10 Meter's, is it worth buying a radio?

Discussion in 'General Technical Questions and Answers' started by KB1JFQ, Apr 29, 2010.

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  1. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    The issue is Part 97 purity standards are very strict. I've never used nor measured the Magnum, so I have no idea if it meets them or not.

    Remember, "non harmonic spurious" includes intermodulation distortion, and I hear TONS of that on 10 meters, mostly from people using CB rigs operating on 10 meters -- which doesn't surprise me, since most of those rigs were actually designed to run 12W PEP and in reality are running more than that. When you overdrive the PA, as most of them do to achieve 30W or more PEP, IMD suffers greatly, leading to the spectral purity violation.
  2. KG6YTZ

    KG6YTZ Ham Member QRZ Page

    From an online review of this rig:
    I notice that it doesn't have a 1-40 channel knob/display or a multi-position rotary band switch, either.

    I think I like this rig. :)
    Last edited: May 5, 2010
  3. K7JEM

    K7JEM Ham Member QRZ Page

    The magnum 257 picture looked familiar to me. I wonder if it uses the same chassis as the RS HTX-10?


  4. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    Let's examine what's not to like (other than the fact it's illegal to import or sell in the U.S.):

    -Power ratings vary with almost every advertisement, the owner's manual, and the carton. The 257HP data sheet rates the rig at 12W output power on FM, and 80W PEP on SSB. Now, why would that be?

    -The CALL frequency is factory set to 29.3 MHz FM, which is the standard calling frequency in Asia, but not here: We use 29.6 MHz.

    -FM deviation is specified at 2 kHz maximum. We use 5 kHz here.

    -No provision for CW operation at all, making it less than useful for half the hams actually using the ten meter band (and about 90% of the contesters using it).

    -Tunes in 1 kHz increments (with RIT/XIT capable of 1.5 kHz delta frequency); the old Radio Shack rigs could tune in 100 Hz steps, which is a whole lot nicer and makes the tuning knob feel a lot more like a VFO.

    -Every review of the rig was for a CB magazine or website, and only discussed rudimentary stuff; things like "output power" were measured without any regard to purity. I'd strongly suspect that at "80W PEP output power" (or in one review, the guy ran it up to 90W peak on AM) it's pretty bad -- but nobody seemed to have a sprectrum analyzer.

    You won't find it reviewed by any of the ham magazines, since it's an illegal rig to import or sell here; however it would be really interesting to put it on the bench and make some serious measurements including TX harmonic and non-harmonically related spurious, and TX IMD. I'd expect it to not meet Part 97 standards at all, but would love to measure one.

    Even if it were free I couldn't use it because it doesn't work CW and has no provision for a CW filter.
  5. W2NSF

    W2NSF Ham Member QRZ Page

    Two parts to the question...

    ...firstly, I agree with the responders that say you shouldn't buy a 10M rig from a CB store. Get a good used HAM rig that goes on 10M in the modes you are allowed to work.

    Now, about the 10 meter band...just wait a couple of months, maybe a year, and you won't find much to complain about as far as DXing on 10M. The sunspot cycle is on the rise, and this great band will be wide open for some of the best ham radio operations you could ever want. During the last sunspot maximum, a friend of mine Worked All Continents on 10M phone during his 45 minute commute home from work! :)

    Get set for some fun on 10M!
    Jim, W2NSF
  6. KI6USW

    KI6USW Ham Member QRZ Page

    The Radio Shack HTX-10 is the same as the Magnum 257. The 257 has more appointments in it, such as adjustable RF output and others.

    As far as using CW on it, yes it can be done!

  7. WB2WIK

    WB2WIK Platinum Subscriber Platinum Subscriber QRZ Page

    That's not what you said originally. You said it was the same as the HTX-100 (which was a far nicer rig than the HTX-10), here:

    The HTX-100 was all "through hole" design, using completely different circuits, and included CW standard (although not FM). When they released the later version HTX-10 it was an inferior rig in several ways: Not only the elimination of CW, but as an FM rig it was pretty unusable and still is. It's factory set for UNBFM, which we don't use here.

    Modulating the rig to produce CW is an old trick that Collins used in rigs like the KWM-2 50 years ago; it doesn't work well, which is why CW operators don't use KWM-2s.:p
  8. W1QT

    W1QT Ham Member QRZ Page

    Good Ten meter radio?

    The real advise would be the time and money spent to first just buying a 10 meter radio then setting it up, if you are now a Tech lic holder would be pretty much a disapointment in the end.
    First the 10 meter band is not very active right now to satisfy the urge to get going on HF if your just starting as a Tech. Not to disuade you from wanting, but believe when I tell you that it would be best to move up a notch to General. If you just became a Tech then you still have most of the written fresh in your mind. and further studying will bring you into the General class faster and cheaper than all the time spent trying to locate a rinky dink ten meter rig. Lets say you rush out and spend two to three hundred dollars on a CB type 11 meter rig that is just barely true 10 meter applicable. You just threw your money away as about ten minuets after you hook it up you will think something is wrong because you may just be the only one there to hear. Thats the truth. Yet if you take the same amount of money and look up here on QRZ and study the Gen class exams and at same time look at the used HF rigs, for the price of a CB,er who thinks they have one hec of a set up, will be nothing compared to a Kenwood example for $250 and a Gen lic.
    Why buy a CB shack so so $350 dollar radio that you will never get to hear true lic radio transmissions on. Not to be smart on answering your question, just the truth...and you can find better ham radios for sale here on QRZ than any CB shop can ever sell. And the move up to General or on up to extra etc is more rewarding.
    I hope you do and good luck...believe me if you do you will one day be the one telling someone else to do the same. As for CB,... kind of like training wheels we would look stupid if once we learned we didn,t take them off the bike. And its ok for someone to be a CBer and its ok to be a HAM but like ink and water... there is two things quite different. You will be disappointed spending CB money trying to do amatuer radio. Good luck hope to hear you on for a real QSO one day.
  9. K9FON

    K9FON Guest

    I dont know why every other new op has a fascination with 10 meters.
  10. WA4OTD

    WA4OTD Ham Member QRZ Page

    They haven't discovered the other bands yet!

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