100 Watts and a Wire: Episode 47 is posted.

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K0STH, May 31, 2016.

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  1. K0STH

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    On this episode, Christian learns a valuable lesson regarding amplifiers and installing tubes. We also share a conversation with Sean, KX9X to discuss the state of the National Parks on the Air special event. Marty, KC1CWF takes the 100 Watts and a Wire microphone in the field and files reports from the 2016 Dayton Hamvention. And, a heartfelt apology from K0STH.


    100 Watts and a Wire ® is a weekly podcast celebrating amateur radio. Join Christian Cudnik, K0STH for topical conversation, interviews, news and an entertaining look at the adventures of a ham trying to figure it all out.

    100 Watts and a Wire is perfect for those who are new to ham radio, those looking to serve as Elmer’s, and the technically curious crowd.

    Whether you run 5 watts or 1500 watts, everyone is welcome. In our community, it's OK not to know everything, ask for help, give advice and get on the air.

    Visit 100wattsandawire.com for more information. You can subscribe to the show by clicking the RSS feed. Or, by using podcast apps like, iTunes or Stitcher.

    iTunes: goo.gl/G4ODJc
    Stitcher: goo.gl/X3hrsa

    Calling Frequencies: 14287 and 7180

    Our weekly NET or a casual 'Gathering of the Willing' happens each Thursday evening at 01:00 UTC. [8p Central]
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  2. K3TEF

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    btw Christian, my first concert was Chicago. I was maybe in the 4th grade and during the early 80s :) and the DMB was an excellent choice for her, well done!
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  3. N2KOJ

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    Great Job on the Interviews Marty... Very disapointed about the end of the show. Kinda expected something different when you read about a Heartfelt Apology..
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  4. K2LF

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  5. KD8TNF

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    This guy said it. He is a extra and cannot get any of four four pin tubes indexed correctly, and doesn't note indexing on removal of originals. In the new extra exam pool I find no vacuum tube questions, and only one where anything tube is mentioned, and not as a part of the desired answer, and one more where a technical description of tuning a tube amp is asked. In a 700 question pool I do find something like six on making a computer sound card over in to a digital scope, and several dozen more crammed in on digital methods and ops in a area where I and most I know young and old have zero interest. The VEC have decided what is relevant over a period of time looking back, with a manifestation of this demonstrated here in this story. Of those hams in my circle who actually operate, most or all of them will or do have new and old tube type amplifiers (at least), and of the two who have solid state amps, one has failed. A ongoing discussion.

    In this guys defense I note older four pin sockets are a lot more difficult to index incorrectly, the sockets used in the new stuff are pretty sloppy.
  6. K0STH

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    The practical application of amateur radio begins after the initial interest and testing. This is why Elmering will always be important. Thanks for listening.

    'This guy'
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  7. KD8TNF

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    Addendum: New pool E7B18 is also a tube amplifier related question. 73

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