals

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by N4USS, Jul 8, 2018.

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  1. N4USS

    N4USS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    I’m a novice programmer. I created a web page where folks can enter there totals for the 13 Colonies event along with their callsign, state, and country. It has been an awesome event. If you worked it consider entering your info. Goal is to see how people did from different locations. 73 DE N4USS.

    Link: http://www.bandhoppers.com/13col.php
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  2. KD2NOM

    KD2NOM XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Data Added
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  3. KL1T

    KL1T Ham Member QRZ Page

    Added my info. I'm missing K2H(MA). I know for a fact that I have about a 5% chance of reaching him. It is in my skip zone and I really struggle to reach anyone in that area. It took 4 months of nearly nightly trying to contact my friend on all bands, using digital.
    Never even saw GB13COL a single time on FT8 or SSB
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  4. W5BIB

    W5BIB Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Nice work Jeff. :)

    Steve / W5BIB
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  5. N4FZ

    N4FZ XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Data added, This is first year I remember working BOTH the WM3PEN and GB13COL along with the 13 Colonies! :) Gene
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  6. N5CM

    N5CM Ham Member QRZ Page

    I worked the 14 US stations on CW but could not make it through to GB13COL in that mode. Finally got him on 20m phone.
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  7. N4USS

    N4USS Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    This year I was on the air when the event started. I picked up 9 station in the first 2 hours. The hardest for me was GB13COL. Also had a tough time with K2D. Worked mostly SSB but did 2 on CW and 1 on FT8.
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  8. AG5CK

    AG5CK Ham Member QRZ Page

    I worked all 13 with no bonus stations. SSB on 10, 20 and 40 meters.

    K2H was tough. He was too weak to work the first few times I heard him but I finally caught him on 20m yesterday.
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  9. KL1T

    KL1T Ham Member QRZ Page

    I finally got him on 80m right near the end. My 66' OFCDipole can be tuned on 80/160 with a NVIS pattern. Unfortunately tuner arcing limits me to 25 watts so it is obviously a last resort.
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  10. VE3CGA

    VE3CGA XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    nice event!! never heard GB13COL on any band, any mode, lots of stations trying. got all the others
    I wonder what the working condx were over there, I heard quite a few "G" and "M" stations during but not GB13COL.
    Could always tell others were trying.
    I broke a wire off my paddle while trying to work one of the colonies - switched to hand key only to find that I need to use that from time to time.
    my brain can do the side2side but lost the up and down molecue. I should have put the key on its side, ha

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