1296 transverter options?

Discussion in 'VHF/UHF - 50Mhz and Beyond' started by K3RW, Aug 18, 2017.

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  1. K3RW

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    No, I'm still interested in the 1296 transverter. I just see transverters with 28 and 144 IFs and wondered what the benefit might be. I saw a 222mhz transverter also, unrelated to this posting, except there was a question on my part what other hardware pieces (other than cables) might be needed.
  2. WA9SVD

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    Well, obviously, each 1296 transverter will have different requirements, and with all due respect, what is (or isn't) required @ 1.25M is far different, although transverters from the same manufacturer may have similar switching requirements.
    I'm lucky that I have a Kenwood TS-790A, long discontinued, but I was able to get the 1.2GHz module before they became harder to find than unobtainium.

    The TS-290 has separate outputs for each band (the 1.2 GHz has a "N" connector.) I use a (Kenwood) diplexer to combine the 2M/70cm to a single 2M/5 El. Yagi. It works OK as a LOW (18') Yagi at 2 M, and is a decent performer even on its third harmonic @ 70 cm. (But the radiation pattern can't even be modeled by ezNec. When I use 23 cm, I have a KLM 23 element Yagi, which does reasonably with the 10 Watt output of the TS-790 module.When I move elsewhere (I'm in a 15 year old temporary/permanent house, or is it a permanently temporary house?) I will put up better antennas; the 70 cm antenna is not permanently mounted.
    If you ARE serious about 1296 SSB ops, then get an antenna up high, with as many elements as possible. On FM, you will just make the occasional repeater contact.
    But Good Luck, and we NEED more operators on 1296 MHz.
  3. W0AAT

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    Typically transverters up to 432mhz use a 28mhz IF these days(older ones were a different story including using triplers from 2 meters!) and above 432 144mhz is the most used IF frequency. Beyond that you just need cables for transverters with built in switching(SG labs has it built in but only 2 watts output). Even my el cheapo 222 Ukrainian transverter(Transverter Store on eBay) has built in switching and bypass for HF up to 100 watts but again it is low power at 7 watts max(and 5 watts typical once adjusted for best IMD).

    It is when you add power amplifier and preamps you require external switching and many power amps have it built in if they are a commercial made unit. Preamps at power levels over 160 watts require relay(s) up the tower.

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