13 Colonies Special Event - Fail! Rant ....

Discussion in 'Contests, DXpeditions and Special Events' started by KE4OH, Jul 16, 2018.

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  1. KU2US

    KU2US Ham Member QRZ Page

    First, the author of this LIE was eliminated as an operator. He did not decide anything! He stated on His site that he did not, will not nor request any money for his services! A LIE! Two years ago He emailed me asking if He could set up a web site for the event for FREE! No gratuities what so ever. I have the email. He also was an event operator. I agreed, and we got together and exchanged ideas. The site was set up. The second week this July 2019, he emailed me demanding a payment from me of $1,175.00 for his services OR if not paid, He would shut down the web site. (EXTORTION). I refused. He then shut down the site and started a campaign slandering me and the event. He stated that I pocketed over $85,000.00 this year???? I can tell you that this event has not generated that kind of $$$ for the 11 years it has been going on COMBINED! I also have the emails for all of the above too! He also took his name and call sign off the web site so no one would know who he was! WHY? because He knows what he is doing is wrong. I told him that in this country we have free speech, BUT sometimes free speech has consequences. He also without notice shut down the web site in 2018 because He could not handle some emails he was getting requesting some info about changes he had made to the site. I had to call him and just about kiss his _______(fill in the blank) to get it up and running again. I should of seen the instability then.

    Using his 3rd grade math skills, His calculations are quite faulty. We had about 170,000 CONTACTS this year. He thought the 170 were each individual operators? They are not! You have to divide the 170 by 13 colony states and three bonus stations, and all those who made contacts for multiple bands and modes. We both agreed that the average number of people who send in for certs ranges about 8-12%. Taking 10% as the average based on past data. SO He took 10% of 170,000 x $5.00 donation per certificate and came up with $85,000.00-LOL! The realistic number is approx. +/-8% of the 85K.. He accused me of pocketing the overage with no proof. A special account was set up for the event and the $$ stayed in THERE, NOT my pocket as He says.

    THEN there are the expenses! Printer, ink, paper, card stock USPO STAMPS (lots), envelopes, tape, QSL cards, Event award plaques, postage for same, and others-of which I have all of the deposit records and receipts as proof. He still would not listen.

    I was honest with him and told him that yes, there was some $$$ left over, which is carried over to the next year. He still kept up with the slander. NOW CHEAP PAPER??? We use SouthWorth 20% cotton paper ($45.00 a box).quite expensive! Those roller marks you say you see? Most are WATERMARKS impregnated in the paper. All high quality paper has this.. This paper is acid free which stops fading and discoloring over a long period of time. NO WAY this is cheap copy paper and if you tore each one in half you will see the difference. Hold the cert up to a light and you will see a watermark. YES a $700.00 Ink Jet printer with clean rollers. Using a laser printer would be cost prohibitive based on the volume we do and they are unreliable and not built for volume printing.

    What bothers me is that folks complain with out knowing what they are talking about. The center photo of Fort Ticonderoga is a color scan of an old linen post card printed in the 1950's! A linen post card has LINES on it, so these lines are also reproduced as such on the scan and on the finished printed product. It is an actual representation of the fort after it was restored in 1909. It is full color and SUCKS ink.. And as per hundreds of responses I have gotten-THE best one yet!

    SO! I have all the emails from Him proving all above. I have all financial records for the year rebuking his slanderous claims. The burden of PROOF is on HIM, which he has NONE! He was eliminated from the 13 Colonies group, and banned from our face book page. He says he has about 30 operators in his camp, BIG DEAL! I have THOUSANDS! And in NO WAY, will these LIDS stop this fantastic Amateur event. All the music, FT8 over SSB, carriers and other interference? It will not and does not effect anything and does not matter at all. I put in hundreds (that is right) of hours of work to make this event work, and I will not complain. Not counting all of the State volunteer operators too! I have put in over $600.00 of my own money to start this thing and have as of yet, paid myself back and probably won't, I spend ALL of my summer working approx.4-5 hours a day printing and mailing certificates (Well into September)-my summer is shot! BUT ya know what? It is all worth it getting on the air for that great week of operating and honoring our country and Veterans. SO I just don't want to hear any more garbage. It discust's me.
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  2. K4XJ

    K4XJ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Very well said Ken!...You always do a good job for the event and alot of people look forward to it. As you stated, the "LIDS" are the ones who are causing the interference using FT8, CW and playing music. It seems to me that guy was just out to make money and care less about the event. We also have the radio police out there telling everyone when someone is using splits or anything else. They cause more QRM then the ones not knowing the station is using the splits. 1 person calls and then 10 people come back to him yelling and screaming "HE'S USING SPLITS"!!! and they will yell at him for 30 seconds!. Like GB13COL when he was calling...The LIDS keep on calling over him when he has already made a contact with a station. He is trying to get their info and the morons just keep on calling. It took a 9 year old girl to tell all them men on there that they were rude and have no consideration for the other operators. I personally think its best when the stations working the 13 colonies go by the numbers. Alot of the ones causing the problems sound just like the ones I heard on 7.200, 14.313 and on 80 meters....Grown men (if you want to call them that) acting like 12 year olds when they don't get their way. All that guys 30 friends are in my opinion just washed up CB'rs. You Ken have 1000's of good friends out here who respect what you do. I for one tip my hat at you for the good job you do. Don't let the morons get under your skin because there are more out here that are good people then bad by a far number. Keep the event going because you can see the response on how good your event is by the amount of people that your group of volunteers make contact with. And I bet you get plenty of QSL and Certificate request....30 people he has? LOL LOL LOL, that sounds like a Boy Scout group!....Good Job Ken!!...Keep up the good work!
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  3. AA4UC

    AA4UC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Ken, Wow! Glad to hear the other side rather than just see what was posted. Thanks for keeping this special event going and clarifying this unfortunate internal conflict. I know organizing and successfully executing a special event as popular as this one must have many challenges. All the best.
  4. K1TQ

    K1TQ Ham Member QRZ Page

    Mind boggling that grown men and women are carrying on like this. Of course there will be LIDS - where in life are they not present? Of course there will be station issues - where in life does everything run smoothly with no hiccups? I will admit that I have done my share of ranting to a couple of close ham friends, but contrarily, these things have tended to spur me on to try that much harder.

    This is my favorite event of the year, "problems" and all, hands down. Thank you to Ken KU2US, and the colony teams - you all do a fantastic job. I am glad to hear it will continue. As is everywhere, the silent majority is silent and the handful of perpetual malcontents loud. Just know that this event is much enjoyed. In this day and age, it soothes the soul to hear the calls of "God bless America", "Happy Independence Day", and "God bless our troops". Thank you!
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  5. KE4OH

    KE4OH Ham Member QRZ Page

    Glad to see that things are much better in 2019 than a year ago when I started this thread.
  6. AA4UC

    AA4UC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    One by the way...my certificate is definitely not like you describe but that wasn't the point of my post. I was concerned about the obvious internal turmoil that had became very public on the special events very own web site http://www.13colonies.net/.
  7. KU2US

    KU2US Ham Member QRZ Page

    It is not our website anymore. It is www.13colonies.us. Do you want another certificate? No problem. Email me with what you got.
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  8. KZ4KX

    KZ4KX XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Are you still sending out certificates? Still waiting on mine.
  9. KU2US

    KU2US Ham Member QRZ Page

    Yes-Well into September!
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