10m Band Pirates in E. Texas

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by Guest, Jul 9, 2001.

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    N4INU writes " 03h18Z Sunday 08/7/01

    Approaching Dallas Westbound on I-20 at the above time, the radio was scanning 10m. The scanning stopped on a conservation in progress in the AM mode on 28.28 MHz. It was NOT, repeat NOT, in any way a ham conversation.

    The conversation grew louder with time until it was 20+ over 9. I was right behind a Brookshire's truck Westbound on I-20 and wrote the license number of his trailer. He exited off I-20 onto I-635 Northbound after which time the signal strength became rapidly weaker. I had no tape recorder handy but wonder if one should REALLY be necessary: One could aver that the conversation could have actually occurred on 11m-- a tape recorder would have no means of determining whether or not this would actually have been the case.

    This was a particularly flagrant case of flouting the FCC rules about unlicensed operation. What I would like to know is whether this case is already lost because no means of recording the conversation had been available. Even if the conversation had been recorded, what would be the proof that it had occurred on 10m at 28.28 MHz instead of e.g. 27.28 MHz? Therefore is the fact that no recording was made mean that catching this 10m pirate in the very act is in vain?

    What to do now?

    ....73 de N4INU...."
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