100 Years Anniversary of RSGB NoV Special CallSigns

Discussion in 'General Announcements' started by 2E0IRN, Jun 13, 2013.

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  1. 2E0IRN

    2E0IRN Ham Member QRZ Page

    On The 5th of July 2013 marks 100years of RSGB

    You can get a NoV to mark the occasion my going onto the RSGB Website (UK Only i think?) Anyways, you will get an extra 'V' before your number example 'MV6', '2VE0' and 'GV4' Mine is MV6NAV which feel free to check out. The Radio Society of Great Britain has also set out a special callsign running around Britain GB100 so keep your ears out for it on HF, VHF or even (so called dead) UHF.

    On July 5th is the date the NoV starts and ends on July 31st so that gives you plenty of time to have a play with your new callsign. Has any of you already done it? If so just tell us in the replys and then we can try and see if we can hear you?

    Joshua Glicklich M6NAV / MV6NAV
  2. GI3SG

    GI3SG Premium Subscriber QRZ Page

    Hi Joshua Will Be QRV as GV3SG
    Hpe Cu on Air Vy 73 Martin GI3SG
  3. M5AML

    M5AML Ham Member QRZ Page

    Actually the regional designator is replaced by a V wherever there is one present. 2W1xxx becomes 2V1xxx, 2E0xxx becomes 2V0xxx and so on, NOT 2VE0!. Callsigns without the designator i.e. English M and G prefix calls should add the V for example G9xxx becomes GV9xxx but MM7xxx would be altered to MV7xxx.

    UK only.

  4. M0ABA

    M0ABA Ham Member QRZ Page

    and remember you cant use the "v" in your call on air yet so no body should be using it untill the dates specified in your Nov but when the 5th comes around i will be active on 20m jt-9
    very 73 de tom
  5. G0TOG

    G0TOG Ham Member QRZ Page

    your all being led up the RSGB Ltd path of roses.

    `The RSGB Ltd. Didnt come into being untill about the middle of the 1920'S And didnt have a callsign for many years to come.
    However, what you will be celebrating is the 100th year of the London wireless club, Later after a name change,The London wireless society. Members of which at an AGM at the Waldorf hotel in 1922, proposed the setting up of the RSGB.

    `The UK's first National & International radio society was the British Wireless Relay League set up by members of the Manchester wireless society (Establish in 1911 2 FZ). Manchester wireless society had international members just like all the other clubs of the period, Including the London wireless club.

    `Written in the London wireless society journal "Wireless World"
    YWP Evan of 2 Princess road Manchester, was Granted by the post master general a licence for the British Wirless Relay League. And the callsign for the British Wireless Relay League was 2 ZZ

    `The BWRL was set up primarily to take on UK amatuer causes to National & Local government Simlar to the ARRL.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2013
  6. M0ABA

    M0ABA Ham Member QRZ Page

    guess thats 1 person that wont be inserting V in there call sign then :eek:
  7. KW0U

    KW0U Ham Member QRZ Page

    Interesting and fun; I've enjoyed collecting a few special UK calls, which are nice souvenirs of royal weddings, jubilees, etc. Along these lines, with the centennial of amateur radio occurring in various countries I suggested to the ARRL that for 2014 they apply for "W1ØØAW". They are looking into it, but whether the FCC agrees is anybody's guess.
  8. M0ABA

    M0ABA Ham Member QRZ Page

    final note any thing that gets people operating more on air is a good thing is it not? well done to joshua for passing his test at a such a young age when most chaps his age are sitting infront of video games machines hi hi i hope you make many contacts and have lots of fun ! cul de tom
    m0aba-mx0cns and after the 5th mv0aba-mv0cns ..
  9. G0NDV

    G0NDV Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hello... seems there's quite an "excitement" coming on the 5th July 2013 then HI! Just to add though, it makes the hobby worthwhile knowing that you can enjoy a different callsign even if it is for less than a month. Mine will of course be GV0NDV and I look forward to working as many of you as possible, I've even gone the whole Hogg of having 100 QSL cards printed too, and I haven't sent or received those in over 15 years, so it goes to show that you can still enjoy the hobby, leave it for a while and then pick it up again anytime you like.... 73 my friends and good working GV GB100's etc.... Paul G0NDV/GV0NDV Skegness, East Coast UK.
  10. M0LEP

    M0LEP Ham Member QRZ Page

    Heh, my "V" NoV will probably end up adding to my collection of NoVs obtained but never used, but I had an enjoyable day using G100RSGB a week or so ago; more QSOs in a day than I usually manage in six months. ;)
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