10 Meter's, is it worth buying a radio?

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KB1JFQ, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Well lets see.....When I got my license (Tech) in 2003, Techs had no HF privileges. You had to get your General for that. At the same time, there were many well intentioned hams giving me advice to get my General and that advice was very welcome. After all, we learn from those who come before us.
    So, on to the General ticket. In the meantime, Techs were given 10M privileges. The same well meaning Hams start talking about the last solar cycle and how incredible 10M is. Hell ya it's fascinating!

    I do not blame any Tech for being excited about 10M. When the band opens up again allot of fun is going to be had. That is the excitement of Ham radio, learning and doing new things.......and if you no longer feel that, then you have stagnated.

    Try something new. Ham radio is not about the NETS on HF and complaints about your wobbly knees and the weather. It is about meeting new folks, trying new things and LEARNING new stuff!

    I am no longer a Tech, and I think 10M is fascinating. I can't wait. I plan on getting my WAP (Worked all planets) on 10M. BRING ON THE SUN SPOTS!!!!!

    Jump in, the waters fine and have some fun!!! :D
  2. N8YX

    N8YX Ham Member QRZ Page

    Because you can do things on 10M that you simply cannot do on the other bands.

    The fact that 10M encompasses 1.7MHz of spectrum doesn't hurt matters either.
  3. KB2QU

    KB2QU Ham Member QRZ Page

    Sure they did I got my tech in 1978 and had CW privileges on 80,40,15 and 10 meters unless something changed in 2003.
  4. KA9MOT

    KA9MOT Ham Member QRZ Page

    OK, I stand corrected. Still, you knew what I meant.

    Edit: Looking at the Band Plan dated April 15, 2000 I see that Novices and Tech Plus Licenses had CW privileges on 80,40,15 and 10M. Unless I am looking at it incorrectly.
    Tech Plus = Tech with Element 1

    Please see (Scroll Down for Band Plan) : http://www.utm.edu/staff/leeb/bandchar.pdf
    Last edited: May 12, 2010
  5. K3DAV

    K3DAV Ham Member QRZ Page

    ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY!! Best band on HF. But don't get one of those trashy CB wanna be 10M radios. Get a real ham radio with all of HF and some clean power.
  6. K9STH

    K9STH Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Then there were the "original" Technician Class licensees (with no "+") who had to pass the 5 wpm code test who also had HF privileges when they were granted Novice Class HF privileges as well as VHF privileges. The FCC really confused the situation when they started issuing "Tech+" licenses, then gave HF privileges to those with "credit" for passing the CW examination from a VE team, and so forth.

    Glen, K9STH
  7. N1NQC

    N1NQC Ham Member QRZ Page

    Hey Folks,

    Without getting TOO deep,I'll throw in MY two cents.

    First of all I am a NO CODE TECH. Dunno if that makes me a bit lazy ( whatever) but I have no real interest in upgrading now.
    The main reason is that I cannot put up HF antennas at my apt nor do I want to run much in the way of SSB from here anyways. I must run 10M from my mobile only and at least for now really don't want to run the other HF bands from the car.Also TOO much else going on in life right now.

    FWIW, I have a good shop and over the years have built a number of Tx / rcve and antenna projects there.I'm also into fairly serious propagation study,ULF/VLF "Natural Radio" home brew stuff and ultra high Q crystal sets (among many other interests radio and otherwise),as time allows.

    My code is pretty poor ,but there.

    Getting a General is a "generally" a good idea,IMHO. It is just isn't for ME right now.

    All this said,I am not suggesting how anybody should proceed in buying gear,I feel that only the ham in question should decide (with or without any outside advice).

    MY experiences:

    In the car I use an HTX-100 (maybe a crumby rig in some folks mind- I agree it's certainly NOT top end but it's not a BAD rig either ,IMHO. Mine seemed a GOOD deal for the amount of $$ spent).

    Antenna is a (GOOD) Wilson 1000 (it cost more than the rig-HI!)

    With just a few days of effort and an hour or two on each day I have worked:

    HK1NK,CX7CO,LU1FBC,CA2UAP,LU7FSM,W4WEL,K1MBX (NC),KJ4JDX (P?2YXR) along with some locals.
    I also have COPIED a TON of stuff from the Caribbean, East of the Rockies and South America.Some pile ups I couldn't break into but maybe could have worked on a less crowded frq as sta. was LOUD.Just speculation though.

    According to my apt. listening, mobile ops and reports from buddies,10 seems "open" at least half of the days lately. Best bet SEEMS to be afternoons and especially LATE afternoon until around complete darkness.However,this is NOT to say that other times may not be open though. FWIW, buddies also report 6M openings,but I have no gear for it.

    FWIW,When I first came back onto 10M on 1 Apr, there WERE some totally dead days. Again, this seems less and less the case now.

