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Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Nov 9, 2000.

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    Been there, done that! writes...

    It never ceases to amaze me that people continue to argue about CB radio operation. I got into CB radio in the late 70's, with a Realistic 23 channel AM radio. Channel 19 was a waste, but there were other freqs to use...

    Then someone told me about the 'hole-in-the-wall'. My radio world opened up a little! Then I discovered SSB. I moved up to a beam antenna, and found many more friends who talked on the radio. We all had our 'favorite' freq. Then I was introduced to a 'slider', and my radio world expanded again. Most of my talking was local, and by experimenting I learned a lot about radio. Then I started using my beam to explore parts beyond my area. I was amazed my rig could talk to someone on the other side of the US, and parts of the world. Granted, some radio operators were just total idiots, but I had the option to change freqs, or better yet, turn the radio off and do something else. Then I moved to another state, and my equipment stayed silent for a number of years. After buying a house I decided to put together my rig and see what was going on. To my amazement CB radio had calmed down. Even channel 19 wasn't the mess it used to be.

    Ham operators are able to use a much greater number of 'bands' compared to a CBer. Ham's are licensed, and that license 'allows' one to operate a radio. People are supposed to have a license to drive a car, fish, hunt,etc. Every day people drive, hunt, & fish without a license. If they get caught, they pay a fine (if they get caught!). If a CB operator is causing a problem in an area, actions should be taken. If a CB radio is operating 'out of band', and isn't interferring with other radio operations, what's the harm. I personally have never gone into the 'ham' bands; that's not to say it doesn't happen. Those who do should be dealt with. But to just slap huge fines on an offender isn't the answer. It's like the cop who sits in the bushes waiting for a speeder....it's easy money.

    I feel it would help both sides to 'educate' all radio users. Most CBer's who operate out of band don't know if they are interferring with other radio operations. Maybe if CBer's were include in some of the 'privy' knowledge of the bands they would stay off those freqs. There are a lot of business's that are selling ham radios to the general public, who use them illegally. How do you stop that. Selling ham radios to only licensed operators is unenforcable, because every flea market and yard sale in the U.S. has some sort of radio equipment for sale. Not to mention the internet!

    I am now trying to move up into the ranks of a ham operator. I've had a ham radio for some time now; I hooked it up to listen to the bands and hear what kind of conversations are taking place. To my amazement, some ham operators were just as bad as some CBer's. I've read in several radio magazines of some ham operators (General & Extras) getting busted for interferring with other radio operators, etc. These are people who are supposed to know better! So much for licensing.

    So just remember; not all CBer's are godless heathens. A good CBer could make a 'GREAT' ham. As a radio operator, just remember your 'roots'. It sure is easier to condemn than convert; this is the 'information' age.....spread some knowledge!
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