100W vs. 250W of output power, will anyone ever notice the difference?

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio Amplifiers' started by 4L4AGU, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. NZ9Y

    NZ9Y Ham Member QRZ Page

    A 20 dB increase? You must have asked for a signal report at 03:00z from an American on 75 meters. :)
  2. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Cocktail hour here starts two hours before that.
  3. 4L4AGU

    4L4AGU Ham Member QRZ Page

    No it was local ham, about 5 km away.
  4. WA6TKD

    WA6TKD Ham Member QRZ Page

    Still would not account for a valid 20db increase. Perhaps your receiver was in a front end overload condition from the strong local signal? Most ham receivers are poor at measuring accurate RF voltage input over a wide range.

    Lies, damn lies, statistics, and S meters.

    Last edited: Dec 4, 2011
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