    Just a straight up report of logs,maybe not enough to warrant a "brag",but LOTS of fun.

    Not TOO much into debates,just a report of my experience,

    de N1NQC
  8. KN2RC

    KN2RC Ham Member QRZ Page

    i think n1nqc may just be the closest to what's actually going on.....while a few others touched on the CB mentality.

    MOST new licensees came over FROM CB. how many millions of times have i said HAMS SHOULD WELCOME THE NEW CB-CONVERTS WITH OPEN ARMS!!!! SO WHAT if they want to run their magnum or hr2510 or rci2950 on 10m? many that come over from 11m SSB already use HF gear on there anyway and it's mostly NOT butchered. if those that do use exports on 11m were to use a butchered radio on 10m, they'd hear about it real quick! if HAM RADIO is for them, they'll repair or upgrade equipment & license soon enough.

    while a used HF rig for $300 or $400 is a steal if it works well, and is an incentive to upgrade, what about the guy who already has his 2510, 2950 or 257 & no more money? is it not a good starting point that he decided to get licensed & get on 10m? let him get his feet wet, help him out & if his 10m export is THAT TRASHY, he'll be convinced to scrap it. or he'll find amateur radio is not for him & go back to CB. either way, a win-win situation for all.

    for the originator of this thread, we go back to 'you can USE whatever meets the criteria', if a $200 export fits his budget right now, the above will fall into place. if it's trash, he'll be told in short order, and not make that mistake again.

    regarding an earlier comment from 'wik, there were a few versions of the 257. the 1st used dual 2sc1969's, the 2nd uses sam lewis's son's version of the irf520 (i think) mosfet, and the latest HP version uses even more of whatever that mosfet is. forgetting about the cb sites & AM, the 1969 version claimed between 30-40 watts, but actually was more like 25 watts PEP on SSB, give or take a bit, pretty close to what a pair should do, when used in unmolested form. the mosfet version claims 60 watts PEP on SSB, but, unmolested, closer to 40 PEP is the more realistic number. i too have seen the '75 watt rf module' on the HP claim nearly 100 watts PEP on SSB, but, the general consensus is less then 60 unmolested.

    i'm not going to get into the 'was it measured' issue, because MY answer is no, but, since the 257 is based on AND very similar to the HTX10, and that statement comes from sources other then wwrf and other cb forums, i would venture to guess, that the 257 could quite possibly meet, or be tuned to meet fcc xmit specs. in fact, wasn't the hr2510 (or was it the 2600?) reviewed in QST because it WAS for a brief while considered acceptable for 10m? its EASE of MODIFICATION to 11m was its downfall. that uniden radio was deemed acceptable by the QST reviewers, and i wouldn't doubt the 257 could make the grade as well.
  9. SV9OFO

    SV9OFO Ham Member QRZ Page

    So did I, only FM mode was functional. Took me a week or so to fix it, and is still limps due to some 10V electrolytic capacitors inside a 14.2V radio...:confused:
  10. AD5KO

    AD5KO Ham Member QRZ Page

    I don't post often but I would like to say something about 10 meter radios. As 10 is my thing.

    Probably all HF radios are easy to convert for use on cb and other none ham frequencies, you pick the radio and google mods for it. So this in itself should not detract from the real value of any radio.

    The magnum 257 is the same radio as the Radioshack HTX-10, the magnum version is actually better because Radioshack sold a budget version of the radio. I have owned a number of the HTX-10's and they are great little rigs.

    Now, both the HTX-100 and the HTX-10 can be modified for use on cb frequencies, and YES the HTX-10 can be converted regardless of what you may have read or have been told.. but so what that argument is pointless.. look up your own HF rig.. a couple of minutes and it too can operate as a CB.

    People often say 10 is not open.. the truth is 10 is usually open to somewhere regardless of the sun spot cycle, in the last two years I have had contacts in New Zealand and Australia and many many other places running only 5 watts. My first HF rig was an HTX-10, I used it to talk locally and internationally, mobile and base. :)

    BTW, it's easy to use CW with the HTX-10. But you can also use it to talk FM locally and suddenly a station from almost anywhere in the world can pop in and say hello.. it's a lot of fun. :D

    I was elmered by guys of old who converted CB's for 10m and talked all over the world with them, in AM.

    Should I have sent off my Ten-Tec 1340 kit for certification by the FCC before I used it?
    Or how about the Midland portable CB I converted? :)

    What could be the reason for the FCC to put the magnum 257 on the banned list...

    I am not ashamed to say I started out in radio with CB many years ago, I now have an amateur extra license and a GROL. Thank you CB for the excitement that got me started all those years ago as a boy.

    A little less hate and a little more love for our fellow ops would solve a lot of problems. Let's not forget what the hobby is about.


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