10 Ways the ICOM 7300 Has Impacted Ham Radio — 5 Years Out

Discussion in 'Amateur Radio News' started by K8QS, Sep 29, 2020.

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  1. K7LRC

    K7LRC XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    Same here when I fist started in FT8.
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  2. PA5COR

    PA5COR Ham Member QRZ Page

    same for the FT991A.
  3. W9WQA

    W9WQA Ham Member QRZ Page

    i agree. i like what i like no matter whose name is on it. loved my heath sb1400/ yaesu 747. love my 450d, love my 7000 and 7300.
    i really liked the 991a and will buy another if/when they fix the display like the 7300. 991a also has some other quirks with the leds/vfo's.
    id give 1500 for a fixed 991a and if icom makes a 991 a ill buy it.

    no fanboy here, let kenwood make it...
  4. PA5COR

    PA5COR Ham Member QRZ Page

    I make always a list of things the new radio should have and then go out buy it whatever brand is on the faceplate, i had Icom, Kenwood lines and Yaesu radios.
    I knew about the display didn't care i buy a radio not a television set, on my 2000 i could get a large screen, never had it, not needed.
    I also knew about the quirky way about the 2 vfo set ups , happens when you do your research, couldn't care about that either.
    The radio had 2/70 all mode, good receiver and good noise fighting tools and fitted the place i had for the radio and so it came home.
    Whatever brand is on the front, i don't care, it has to work well as per my demands.
    The FT991A fit the bill.
    If you want the perfect transceiver? build one yourself to your wishes.
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2020
  5. W9WQA

    W9WQA Ham Member QRZ Page

    my my my we cant let up...!!!
  6. EI3IBB

    EI3IBB Ham Member QRZ Page

    When I got my License in May 2019 I already had the FT-77 which I saw come up for sale locally and decided to buy it because I like the look of it. Performs well for it's age and receive audio is great. But not long after getting my License I wanted something newer and decided on the 7300 more for the fact I could remote into it from work when I was working nights at the time and it worked ok, Icom don't bother updating anything and the remote software is buggy, only for the remote function I was going to get the FTDX-3000 mainly because all the reviews I watched and read hinted the 3000 had a better receiver and audio.

    When I first hooked up the 7300 I noticed immediately how harsh the audio sounded and I've seen some you tube videos on this, unplug the antenna and that harsh white noise is always present then add to that regular band noise and it can be fatiguing even with NR. I hooked up the headphones and it was the same, I mostly listen with headphones.

    To make a long story shorter I had a Tecsun PL-880 and S-8800 and their audio is harsh and SSB reception terrible due to agc issues, I had a non DSP PL-660 and it had wonderful analogue sound but it was deaf on LW/MW so I got the PL-680 which sounds really sweet compared to the 7300 or the PL-880 or S-8800.

    Next I got the FT-891 and again, sweat sounding audio with headphones, real pleasure to listen to and in my opinion the filtering is better than the 7300, the countour function works well and if I need noise reduction the DNR on the 891 is really amazing.

    I live in a very quiet area and perhaps those in noisier areas wont hear how how noisy the 7300 audio is, or harsh.

    Next I got the Xiegu G90, a decent little radio around the same size as the 891, but poorer audio, it's noisier and no matter how much I play with RF gain on the G90 or 7300 I just can't get them to sound as good as the 891 or even the really cheap Tecsun PL-680, the 680 of course doesn't have the filtering for crowded bands but the audio is just amazing.

    A friend of mine got the TS-590 SG and I like it a lot more than the 7300, it has built in panadapter so you get a traditional radio with all the buttons and you can add an sdr for that screen if you want, I really wish more manufacturers would go this route giving People the option and it might make the radio cheaper too, the 590 is a joy to use and it sounds really great.

    Before I had a chance to play with the 590SG I had got the PTRX-7300 panadapter and connected it to my Airspy HF+ I had lying around and the difference is amazing, having the large waterfall, being able to see clearly a gap on a crowded 80m band in the evening and being able to highlight it which will tell you the frequency and you can tell your friends to QSY to that frequency, simple things like that make a big difference + the audio is better from the Airspy HF+ . I use omnirig to control the 7300 from SDR Console.

    If someone already has the 7300 then the panadapter will transform your experience with the 7300 but if someone is thinking of buying a new 7300 and panadapter + SDR then I would suggest going for the Sun SDR DX 100w because it's a proper sdr and supposed to have fantastic filters and noise reduction and it gets updates which the 7300 won't, this is the big selling point of SDR, a new update could transform the radio.

    If someone is new to Ham radio then the FT-891 is a super radio which would make an ideal portable radio if you get a larger base radio in the future. SDR won't allow you hear better and that's what ham radio is all about. That's just my opinion. I know how offensive opinions can be to others :)
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  7. PA0MHS

    PA0MHS XML Subscriber QRZ Page

    I've seen quite a few comparisons between radios on Youtube and many make the same mistake: compare the sound of two radios using their internal speakers!. You can only compare the sound of two radios using the same speaker or headphone. Having said that: play with the filter settings of the 7300. I discovered by accident that switching between a "brick wall" filter (the default setting on the 7300 and 9700) and rounded edges makes a lot of difference in listening experience. The rounded setting is less harsh on the ears.
  8. WD8KDG

    WD8KDG Ham Member QRZ Page

    Let's not forget the dead clock battery. Total failure in just one year.
  9. K2ENF

    K2ENF Ham Member QRZ Page

    #1 When a commercial antenna is hooked to the rig, all shacks now look like they were cloned.
    #2 A whole generation of radio-amateurs now forget that hobby's magic was not necessarily about watching a screen."

    Our charter says we're supposed to be at the cutting edge of the radio art.
    Yet, most of the complaints I see like this are about the cutting edge of the tech.
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  10. WB4JHS

    WB4JHS Ham Member QRZ Page

    Absolutely loved the video. I was thinking of selling my Icom 756Pro(original) and IC-703plus to fund a IC-7300 if I can find a Black Friday sale.

    I notice the noise level on a IC-703+ compared to the Xiegu G-90 is amazing where the SDR is way more quiet and sensitive.

    Living in a HOA PUD even with underground utilities I have a lot of hash noise from I guess big screen TVs and LEDs but the SDR of the Xiegu G-90 seems to reduce them all....SO MY QUESTION TO QUIN or the group here: I hear mixed reports about the receiver quality and I wish I could pay a local owner to stop by with a 7300 and compare it under my conditions. I hear that the wide band water fall brings in too much noise etc. Any thoughts if the 7300 will have an overall better receiver than the IC-756Pro original?


    John Mahagan
    Orlando, Fl



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